Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent Reviews

Here we have put together the Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent reviews and challenge a few beliefs that while this is an extremely popular tent full of promise it may not go the distance.

This Article Was Last Updated On December 18th, 2022

With a combination of sleek looks, user-friendliness features, and convenience, this is a reasonable tent and undeniably one of the most popular tents on the market, It is available in 2 – 6 person design.

Simply erected in just a few short moments once at the campsite,  the Coleman Sundome Tent has been designed in such a manner that it allows maximum fresh air to circulate throughout and to let the sunshine flood through as well.

Its overall design allows the tent to keep bugs and mosquitoes at bay. An added bonus is that the rear window and hooded door, allows the tent to maintain cross ventilation even during rainy days.

Is this a tent that will provide good shelter and comfort to you and your family on your next camping holiday. There are many other convenient features that the Coleman Sundome offers and we have gone through the list of them below, lets take a look. 

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Coleman Sundome Tent

The Key Features.

Quick Setup.

The Coleman Sundome can be easily set up in under 15 minutes, considering the fact that the tent comes with everything that the user requires.

Apart from getting poles, the user will also receive guy lines and several other items required to secure the tent in place to resist wind, rain and anything else that nature can throw at it.

When setting up a tent, you should always follow the instructions that come with the tent. Apart from saving your time, it will also allow a hassle-free experience.

Ease Of Setup.

For those individuals who are yet to camp during their school days or have very little experience, when it comes to erecting tents, then this freshly designed Coleman tent will be ideal for you, considering it has worked extremely well with first-timers.

It is a very simple process of putting the pre-joined rods together and sliding through the sleeves and standing the whole tent at the same time.

Dome Design.

This good looking tent comes with a shell designed out of polyester, thereby offering the user with a rugged tent that should last you for several seasons with plenty of room to move about inside the tent.

Furthermore, because of the dome design, the Coleman Sundome is widely known for its ability to stand for hours against wind and rain successfully. Having said that obviously there are limits.


Coleman claims users do not have to worry about the water coming into the tent, (I believe this point is debatable)   mainly because the floor of the tent is designed using WaterTec system and 1000D polyethylene.

Moreover, the inverted seams keep the water out from wet grounds and runoff as well.

However, I believe it is a good idea to seal all taped edges and joins with some sort of canvas waterproofing yourself prior to using the tent.

This tent is also guarded against heavy rainfall mainly due to the included fly, also wall fabric designed from polyester, This should provide you with a comfortable and dry habitat.

Mesh Pockets for Storage.

Surprisingly, it’s the little things that sometimes make the big differences and Coleman have included mesh pockets for easy storage of phone, books, and other devices keep things off the floor and easy to locate through the night.


The Coleman Sundome tent also comes with a strong and very convenient flysheet that covers the whole tent creating a weatherproof protective layer and also acting as a shade sail on those sunny days.

The ends peek out over the front and rear of the tent that also aids in you not getting wet while entering the tent.


The Coleman Sundome has been engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions such as strong winds and heavy rainfall, as well as enable ease of use. The zippers of the Coleman Sundome are well designed.

Apart from running smoothly, they also do not get stuck easily, and do not get affected by water.  It is constructed well, meaning it should give many years of fun in the outdoors


When the tent is fully erected and if you close the windows and doors you do have a completely private space, and there is no chance someone can spy on you.

Ground Sheet. 

One feature I like is the one-piece including groundsheet in the Coleman Sundome. It saves your gear and bedding from being on the dirty and wet ground and keeps the inside of the tent very clean from leaves and debris, plus keeps runoff water out after a shower of rain. Really a good practical feature.

What Are The Benefits?

Due to the fact that the Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent has a base area of good dimensions, the tent can perfectly accommodate a Queen size mattress.

This would allow you as a couple to spread out with plenty of room, or if there are a couple of children with you still enough room to be very comfortable.

The tent is also spacious and airy and makes an ideal shelter for summer camping. Check out these sleeping bags that will go perfectly with this tent.

You should expect full protection from the rain, mainly because the tent has been designed with a polyester fly, which has the ability to accommodate changes in the weather.

Moreover, the polyester will not stretch even when the tent is exposed to rainfall for long hours. Furthermore, large doors, a hook for hanging the lamp and high quality, polyester bodies with fiberglass frame which makes the tent ideal for light camping.

The height of the tent 4ft 11in, allows users to place chairs inside the tent to sit and relax when its wet outside. The tent comes with a hook inside at the center, which allows users to place a LED lamp for light.

If you have power close by, and you wanted to use electricity inside the tent, then the Coleman Sundome has an opening in which you can pass an electric cable or an extension wire through.

You are able to have an electric lantern inside for illumination. This is handy if you need to stay inside on a wet day or at night playing cards or board games and you require light.

The tent can be easily folded into a very manageable size and placed back into its own carry case, thereby making it easy to transport.

The Coleman Sundome comes with an attachment mat that should be placed on the front door of the tent, to aid in keeping the tent clean. 

Privacy windows are also available to ensure that you enjoy your privacy while out camping. The overall design of the tent features storage pockets, which will ensure that your tent not only stays organized but also remains clutter-free as well.


  • Quick and easy setup is always a plus
  • The tent is designed using high-quality material and should last for a very long time if used correctly
  • The Coleman Sundome does not require regular maintenance, this will help you save more time
  • I like the flysheet I think its a must
  • The tent’s ventilation system works just as advertised, and also goes a long way towards eliminating condensation and also several other problems.
  • Not hard to dismantle and pack also very light in weight, less than 9 pounds.
  • Great tent for Camping near the Beach


  • The tent is not designed to be used in harsh weather, in heavy snow or torrential rain.
  • Vulnerable to leaking especially at the seams where the floor meets with the sides.
  • Though space is suitable for four people, only 2-3 full-grown men would be comfortable in the space.



I find it always a good idea to purchase a good quality liquid waterproofing agent, or spray and treat all joins and taped edges before using any tent of this type.

Strong and durable, the Coleman Sundome can be stored and carried easily in its own carry bag from one place to another.

It is an ideal option for individuals who may want to travel light and still have a comfortable camping Shelter while not spending too much money.

Excellent value for money this tent performs well in fair to medium conditions and will last a long time if the tent is used for occasional weekends away or a couple of weeks holiday each year.

This tent is not a heavy-duty tent for full-time camping in harsh conditions so don’t expect that from something at this price point, if you want that you will need to research other tents and part with many more dollars.

I believe that it one of the easiest tents that I have ever dealt with, a no-nonsense tent that is simple to erect. Setting up the guy lines will only take 5 minutes and overall, the Coleman Sundome is a well-designed tent that sports sleek looks and user-friendly features.

It would be more suitable for 3 adults or a small family, as 4 large men would not be comfortable. The Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent makes an ideal small tent for beginners and experienced campers looking to buy shelter for light use in typical summer camping conditions.

If you have any more questions about the Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.



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  1. Hi Shane. This looks a really nice tent and a reasonable price too. I like the fact that the parts are labelled well so you are not searching around not know which part goes where. Especially useful when you are trying to put a tent up quickly like when it is raining! I see it has a warranty but I couldn’t see for how long. Do you know?

    • Hi James, these are a very good style of tent, easy to erect. For the price they are very affordable and they come from Amazon with a 1 year limited warranty. Hope you enjoy. 

      Thanks for the comment, Shane.

  2. I try to click the 2 URL on top of this article, but no response. Is there any way I can reach those sites?
    This Coleman Sundome 4 person tent is really good and comfortable for small family to go camping outside the home.
    The video clip by Coleman well demonstrate its features and how to set it up. Good reference and I can easily understand how wonderful this tent offering.
    Will definitely consider to get one when I get my car ready, so I can bring my family for camping outside. Sometimes it is good to explore the nature, and this Coleman tent is good to use.

    • Hi Thanks for the comment, you are right Thomas this tent is very good for a small family, simple to erect, and will give you good shelter. Exploring nature with the family is something i love to do also, let me know if you purchase one.

      Thanks Shane


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