Coleman North Rim Sleeping Bag Review

The information we have here in the Coleman North Rim Sleeping Bag Review may give you a little more knowledge and may help you determine whether this sleeping bag is a good solution to your sleeping requirements. 

Coleman is a popular and trusted brand when it comes to outdoor recreational equipment. Among its roster of sleeping bags, this mummy-type sleeping bag is one of its top-selling products. 

In this review we will drill down into the design of the sleeping bag, the materials used in its construction, and the performance data levels we achieved in our research, use, and knowledge of this product. 

It has been put together to assist you in your research into a product that you may consider with confidence and knowledge that it will perform well and make your sleeping arrangements while exploring our wonderful natural environment much more pleasurable.

This sleeping bag ticks many boxes, and we hope to give you a better idea of its possible suitability to add to your camping and outdoor equipment.

The Key Features.


  • It measures 32 inches (W) x 82 inches (H) and can fit a person standing six feet and two inches. It also has extra wiggling space inside the sleeping bag for those who move a lot while sleeping.
  • And a whole new comfort level awaits you as these stylish sleeping bags provide additional warmth as the air that surrounds you is warmer if it can be kept closer to your body.


  • The Coleman Mummy Sleeping Bag is a Reasonably lightweight sleeping bag for camping and hiking that weighs less than 5lbs. This Coleman Mummy-style Sleeping Bag is certainly not as light as some other sleeping bags
  • It depends on what type of camping you are doing. Car camping makes it easy, as that amount of weight won’t cause any problems from a transporting angle. If you are backpacking any distance into a campsite it may become quite heavy.


  • First-grade Material Quality The Coleman mummy-style Sleeping Bag is made of 100 percent polyester all over, and including the lining and cover. It is classed as an extreme weather sleeping bag. most suitable for use in very cold conditions.    
  • It has a style of stitching that will restrict the chances of the bags inner insulation from tearing easily as it forms sectional areas that are set opposite each other, and also reduces cold spots. This feature makes this a very warm sleeping bag for camping and hiking


  • It also has a Zip Plow system which prevents jamming or snagging while zipping which might cause damage. The sleeping bag has an overall quality that is undeniable, the manufacture and the quality of the workmanship produce a very comfortable and usable product, this sleeping bag is indeed a high-quality product.


  • Sleeping bag designs produce many different shapes and special features but most of us think a sleeping bag is a rectangle in shape and for the majority this would be correct.
  • On the other hand, the Coleman Mummy-style Sleeping Bag has an unusual mummy-shaped design that can prove to be very warm indeed. Plus the quilted stitch design means no cold spots from creases in sewing.

Foot Box

  • In addition, this amazing sleeping bag has an insulated foot box and Thermolock draft design feature that helps you keep warm inside the sleeping bag.
  • Likewise, the quilted design also helps in the bag’s effective insulation. The sleeping bag has a rectangular-shaped bottom section that utilizes the space so you can move more comfortably while you sleep.


  • The Coleman Mummy-style Sleeping Bag also has a semi-sculpted hood that you can tighten using a built-in drawstring to maximize the warmth inside. Plus, this sleeping bag has a design that makes it look cozy and warm to sleep in from head to toe.

Good Looks

  • The Coleman Mummy-style Sleeping Bag provides more than just a good-looking design, it provides the warmth you need when in chilly outdoors. It also has an earthy color which makes it appropriate for outdoor use.


  • The Mummy-style design of the bag plus the 100% polyester proves to be great insulation that will trap the warm air and hold it in near you together with the synthetic fill within the sleeping bag this will assure you stay warm on those chilly nights.
  • It’s always a good idea to add extra insulation when you can in the form of a good sleeping pad on the ground, this will assist in all temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Synthetic Fill

  • Most sleeping bags have a goose down fill or a synthetic polyester as a sleeping bag insulator. With the Coleman Mummy-style Sleeping Bag, it uses synthetic fill as an insulator.
  • This type of insulator helps keep the bag compressed, lightweight, and warm inside at the same time. Synthetic insulation is also the best in wet conditions as down is useless when wet whereas synthetic will provide enough warmth for survival.


  • If you feel a little warmer inside that it is quite uncomfortable, you can unzip the bag’s bottom so air can get inside the bag.
  • The Coleman Mummy-style sleeping bag is a perfect sleeping buddy during outdoor trips, thanks to its efficient heating properties and cool air access points.


  • There is no such thing that I know of as a waterproof sleeping bag,  This durable sleeping bag is made of high-quality fabric polyester material that can withstand extremely cold weather, but if it rains your going to get wet and very uncomfortable it will resist light precipitation and fog.

What Are The benefits you Can Expect From This Sleeping Bag?

This is not an overly large bag so when warm air is trapped close to your body it makes the whole sleeping bag much warmer.

The whole idea of the mummy design is to keep your body as close as possible to the insulation that works by trapping the body heat you produce while inside.

This is a synthetic-filled sleeping bag that works extremely well to keep the cold outside and the warm air in.

Also in the design, there is a drawstring around the hood of the bag to further restrict any warm air from escaping.

This works very well while at the same time allowing you while inside to let some air out if the heat becomes too much.

This sleeping bag’s polyester fabric material makes it water-resistant, aside from being a durable material overall.

A water-resistant material means you will stay dry inside even if you accidentally spill a drink or water or if the site is foggy or light precipitation.

This means you will stay dry and comfortable, which is always a nice benefit but in most cases, you will have some form of shelter or tent with you on your camping trip.

We all know how tedious cleaning a sleeping can be, so you should ensure utmost care be taken to ensure that you can use it for a long time.

This sleeping bag is easy to maintain and clean, of course, you should also consider the right kind of care for your bag. 

Sometimes much effort is needed for cleaning a sleeping bag, however, this particular sleeping bag can be done in the washing machine on a soft wash cycle. Thus, you won’t have to toil yourself on washing your sleeping bag by hand.

Coleman offers a variety of mummy-style sleeping bags, however, this particular model is a lot cheaper than its counterparts.

It will cost you around $40, but it does not mean its quality is compromised just because it comes cheaper, this is one of the better budget sleeping bags on the market at this price.

This Coleman Mummy-style sleeping bag also comes with a five-year warranty covering any manufacturing issues or defects. Of course, the warranty does not cover damage due to accidents, improper use, etc.

Be sure to check with the seller to make yourself of exactly what the warranty includes.

The affordable price and warranty are among the reasons why this is one of the top-selling Coleman sleeping bags ever.

Aside from that, it also promises a high-quality sleeping bag with durability built into it at every step of the way, which makes it worth your money.

It can be used in any season and has design features that can make your outdoor experience a more pleasant one.

It comes with its own stuff sack for transport and storage, and if it’s looked after it should last many seasons.

The Coleman north rim sleeping bag is well made with good quality materials, it is lightweight and very functional.

Being a 0 degree rated sleeping bag means you can stay warm in extremely cold weather, good equipment is an essential ingredient to a safe and successful stay outdoors in any conditions.


  1. We found it a very good affordable sleeping bag, particularly the starter level.
  2. A nice stitching pattern that reduces cold spots well.
  3. Would perform well in reasonable to cold weather. 


  1. We found it very bulky, even with the loft removed. Not one for the backpacker, or for the serious alpine adventurer.


My Overall Opinion

The Coleman Mummy-style Sleeping Bag has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon, with almost a thousand positive reviews from satisfied users. 

According to most customers, the sleeping bag is worth the price they have paid. Customers also recommend the product for those who aren’t really seasoned campers but are on the lookout for a high-quality sleeping price that suits their budget.

If you’re a person who enjoys outdoor adventures and sleeping outdoors in a tent or hiking and camping, one of the most important things you would have to invest in is a reliable and high-quality sleeping bag to assure you of a warm and comfortable nights sleep. 

Having a sleeping bag is essential, especially if you are going to spend the night in chilly conditions outdoors, whether inside your tent or just on the trail under the stars. Check out some further information here on Wikipedia.

If you are warm through the night your outdoor adventures will be a whole lot more pleasurable. This Coleman mummy sleeping bag review has hopefully given you the information you may need to make an informed decision.

Also whether this particular sleeping bag will provide you with that warmth, comfort, and features you need to make your outdoor adventures fun activities, and not miserable cold and uncomfortable experiences.

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