Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent Review – A surprising Result

Are you looking for a hassle-free easy to erect shelter? Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent Review looks at all the features and benefits that will help keep you dry and comfortable for your next outdoor adventure.

This Article Was Last Updated On March 01, 2021

Coleman has put together a well designed, smart dome tent that has many cutting edge features, that will help keep your family safe and comfortable while spending time under the stars.

It is a spacious tent with room for the whole crew, and room for gear. It has good weather protection as well as its own built-in lighting arrangement, which makes it one of the smartest tents on the market.

Its made by a quality company using quality materials and comes as quite a portable item in a carry case weighing in around 29 pounds.

Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person Tent


Instant Set Up.

With an ultra-smart pitching option, the Coleman Montana 8-person tent can give anyone a hassle-free and 50% quicker tent set up during a camping or hiking trip outdoors or into the wild.
This heavy-duty tent’s snag-free Insta-Clip suspension and snag-free continuous pole sleeves, plus a ping-and-ring system, make the pitching all the more fun in less than 15 minutes.
What’s more, this product comes with amazing color-coded sleeves attached, 4 dome designed poles and hubs to assist you in setting this tent up flawlessly at your very first trial itself. This outstanding feature, simply makes this product a must-have for both the beginner and the pros.

Stylish Finish.

An all-weather favorite outdoor accessory, this tent is a very trendy pick when you want to camp in style. Its cutting-edged and compact finish blends well with its next level comfort promises.
The zipper automatic rolling windows, hinged door, and enlarged door awning are a great addition to its smart cabin-like design.
Its cleverly added angled windows let you enjoy the rain without getting wet or you can open or close these automated windows exactly how much you want the daylight to enter your tent.
Also, don’t miss the smart gear pocket makers that are a great interior hack to get your needful in place. A smart and compact edition, this piece just suits style needs of all sizes.

Smart Technologies.

Plenty of innovative technologies meets a great sense of seamless stay in the Coleman Montana 8-person tent. 
Firstly, its WeatherTec system features great sustainability to live up in any weather, whether its monsoon, the fall or the winter. Added to that, the Patented welded floors and inverted seams help you stay dry.
The E-Port is another great technical feature that lets you use any electronic or electrically powered device inside the tent with complete ease.
Finally, the Angled windows give you superb weather control while the Rain-fly technology aims to provide you an extra weather-resistant element.
These are some of the smartest technologies that keep this tent top of the bucket lists of the next level outdoor lovers for an enhanced outdoor experience.


16 ft x 7 ft and 6 ft. 2 inches in center height, this cabin-looking huge tent can easily house a big group of eight inside its spacious interior.
With extra sleeping space, you can even fit three queen-sized air beds hassle-free in this large outdoor tent. It has lots of spaces to play, stretch, relax, stand, move, or sleep.
The hanging doors make your entry and exit way easy and the extended door awning offers you smart storage for your gear.
With sufficient size and space management features, this tent is more like a house to shelter big group car campers, scout teams, and extended hiking trips.

Weather Protection.

The Coleman Montana 8-person tent goes the extra mile with its superb weather protection and water resistance technologies.
While its WeatherTec system keeps the water at bay with patented welded floors and inverted seams, the angled windows keep the rain out of the tent and the air ventilation maximum inside.
The mesh ceiling allows plenty of sunlight and night skies, full of moonlight and stars.
The rolling zipped windows control the sunlight entry during the day. Also, the extended door awning offers great rain and sun protection.
Here, another most mention-worthy feature is the detachable rain-fly and its clips that get you covered with an added weather protection. This tent is a great choice when you are heading for a trip into a changing climate.

Electrical Access.

This tent can bring electrical access inside its cabin shelter seamlessly. Its unique E-Port features an electrical power source that can literally give you the ease to connect with any of your favorite electric device or appliance without a pause.
From mobiles, tabs, iPods or other musical devices, cameras with chargers, light batteries, hair dryers to shavers, and laptops you can bring anything here for an uninterrupted plug and play.
The LED lighting system of the tent uses CPX 6 rechargeable power cartridge and you can easily charge them inside your tent on your outdoor camping.
This ease of electricity usage pushes the tent to the next level and makes it a must for all the travelers who like to carry smart technologies on the go.

Lighted Camping.

Another great feature of the Coleman Montana 8-person tent is its stunning illumination system. The six built-in CPX LED lights are a smart lighting solution, which provides 100 lumens of lighting, no matter you want a loud party or a soft read in the night.
This LED tent light comes with an easy-to-use 3 different switchable settings, one high, another low and the last one is the nightlight.
The lighting system is powered by 4 D batteries. You can easily buy them from any small market. Alternatively, you can use the CPX 6 rechargeable power cartridge, included in the package with an energy pack.
This LED illumination of the tent heavily adds to its features, giving you enough reason to buy it.


This high quality and portable tent weigh in at around 29 pounds with a 33 x 13 x 8 inches dimension so that you can get this product shipped anywhere worldwide without hassle.
Packing and carrying are so easy with this large outdoor tent that you can fold it easily into an extendable carry bag when it’s time to move to a different campsite or hike zone or even head home.
Moreover, when you convert this portable tent into a carry bag, it offers you an amazing storage solution with its separate pole sacks and stakes.
You can tear away the rip strip for an easy packing experience or keep them till you are out on your next adventure. The ease of carrying this tent cum bag is a stunning addition for every sports buff who wants to go for an extended outdoor trip.

Quality Build.

The quality of the Coleman Montana 8-person tent is truly a class apart with its Polyester taffeta 75D flysheet and Polyguard fabric adding to its life span, and making it highly durable year after year.
What’s more, its protected inverted seams make it all-weather proof by hiding the needle holes in it and giving it a long shelve life.
Also, the Wind-Strong frame and the tailored poles and guy-out triangles are the quality features that make the tent wind responsive and strong against most moderate weather events.
tent in the woods
It’s well-fabricated zipper protection also gives the tent a full coverage against all changing climates. Finally, the welding-inspired technology of the waterproof floors makes the tent floor robust and durable by eliminating its needle holes.

What Are The Benefits You Can Expect From This Tent?

Instant Set-Up.

Setting up your tent will become super easy after a couple of times, the design features give you the benefit of simple quick and hassle-free shelter.
An insta-pitching tent like this will always keep you stress-free when you are setting up your campsite. This means the whole process is easy and very time-saving.

Stylish Design.

The stylish design of the Coleman Montana 8 means you will leave a sporty fashion statement each time you erect this stylish tent on the go.
The design features lead to a very intelligent finish with some great little extras like the gear pockets to help make your outdoor stay more comfortable.


This is a very spacious tent and at 16 ft x 7 ft and 6 ft. 2 inches in height is very roomy, however, once again like most tents that claim to be a certain number size this tent would be cramped with 8 adults inside.
However, it would be an ideal layout for Mum and Dad one end and the little ones at the other with storage and room to move in between.
It is very compact when packed so it won’t take up too much room and should be a part of your essential equipment.

Weather Resistant.

While its WeatherTec system keeps the water at bay with patented welded floors and inverted seams, once again I highly recommend purchasing a waterproofing spray product and spray seal all the joints and seams before use.
This together with the rain-fly will give another level of protection against any rain. However remember, these tents are seldom totally waterproof.


The angled windows keep the rain out of the tent and allow the fresh breezes to flow throughout the tent providing a very cool and comfortable shelter throughout the day.
The mesh ceiling allows plenty of sunlight if that is what you want or a view of the night skies, full of moonlight and stars.


So many protective design features promise a true value for money, with a one-time investment against long-term usage.

This means the quality and the durability of this tent should not give you trouble, no matter how frequently you use this product under normal circumstances with the appropriate maintenance and care, this tent should perform flawlessly on many occasions.

Smart Tent.

Many smart design features have been incorporated into this tent which makes using our devices and other technologies easier.
This tent is fully compatible with all the latest technologies and pays high attention to providing a high standard of user comfort. This means you can connect any of your favorite and important gadgets smoothly inside the tent.

Tent Lighting.

The six built-in CPX LED lights is a smart lighting solution that comes with two separate options either powered by 4 D batteries or alternatively, you can use the CPX 6 rechargeable power cartridge which provides you with 100 lumens of lighting.
This means this lighted tent has a great inbuilt solution to illumination when you are camping out in remote areas or in dense woods where other lights may not be available after sunset.


Given that this is not a tent suitable for hiking or any long-distance carrying at around 29 pounds it is easily carried into any campsite from close proximity to the car. Great for camping near the beach where you can park close.
This means you can take your tent everywhere without needing an extra carrier to carry it. Rather the tent can carry some of your stuff when turned into a portable carry bag.


  1. A nice spacious tent
  2. The instant set-up makes life easy
  3. A Rain-fly always gets our thumbs up
  4. Rechargeable led lights are a useful touch


  1. A little awkward to carry 
  2. Would have liked another window or two



We found another Coleman product here which is part of a numerous array of camping products made by a company that has been around for what seems like forever.

We thought the Coleman instant 8 tent was a good quality product which provides good shelter while keeping everything inside dry during mild to moderate afternoon storms, and we found it to be quite stable in moderate winds.

This is a good value tent for regular family camping trips, very easy to set up and most suitable for car camping.

Ventilation was quite comfortable during the day although on really hot days it may get a little stuffy a small fan would help. Its stylish design and weather-resistant features make this tent an ideal family shelter for camping.

I think that overall this is a quick and easy setup tent that will provide good protection from wind rain and bugs while outdoors with a few very nice smart design features to make life more comfortable.

Its spacious size and good looks would blend into any camping environment, and I would have no hesitation in recommending this tent as a small family tent or small group shelter.

If your still not sure and maybe want another option, then have a look at the very good Kodiak Flex-Bow Canvas Tent.

Still unsure? Need Comparisons? Well, take a look at my article on the Best Camping Tents

If you have any more questions about the Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.

Thanks, Shane.

4 thoughts on “Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent Review – A surprising Result”

  1. Thank you for this in-depth review.  I Love, love, love this Coleman Montana 8 Tent! I am shopping for a spacious tent for my family of four and a large dog.  This seems like it will totally fit the bill. First of all I am so happy it is by Coleman, a name I am familiar with that has made great camping gear for years and years. I am really impressed with the new innovations like lighting and the ability to have electrical access  in the tent via the E Port. It also seems like a breeze to set up and the Amazon price is reasonable. I will be discussing this tent with my husband but I think we have found our tent!  Can you think of any drawbacks with this tent and our dog? He is a 60lb Golden Lab and would definitely be in there with us, Thanks so much for this information, it is very appreciated.

    • Hi Heather, this tent will provide you with good shelter for your family getaways and a 60lb Lab will have a ton of fun. The features are very good, it comes with no real drawbacks that we could find that would be a deal breaker and should last you many seasons of family adventures


  2. I haven’t been camping in 6 years since I moved to the East Coast, simply because the drive to upstate NY is a good 4 hours, but I do remember the importance of not only having a quality tent (and enough tents if you’re camping with a group) but the importance of proper tent setup! This is a great tent for a group of friends or can even be used as a super romantic camping trip for just 2 people. Either way, the only company I’ve ever used when considering a tent was Coleman Montana because my first tent was by this company and every tent I’ve ever used was by this company and I never had any issues.

    • Hi Aria, great comment, yes Coleman does make some good gear also been around for a long time. Thank you have a great day, Shane.


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