Coleman Portable Butane Stove

Here’s the ultra-portable, easy to use, and clean Coleman Portable Butane Stove with Carrying Case. It’s compact and durable. It uses butane canisters as fuel and it has a heating power of 7650 BTU.

Portable butane stoves are widely used by campers because they are lightweight and convenient to use. As you may have seen, there are so many available butane camping stoves in the market. 

But there’s one that’s perfect for your camping trips and suitable for your needs. Are you looking for a small stove full of features that is easy to carry and has the power you need?

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Coleman Butane Stove With Carry Case

The Key Features

7650 BTU Single Burner

Though a 7650 BTU burner may seem less powerful, it’s more than capable to carry out most of your cooking. You may be surprised by the fact that your gas stove burner at home averages around 7000 BTU.

Nevertheless, it’s enough to cook a delicious meal and can serve you well if you enjoy one-pot meals that are not only delicious but very convenient while cooking outdoors.

Ultra-portable Design

This single burner stove has a compact and lightweight design which makes it ultra-portable. Weighing less than 5 pounds, you’ll have no problem carrying it.

It also comes with a carrying case that secures it during transportation and storage. You don’t even need a large storage space to keep it.

This makes it perfect for your outdoor adventures such as camping trips, hiking, backpacking, and picnics. You can bring it anywhere so that hot meals and drink are always within reach.

Easy to Use and Clean

Using it is so simple and easy. Set in on any outdoor tabletop, insert the butane canister into the slot, ignite it with the Instastart matchless ignition for extra convenience.

Cleaning it is also straightforward, the grate can be simply removed and the whole unit can be wiped over with a wet cloth or paper towel so you’ll have no problem in this area.

With this camping stove, you can prepare delicious meals fast, and you’ll be eating in no time. You can save time on your cooking for other worthwhile activities outdoors.

Durable Construction

The manufacturer of the stove also used materials to make sure it’s durable and long-lasting while keeping it affordable.

The burner is rust-proof and made from aluminum, the grates are porcelain-coated, and the exterior material of the stove is enameled steel.

These make up the sturdy finish of this camping stove. With proper use and care, this stove can be used for a long time.

A durable camping stove like the Coleman Butane Stove can go a long way for campers and outdoors enthusiasts.

Butane Fuel Source

This camping stove uses a butane canister as its fuel source. In comparison, butane is more efficient than propane and extremely lightweight. It’s more ideal for outdoor use although not really suitable for lower temperatures. 

Butane fuel is also cheaper so you can buy more in advance, depending on your cooking needs.

A butane canister is also pretty quick to set so you can proceed with your cooking right away. An 8.8 oz butane canister, which is being used by this camping stove can last about 1.25 hrs. when set to high.

Adjustable Heat Control

Precise temperature control or flame intensity is very important as you go with your cooking. This camping stove has this feature and adjusting the flame so easy to do. 

Upon locking the butane canister in place, just turn the rotating knob past the max setting to initiate ignition then adjust the knob to your preference.

You have the freedom to adjust the flame intensity depending on what your cooking requires. If you can easily adjust the flame of the stove, you can control the way you want your food to be cooked.

Carrying Case Included

Including a carrying case on the package makes your life much easier for campings and outdoor activities. It makes transporting and storing your stove more convenient. 

It secures your stove and keeps it away from potential dents or damages. Using the case, you can keep your stove in a safe location and avoid exposing it to harmful elements.

The case also makes the stove handy and ready to go wherever you need it to be. With this case, you can use the camping stove for a long time. 

It can provide good protection for your stove and keep it in proper working condition.

Wide Range of Uses

This stove is perfect for camping and outdoor cooking but it can also be ideal for some other practical uses.

Need an extra burner to prepare food for a large group of people? You can use it for that or looking for a stove to cook food during emergencies? It can do the job.

Some other instances where your kitchen stove stops working or may not be the best option. This little camping stove can save the day.

What Are The Benefits Of This Product?

Get started with your cooking quickly and easily by simply setting up your butane fuel and igniting the stove using the rotating knob.

You can use the stove anywhere because it’s compact, lightweight, and easy to carry which also comes with a carrying bag that makes it more secure.

Use it whenever you need a stove for situations where your kitchen stove is not enough or it stops working for whatever reason.

The ease of use of this camping stove allows anyone to use it without going through confusing setup or assembly steps.

The portability of butane canisters as fuel makes this camping stove perfect for any outdoor adventures where going lightweight is very important.

The durable construction of this camping stove is evident from the materials used for the grates, burner, and exterior cover, and reliable for long-term use.

The convenient cooking provided by this stove that comes from the adjustable temperature control feature makes your cooking way better than cooking on an open fire.  

Cooking with this stove saves you time and energy because you can start cooking right away with very minimal preparation and you can also clean it and keep it away quickly.

The lower but still very capable 7650 BTU heat power of this stove makes it perfect for people who prefer light cooking or one-pot meals during campings.

The large stovetop that this stove has makes it suitable for cooking using large pans of up to 10 inches in size so it can cook more food and serve everyone better.

Quick Specs

  1. Brand: Coleman
  2. Item Dimensions: 20 x 12 x 4 inches
  3. Item Weight: 4.68 pounds
  4. Heat Output: 7650 BTU x 1 burner


  1. Easy to use and clean
  2. Ultra-portable design
  3. Small compact size
  4. Rustproof aluminum burner 
  5. Large stovetop for bigger pans


1.   Not suitable for colder environments 

Questions and Answers

Question: Does it include butane canisters?

Answer: No. They are sold separately.

Question: How do I set up the butane canister in the stove?

Answer: Simply remove the butane canister cap and insert the canister in the designated slot with its opening aligned with that of the stove then lock it with the lever on the front panel of the stove.

Question: How long does the butane canister last when cooking?

Answer: A safe answer would be at least about an hour but it depends also on the intensity of the flame you set during your cooking.

Here’s A Tip Or Two

  • Butane works poorly in cold environments so check first the weather and temperature in your target camping location. Avoid using it for places around freezing temperatures.  
  • Always clean your camping stove after use to maintain its good working condition. 


Cooking delicious meals while camping can be a tough task. But if you have a good camping stove, your life can be so much easier. Choosing the right one to buy for your needs should be easy.

Coleman Portable Butane Stove With Carrying Case is one of the most affordable single burner camping stoves that’s durable and well-built. It’s highly portable, easy to use and clean, has good flame control, and lots of uses.

If you love to cook one-pot meals and want a simple stove for your campings, it may be your best choice.

If you have any more questions about the Coleman Portable Butane Stove, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.


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