Coleman Red Canyon 8 Person Tent – Review Safe and Secure Shelter

The Coleman Red Canyon 8 Person Tent  Review Safe and Secure Shelter provide a comfortable and dry place to sleep and rest and allow us to spend time under cover when the weather turns nasty.

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The range and design of tents available today is staggering, from super light, 1 person combination bed and fly through to some ridiculously sized monsters.

Most of our equipment will be standard, reasonable quality, and if looked after, we should expect to get quite a number of years of good use. Coleman Red Canyon 8 person tent can accommodate up to 8 people, this is a very affordable and genuine prospect.


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The Key Features


This massive tent can easily and comfortably accommodate 8 people. You can count on its spacious design to fit three air mattresses. This way, one tent is enough to accommodate your family or small group of friends for your next camping trip.

The spacious size definitely comes in handy when you all want to dive into a group adventure, hence ruling out the need for separating.

Families and a small group of friends are most likely to benefit from this spacious tent. Think of all the money that you get to save in not having to buy additional tents.


With packaged measurements of 25.6 X 11.0 X 10.2 inches, and weighing 22.4 pounds the Coleman Red Canyon Tent is a definite crowd-pleaser.

Even though it is designed to fit 8 people and comfortably facilitate 3 rooms, it becomes quite compact after packing. In fact, it can comfortably fit at the bottom of your closet, a shelf in your garage or a corner in the attic.


Looking to share a tent yet maintain your privacy? No worries at all. The idea of a group of people sharing a tent on an outdoor adventure raises some eyebrows where the issue of privacy is concerned.

If you can relate to this then this feature will put your mind at ease, couples or small groups of campers can easily enjoy the comfort and convenience that comes with sharing a tent.

The massive space within the Coleman Red Canyon Tent is pretty impressive but even cooler with its dividers. This feature allows you to divide the tent into 3 separate rooms hence facilitating optimal privacy.

Weather Tech System.

Are you worried about rain penetrating and interfering with your camping experience? This does not have to be an issue if you are using this Red Canyon Tent. The main idea behind spending time outdoors is to become one with nature regardless of its extremity.
To guard against inclement weather, the Coleman Tent is tactfully designed with the Weathertec feature, meaning patented welded floors as well as inverted seams which will effectively keep the floors within the tent dry.
Hence this will certainly enhance your comfort, this is unlike some tents that only put the roof into consideration but not the floors

Weather Resistant.

One of the most dreaded camping nightmares is extreme weather, which is likely to blow off, enter or even damage the tent. Any experienced camper will confirm this.
However, weather interference is only a problem if what you have is a substandard tent. The Coleman Red Canyon Tent is tactfully designed to withstand mild to stormy weather regardless of the environment you are in.
The wind-strong frame is designed to be stronger and more wind responsive with guy-out triangles and high-tech poles. This tent also comes with a zipper protection cuff that is made of weather-resistant fabric.
This particular feature adds a flare of protection from the elements to the door.

Moderate weather all-round Tent

Camping in the main is usually done in the warmer months by most families who sometimes take 3 or 4 camping trips throughout any given year.

The weather conditions would typically be fair and definitely not extreme, so in most cases, we are talking about a normal sunny day near the beach or in the woods, or maybe in one of the wonderful national parks that dot the country.


One of the perks of investing in a high-quality camping tent is the fact that every single detail is well thought of. After a breathtaking camping experience with the Coleman Red Canyon tent, and you have completed your adventure you will need a storage plan.
Easy Storage is assured as this tent also comes with additional storage bags for the tent itself, the poles as well as the stakes. 

Conventional Set-Up.

Just like any other modern tent, this one comes with all the perks that are guaranteed to make your camping experience memorable.

The setup process of the Canyon tent is fast and easy which will help to enhance your camping experience. In fact, some happy campers have found it is possible to put up on their own, but it’s certainly easier with help from a friend.

Detachable Mud Tarp.

If you thought doormats are only meant for homes and offices then you may be wrong. A smart tent such as this one allows you to leave the mud and debris at the door so that the interiors can remain clean. With ordinary tents, all you can expect is ordinary features.

The Coleman Red Canyon tent also features a detachable mud tarp which acts like a spruced up doormat. What’s more? In this new model, this doormat is detachable.
When it gets dirty, you can easily pick it up and wash it separately even if the tent is not dirty enough to be washed along with it. This contributes to the convenience that comes with this cool and functional tent.

Good Size and comfort

This Coleman 8 person tent is well made, has a number of features like the weather-tec weatherproof system and the shock-corded poles, these make for easy set-up, and come with easy-to-follow assembly instructions.

Measuring 17 x 10 feet and has a capacity that allows for up to 8 people. Shelter in the form of a tent also provides a reasonably safe and secure place away from critters and bugs.

Easy to Clean.

After consistent use of the Coleman Red Tent, it will eventually need to be washed. Care and maintenance of the tent only call for routine broom sweeping.

Packing it up with debris will wear the tent out as it will act as sandpaper. When the need arises, you will need to wash the tent with soap and water in order to keep it in top condition.

This will see to it that it gets to serve you for an extended period of time.yellow tent

What Are The Benefits Of This Product.

It can be configured into three separate rooms. If you like your privacy then the dividers in this tent will provide that for you. Adults in one end and the kids or another couple in the opposite end.

This comes as a benefit to you when you want to enjoy the outdoor experience, without necessarily feeling invaded/exposed. 

Inverted seams enhance the weather-resistant ability by cleverly disguising the needle holes inside the tent.

Being weatherproof means that you should be able to enjoy your nights in the knowledge that the tent should remain dry and provide you with comfortable and restful sleep.

Just to be on the safe side I highly recommend you apply a spray-on waterproofing to all seams and joints, so when you awaken, the bedding will not be wet and unusable.

The seams are strategically inverted in order to hide the needle holes within the tent. This in itself is a very good design feature however I have often had bad experiences with leaking tents, even though the manufacturer claims they are waterproof.

In any tent of this design using these materials, as I mentioned above, I always use spray-on waterproofing to make sure the seams and joints are totally waterproof.

The compact nature of the tent is of great benefit to you as you do not have to worry about using lots of space around the house when storing it or using excess room in the car when transporting the tent.

One thing even with car camping you can only carry so much, so being compact is a real benefit.

The fact that you have the luxury of saving time in the setup process is of great benefit. You can choose to utilize this time to perform other activities like fishing or hiking.

While in use and with people moving in and out make sure the zipper is opened all the way as leaning on the door when entering and exiting puts pressure on the zipper which could damage it. Set up in 10-15 minutes.

It being easy to clean means that you are able to maintain it in a spotless condition hence allowing it to remain in its best usable condition.

Quite simply wash it when necessary with warm soapy water, and hose it off after use at the beach. Just remember do not store it wet make sure the tent is dry completely before packing and storing.


  1. Room separators for privacy 
  2. Plenty of room for the family 
  3. Compact size for transport and storage
  4. WeatherProof 
  5. Easy to Clean


  1. Always a good idea to spend a couple of dollars on a spray-on waterproofing and spray the joints and seams.
  2. Anchor tie-downs/tabs are a little flimsy.
  3. The air vents on the side allow airflow at all times which is not nice on very cold nights


Our Overall Opinion.

This is a good quality tent designed and manufactured by a company that has been around for a long time and has a range of products proven and used by many customers. If your into camping and need a good tent this coming holiday season, or on a weekend when the weather looks good, check out the Coleman Red Canyon

This is a tent that will provide you with comfortable shelter, also giving you protection from an afternoon shower or thunderstorm. However, if you’re considering extreme camping activities in the snow or very harsh conditions, you may need to look at spending a bit more money on a tent of better design and quality that suits these conditions better.

As we stated at the beginning of our review, we are looking at a tent for use in reasonable weather conditions, and believe this Coleman tent will provide you with a safe and secure shelter in most family camping environments. We have used and tested a lot of tents and as a tent for 8 people, this is good value for money and will prove to be a worthwhile investment for most family outings.

If this one is a little larger than you need, then check out the smaller Coleman 6 person tent in another one of our reviews.

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If you have any more questions about the Coleman Red Canyon 8 Person Tent, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.

Thanks, Shane.




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