Coleman Oversized Quad Chair Review

If you enjoy comfort and convenience while outdoors a Coleman Oversized Quad Chair is one of those items that can deliver those needs. The Coleman Quad Chair with Cooler may be just what you need.

This Article Was Last Updated On February 27, 2021

This chair with a built-in cooler would be one item that would allow us to sit back and enjoy a beverage or two in comfort and peace, and not require a large amount of space.

This collapsible chair will just about replace the feel of the comfy chair at home. It is light, strong and stable so is easy to move it from one place to another. 

The most satisfying feeling about the quad chair is the freedom to settle anywhere no matter the physical nature of the campsite.

The chair can accommodate a beverage in the cooler holder and also your book or magazine while giving as much support as possible.

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Coleman Camping Chair with Built In 4 Can Cooler

Key Features

Strong and Stable.

This product has features designed to achieve the desired comfort, nothing is more stressful than worrying about the stability of a chair.

The Coleman Quad Chair composes strong steel frames and can hold up to around 300lb is beyond the average person’s weight.

The chair comprises polyester, which is soft and smooth providing cushioning so you have a more enjoyable sit, and also allows much more simple cleaning.

This is a great chair and it is on my list of Best Camping Chairs, and worth a look.

Easy to Clean.

Polyester is easy to clean hence suitable for camping. Steel and polyester are strong and durable materials making your chair last longer.

You would only have to buy the quad chair one time and when used under normal circumstances it should last for many camping trips.

The quad chair has an inbuilt cooler in on the armrest which can hold up to four cans.


For those who enjoy a couple of drinks and could not be bothered to move to go get another, this cooler would be useful.

You don’t have to move around much just reach in and you have another coldie in your hand, now that’s convenient.

It also has a mesh acting as a table to place a cup or a can as you enjoy your drink.

In the case of personal stuff like a phone or book, a side pocket plays the role of holding them.


You may have your cell phone and you do not have to stress yourself over where to place it as you relax.

Very useful pockets are large enough to act as temporary storage for magazines or your favorite book.

When it is time to get moving, you fold your quad chair and place it in its storage bag.

It has a lightweight and occupies little space making it convenient for use inside your Camping Tent.


Soft padding covers the back and seat of the chair, and if you would like to drink or read as you relax. You do not have to worry as the Coleman Oversized Chair has many features.

The chair also has side pocket large enough to accommodate books, or magazines, maybe your cell phone.

The left armrest has a soft cooler that can hold four cans, three standing in the cooler comfortably and the fourth one can lie on top.


The right armrest has a built-in netting acting as a cup holder. Remember you can also adjust the armrest to your desired height. It is collapsible hence easy to fold and store for transport.

The quad chair also comes with its storage bag. You will really like the cozy design and portability of this chair. It definitely one of those things to take camping.


When you buy a product always check to see what the warranty covers and more importantly what it doesn’t cover, manufactures will cover defective workmanship in manufacture.

However, there are many other instances that vary from product to product and manufacturer so be sure to check your warranty closely.

What Are The Benefits You Can Expect From This Chair?

coleman quad chair

Lightweight and strong.

There are many quad chairs available in the market. Some of them may not have the benefits that suit you need during camping.

However, we all have different needs and eventually, everyone would go for what he or she needs. Well, the Coleman Quad chair has standardized features that would benefit everyone in the campsite.

It is made of strong and light steel and polyester material which breaths easily. and the steel frames, which are strong enough to withstand the weight of a big tall guy. And comfort levels that anyone would wish for in a camp chair.


The product has many advantages for maximum comfort during camping. It is a light, which an important factor to consider for any camping tool. Polyester is easy to clean hence you will not have trouble with cleaning when it is dirty.

Weather can affect these materials, however, when cleaned and stored correctly after use they will perform well on many outings. High-quality materials ensure the chair will last for a long time.

Personal Choice.

You may prefer the quad chair because it can accommodate a heavyweight, which makes it suitable for use by the larger size adults.

The chair has cushions both on the seat and back to support your spine. This would ensure that you sit on it for as long as you want without irritating your back.

A couple of exceptional benefits of this product are the cooler and side pocket. You may like to carry a table along to place your drink of food, I have done a review on several good tables here you may like to look at.

You can use the side pocket to hold your items. The cooler also ensures your drink remains out of the dirt or sand as you relax. But sometimes you’re going to need a table.

Product Support and Services.

The Coleman Chair with Cooler may not substitute the comfort of your favorite chair at home. But it is a product that is very popular with a 4.5-star rating on Amazon from a huge amount of reviews.

It is another product from Coleman, trusted in the production of quality camping and outdoor products. Coleman has a large following and is a reputable and trustworthy company to deal with.


  1. You will have a great time in this chair with a large carrying capacity of 300lbs.
  2. The materials used in the camping chair ensure strength that will last a long time. 
  3. Strong, Stable, Comfortable, Storage, and Cooler.


  1. We found it hard to fault the Chair, the only negative was the carry bag, seems to be a bit fragile for such a strong 7-pound chair.


This is the number 1 selling outdoor camping chair on Amazon in sports and outdoors – Chairs. It is now clear you can change your camping experience with a Coleman chair with cooler.

We are used to the pleasant lifestyle of our home, and to enjoy our stay while camping we must try to keep that comfort. All the features of this product play a role in our recommendation.

I would highly recommend this chair and you should seriously consider this product when looking to buy an outdoor chair. I give it a very high Rating.

If you have any more questions about the Coleman Oversized Quad Chair, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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Remember, leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.


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  1. Man, this is a great article! I love the write-up about it all. I love camping. I would probably go out and buy a Coleman chair for Camping, If I had not already purchased a couple of them. They are great to use because they are so portable and lightweight. Anyway, thanks for the information. A lot of great stuff here!

    • Hi Patrick, thanks for the comment, the Coleman quad chair certainly makes for a relaxing afternoon under a shady tree. This is one very good outdoor chair. Thanks Shane  

  2. Hi Shane,
    First off I would like to say that your website is very attractive, love the background picture. I can almost picture myself sitting in that Coleman chair enjoying the nature. Your review is well done, you have covered every aspect of the chair. It sure sounds like a great chair, I love how it has a cooler attached to it. I agree that Coleman makes great quality products, and is the leader in camping equipment. My only question would be is if this chair is available in blue only?

    • Hi Jenny, thanks for your comment, yes its easy to picture ourselves relaxing. The Coleman quad chair is actually the number 1 best selling chair in sports and outdoors on amazon. comes in blue,,black, and grey/black which looks nice, which is your favourite colour ?


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