Coleman Trailhead Cot Review – Lightweight Comfort and Convenience

If you’re like me when you are camping you will like a comfortable sleeping arrangement so in this review we will take an in-depth look at this strong and stable Coleman Trailhead Cot.

A comfortable cot that will keep you off the ground, and away from bugs and other creepy crawlies. If you place a sleeping pad on the cot before your sleeping bag or bedding, this will make it even more comfortable.

The cot is quite affordable, well built, and portable, so as not to take up too much room in your vehicle, or when storing at home.

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Coleman Trailhead Cot

Key Features.


The Coleman-Trailhead Cot is a reasonably lightweight option with a weight of around 17.5 pounds. This is a great feature if you have a smaller car, and you don’t wish to lug the heavyweights, or if you just need to pack light because you might have to carry it for slightly longer distances.

Compared to some of the other cot products that Coleman has to offer, the Trailhead Cot is one of the lightest options they have on the market.


The cot is designed to support a weight of up to 300 pounds and a length of up to 6 ft 2 in. It has a long-lasting dual-cross-bar steel frame that is powder-coated.

The powder-coating provides a more durable finish that protects the steel and offers more resistance to impact, moisture, and extreme weather conditions.

This means that scratches, chipping, corrosion, fading, and other wear issues are reduced, leaving your product looking great. It also means that the metal should last for a longer period.

Furthermore, the cot is fitted with heavy-duty polyester fabric. The tough quality of the fabric means that it should not tear or wear out easily with normal use and maintenance.

Compact Design.

Measuring at 75 (L) × 30 (W) × 17 (H) inches when set up, and 40.2 (L) × 7.9 (W) × 3.9 (H) inches when folded, the Coleman Trailhead Cot is a compact and smart fold-able design.

The compact design allows it to take up little space in storage and transporting and also when camping in your tent.

This means that it won’t take up all your luggage space on your trip, and when you have to store it later, it can be easily slid underneath a bed or simply stored in the garage or at the back of your closet.

It also makes it very portable and easy to travel with. Plus it comes with its own canvas bag which makes it easy for you to carry.

Ease of Use.

The Coleman-Trailhead Cot is a military-style cot, which means it is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. The cot is foldable, and the assembly of the cot is very simple with instructions on how to do so on the bag.

Coleman manages this without sacrificing functionality which is often the case when trying to improve user-friendliness. The assembly will become easier with use, which allows more time to focus on other more enjoyable pursuits.

High Quality.

As previously mentioned, the Coleman-Trailhead Cot is made in a rough-looking military style. If you are a long-time camper or camping enthusiast, you are probably aware that when a cot has a military tag, it will serve you for a long time. 

Overall, the cot is made from high-quality materials that will stand the test against time and weather. This very good cot will not disappoint in this regard.

The polyester fabric that it is fitted with, can endure many washes and will withstand harsh weather elements. The steel frame also means that it is strong enough to support the weight of the user and will not easily break or weaken.

Design Features.

The Coleman-Trailhead Cot is designed to be comfortable and supportive, while not foregoing the compact design or its ease of assembly.

Often when one gets older (or when you do suffer from back problems), it gets more and more difficult to bend down to low levels, and standing up from the ground becomes a struggle.

The Trailhead Cot eliminates that issue for you. It stands at almost a ruler and a half, meaning that it is not too high that it becomes a risk to roll off the cot, but it’s also not too low.

Although the fabric is stretched tightly across the frame to support the weight, it’s firm enough to not be a hammock while remaining lenient enough to sleep comfortably.

Multiple Use.

Even though the main use for the Coleman Trailhead Cot would as your most valued companion on your camping or hunting trip, you can put it to other uses as well.

The cot is comfortable enough for when you suddenly have an influx of guests during Christmas and need to supply extra beds – and fast! Your kids can use it when they have too many friends over or want to camp in the garden.

Or, if you know that you’re about to have a very long day at work and hope to sneak in a quick, yet refreshing nap, it is great to store in your office.

The relatively small design means that it will probably fit in your office with no problem.

What Are The Benefits You Can Expect From This Cot?

It won’t be impossible to carry the cot over long distances, however, be aware that at 17 lbs it would certainly not suit backpacking or hiking on an extended trip into the woods. 

The durability of the design of the Trailhead cot means that your cot will last longer.

The cot will also not look worn-out or tattered and having a military tag usually means a quality product that should perform with satisfaction on many occasions

The compact design of the Coleman cot makes travel easy and does not take up too much space, and space is always sometime we have to keep an eye on when packing for a trip.

Camping always requires the best use of compact equipment. So you won’t waste space when carrying this Cot.

A lot of these features also mean that should you find yourself having to set up the cot at night, it won’t be much of a hassle.

Once you have put it together for the first time, it will be simple from then on. It really is easy to put together in just a couple of short minutes.

When you’re finished it easily folds back into its compact size. You won’t have to struggle with undoing any screws or bolts. You also won’t have to completely disassemble the cot once you’re done, as it easily folds up again.

High quality means that it won’t easily be broken or damaged. The Coleman company creates a huge array of products now, and they are a very well known brand.

You can rest assured that in the majority of cases you will receive a product that will perform satisfactorily and consistently for a long period. It also means value for your hard-earned money.

The supportive design allows a good night’s rest, the frame is strong and will stay steady throughout the night, the fabric is breathable comfortable yet firm, and will keep your posture straight while sleeping.

The design also allows you to easily get on and off you won’t strain your back trying to get up from the low level of the ground.

Camping more than once a year usually at holiday time it packs up and is ready to go, but you can make use of it more than once a year and for more than just a camping accessory.

Use it as an extra bed in your home when unexpected guests turn up, maybe the kids are having a sleepover and your one bed short.

It could even be a useful resting place for that power nap during the day at the office.


  1. Strong and Stable
  2. Firm but not Uncomfortable
  3. Portable Easy to Transport
  4. Very Affordable, I like the price.
  5. Good Quality Materials


  1. The carry bag is not as durable as the cot itself
  2. Too heavy to carry any long distance
  3. May be difficult to assemble the first time (Quite Stiff) 


This is a really nice cot we give it the thumbs up and we like the fact that it folds into a compact and neat size, that fits into a small car with ease. Space is always at a premium when car camping, plus it’s easy to store at home when not in use.

The cot has a powder-coated steel frame which is sturdy and strong albeit a little heavy, However, this is definitely not a backpacking cot, so it still remains portable enough for camping with a vehicle. 

This product is durable enough to take rough weekends or long extended use. Coleman has produced a cot that will provide comfort, convenience, reliability, and portability and I give this product a 9 out of 10.

We think this is a very high performing cot and would highly recommend it for the recreational camping enthusiast who has a need for a lightweight comfortable and convenient cot on their next outdoor adventure.

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If you have any more questions about the Coleman Trailhead Cot, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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  1. I wish I saw this before I went camping 2 weekend ago! I was looking for something to sleep on, but ended up getting an air mattress. I can tell you that wasn’t that nice. It deflated through out the night. I have had a cot before and already know how great they can be, but this one tops that old one from years ago. It took up so much space, and was not made nearly as well. This seems like a great investment for campers! Thank you for your well informed review on it!

    • Hi McKenzie, I am glad you liked my review, the Trailhead cot is a nice camping bed and can also be used at home when the kids have sleepovers. This really is a good value portable bed, well made and strong.

      Thanks for your comment 


  2. I love being outdoors and I love going camping but OOOooo do I hate bugs and creepy crawlers! This is one of the reasons I avoid going camping, or wuss out all together and stay in a resort instead. I would so use one of these and feel much better sleeping outdoors. It will also keep me away from the damp , or potential flooding.

    • Hi Sophia, yes i also love being outdoors, and sleeping on the ground is not for everyone. Sleeping on a good cot gives you a far better nights sleep and the Coleman Trailhead Cot is a good one. 

      Thanks For your Comment


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