Coleman WeatherMaster Tent – Screened Room and Spacious Comfort

The Coleman WeatherMaster tent screened room and spacious comfort reviews a fine tent that will keep you and comfortable when the nasty weather comes out. There’s only so much gear you can pack when camping.

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However, one of the things you can’t afford to leave home without is a good quality and reliable family tent.

So, why is this tent different from all else? well. there’s a whole lot to love about this tent, from the construction to the convenience and comfort that it offers.

And that’s just part of it, there’s still more to this tent that you can dive in and discover. Keep reading my review and check out the amazing features and benefits to find out what this tent has to offer.

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Coleman WeatherMaster tent

The Key Features.

Weather-resistant construction

The construction and design is the first thing you will check out in any tent out there. But these types of tents are meant for outdoor use and getting an all-weather one is always a plus.

As such, this tent features an outstanding patent WeatherTec design that includes inverted seams with the needle holes on the inside, a tub floor design and welded corners.

This construction makes the tent perfect for use even in some serious downpours. However, with all tents of this type when you buy it take it home and set it up in the backyard to make sure it’s all there, then just one more thing

What I would do, is to purchase separately, a spray-on waterproofing sealer and give the joins and seams a spray with this product to assist with keeping the rain out.

The door

Accessing in and out of your tent is always worth considering. To make this super easy and convenient for you, this tent comes with a hinged door design. It features two different fiberglass poles across the door perimeter.

Hence, the door looks more like an ordinary one, swinging on the pole to open and close. What’s more, adding the poles is just a snap, and it’s all thanks to an intuitive design that makes entry to and exit from the tent very easy.

Windows and the fly

The windows are by far some of the most exciting features in this tent. They are not only large enough to give you a glimpse of the outside vista but are also angled to help keep the rain out.

Its fly is built to give you the best possible coverage without creating obstruction on the windows. Hence, they make small awnings on top of the door and the main window on either side which still allows you to enjoy the views.

And then it attaches to the poles through Velcro tabs, metal hooks and plastic clips, this is an exciting family tent.

Spacious and Cozy 

What makes the tent even more exciting is that the inside is as impressive as the outside, if not more. First off, it is very spacious. With 11 feet by 9 feet dimensions, you can easily fit two queen-size airbeds in there without a hassle.

The ceiling is considerably high enough as well, standing at up to 6-foot 8-inches high in the middle. Then it also has a large screen room, which means you have two separate rooms.

If this space is not enough to satisfy your need be sure to check out our Evanston 8-person tent here

Sturdy Poles

Nothing in this tent quite holds as the poles do, so you can count on them for outstanding performance. This tent has an excellent pole structure. Mainly it is the material used in making these poles that make them so robust.

Built for heavy-duty use, the 3/4 in steel are strong enough to take on whatever the weather has to throw at them. Making up the skeleton of the tent, these poles play an integral role in keeping your tent in one piece.

Along with a guy-out triangular design, the frame is strong enough to withstand windy and nasty weather.  

Easy Setup

Taking a long time setting up your tent as the light is fading and mosquitoes are biting can be every camper’s worst nightmare, but this tent comes with everything you need to set it up quickly and efficiently.

Thankfully, you don’t have to put up with all the hassle and frustration; in fact, the Coleman Weathermaster 6 setup instructions will enable you to have this tent up in about 15- 20 minutes.


And there’s more; it also comes with instructions that give the components color coding that you can follow for a super easy installation.

Just make sure to stick by the instructions provided if it’s your first time or you are not sure how to set it up. This will save a lot of time and can save you a whole lot of hassle as well.


If you want to organize your gadgets and other items, then you will need somewhere to keep them neatly out of the way.

Then you will have the storage pockets in this tent to thank as you can easily put most of your items off the floor, well organized, phone book wallet and other small items will be out of the way and all in one place when you need them.

A Screen Room

Built with a mesh on all sides, the large 9ft x 6ft airy screen room helps keep flying bugs at bay. Keep in mind that the tent is designed in such a way that crawling bugs have virtually no way of getting inside your tent.

So this will mean securing the only other cause you might have to worry about. And thanks to a vertical zipper, you can easily walk into the screen room and into the tent. Better yet, on warmer nights, you can sleep in this room as well.


The ventilation in this tent is yet another thing worth a hard look thanks to the screened roof and large windows on either side of the tent, the airflow is fantastic.

This helps keep your tent well, ventilated, especially when the fly is off during nice weather. Camping in a quality tent with good ventilation can make your adventure much more enjoyable.

What Are The Benefits You Can Expect From This Product?

Weather-resistant design and material make this tent ideal for all-weather use. You can bring it along in any season and have an exciting outdoor adventure without the worry of leakage or sleeping on a wet floor.

One of my best tips for this type of tent material is to always buy a spray-on waterproofing product and spray/seal all joints and seams. 

The door on this tent offers easy access in and out of your tent, but there’s more to it still. It’s is also built for heavy-duty use, as it can withstand some harsh conditions.

Getting in and out is something we like to very easy plus on a bug-free day leave it open for even more breeze.

Big windows give you a clear view of the outside world and these are designed and built to withstand some nasty weather conditions as well.

They don’t come in as weak spots in the tent but enhance the overall visual aspect of the tent also allowing an unobstructed vision of your surroundings.

The inside is spacious enough, said to be capable of accommodating up to six people. And it is not only wide enough, but it also has sufficient headroom of 6 feet 8 inches making moving inside the tent, less of a hassle.

For 6 adults  I think this tent may be more than a little cramped so for more space check out another of our best camping tents the Wenzel Klondike Tent.

Its array of poles features the right material to withstand some of the worst conditions out there. Along with outstanding guy-out triangles, the frame can take on quite a beating from the wind and remain standing.

This tent is built for heavy-duty performance and the pole skeleton of the tent makes it very secure.

Easy setup takes you only about 20 minutes. This means you can set up camp even when you are a bit behind schedule. And taking it down is every bit as easy and fast too.

The assembly instructions and the color codes upon the tent all help with making the setup a pleasure.

Storage pockets also go the distance to make life inside your tent fun. You can use those to keep small gadgets organized.

These can be crucial if you don’t have enough storage space around or if you want them small personal items within easy reach.

The screen room offers an additional room, and a bug-free lounging too. So you can count on the additional space for storing your luggage.

But the best part yet is the fun of sleeping in this room on a warm night or spending part of your day lounging in your favorite camping chair.

Ideal ventilation helps keep a constant flow of fresh air into the tent. The mesh roof and large, well-positioned windows keep the airflow perfect. So you don’t have to worry about stifling conditions inside.

Lay back and enjoy breathing in the cool clean air and rediscover your peace and tranquility. 

Here’s a couple of tips for you.

  • It’s always wise to try setting up your tent before heading out to use it for the first time, to familiarize yourself with its setup and to check all the components are checked and usable at the convenience of your home.
  • Make sure to clean your tent before packing it, also be sure it is dry prior to long-term storage.
  • Setting your tent on tarps will go a long way in protecting its bottom from small rocks and sharp sticks that may damage it while on the ground.


  1. An E-port enables you to connect an extension cord for electric power.
  2. Hinged door for easy access.
  3. Weather-resistant zipper cuff further protects the door from the elements.
  4. An expandable carry bag for easy portability.
  5. Enough sleeping floor area, with up to 1.5 square meters a person.
  6. Easy setup and take-down.
  7. Nicely ventilated.


  1. The fly is not big enough to cover the windows completely.
  2. Its screen room doesn’t have a floor which may bother some people.



All said and done, this tent is one of the best options on the market and every camping group whether family or friends can take advantage of it.

It is large enough to accommodate a small family, it is comfortable, and above all, it’s tough and durable. If you want a tent that can offer real value for your dollar, then you should consider trying this one.

With all the comfort, convenience and ease of use, we confidently recommend this tent for all-around general camping in mild to moderate weather. 

It has just about everything a camper would wish for in a tent. From keeping the bugs out to protecting you from the elements.

Now that you know what to expect with this tent, step up to the market and hit that green button with confidence.

If you have any more questions about the Coleman WeatherMaster Tent, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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  1. Hi Shane,

    Wow, what a useful article you have written. I really benefited from reading this Coleman Weather-Master Tent Review. You did some awesome job in this review. 

    I’m glad I found this review because my wife and I were just planning of our next out door adventure. It is something we often do. But this time, we realized the tent we have been using is wearing out and needs to be replaced. I think this Coleman Weather-Master Tent is a good one to look at. There are two things I like about this tent as you nicely brought the features out.

    One has to do with the the window of this tent being wide enough to bring in more ventilation and also a good view of the environment around.

    the next feature that will make me want to consider this tent is the poles which you said are made with steal whichj makes them withstand any whether condition. I think these tow features alone are enough to make me decide whether to go fot this tent or not and I will discuss it with my wife. I know we will surely go for it.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this with us.


    • Hi Stephen, i am happy that you gained some knowledge from my article, the two features you mention are very good indeed and together with the benefits this is a really nice tent that i know you will enjoy.

      Thanks Shane.

  2. Excellent review of the weathermaster tent. My best recommendation for any tent is to practice setting it up at home before going on a camping trip. It never fun trying to pitch a tent in the rain. Also, it never hurts to purchase an extra tent pole or stakes. The feature I like on this tent is the storage pockets. It helps get small gadgets off the floor and easy to find especially after camping a few days.

    • Hi Glen, I like your comments they are wise words and only learned through experience, thanks for commenting on my review Shane.

  3. Hello Shane, Thanks for a great information about Coleman Weather master Tent which is actually good for our camping outside.My Wife wanted to know about the best canvas tent with affordable price which is how I found in your article. I like the weather resist and easy setup feature and I hope it will not be too heave to carry outside. I am going to bookmark your site for future reference. Thanks for sharing this information.

    • Hi Mzakapon, i am glad you liked my site i look forward to you reading more of my reviews. Thanks, Shane.

  4. Thank you for sharing this great post on Coleman WeatherMaster Tent.Camping is one of the most exciting activity for many families.To be perfect ,they will need tent which will be perfect to their staying out camp.

    It is very complicated to know if the tent we are going to buy will meet all the requirements ,with this post we don’t need to look for requirements as you have recommended the best tents you have reviewed.

    • Hi Julienne, thank you for your nice comment, it is sometimes difficult to know if a tent has everything you need I hope we have given you enough information in this review.

      Thanks Shane. 

  5. I wish I had this tent when camping with my family! My family used to go to the sea and camp there for a day. The tent we had was of not very good quality and water would leak in during rain and strong wing would start blowing it away if there’s nothing in the tent. 

    This tent is water resistant and has ventilation so we won’t feel stuffy, which is great. Setting the tent up would be my biggest problem as the old tent we had was really difficult for me to set up even tho it’s a simple tent. I’d definitely recommend this to my family when we go camping again!

    • Hi Mary, the coleman weathermaster is quite easy to erect and im sure you and your family will enjoy it immensely.

      Thanks for your comment, and thanks for the recommendation, Shane.

  6. We usually camp in an RV these days but there are still places we can’t get hauling a 5th wheel. Some of the more remote areas need just the truck carrying tent and supplies and of course, those are often the most beautiful. This size seems just right – enough room for two adult humans and two dogs to sleep comfortably but not so large that it will be difficult to find a level place to set it up. I really love the hinged door design! That seems so much easier than the typical flap design; I tore our last tent door because I didn’t notice it was hanging on the ground when open and I tripped over it. 

    • Hi Ginger, there are certainly beautiful areas that we cant get the big rigs into and i could not think of a better tent to take, and for two dogs they would love the screened room. Tripped over a few pegs and stuff myself in my journeys. Thanks for your comments, Shane.

  7. A very informative article. At first glance, noticed there is a green button which lead to Amazon site. There is good and bad about it. Probably promoting too fast and there is no chance to complete reading your article. Pardon me. For those like me who want to continue reading, I will click on the back arrow key. No idea if everyone does that. Probably you can leave the affiliate link somewhere near the end of your story?

    Also, at first I thought there was duplicate content. You may want to consider combining the feature and benefits together? If not, the reader will have to scroll up and down to look out for the area of concern. For example, I was looking at the feature and benefit of the door.

    Just my few cents of thoughts. Thank you :o)

  8. I just bought a new tent this past Summer.  I wish I had done a bit more research.  I had no idea that tents could come with hinged doors.  This is one of the things that has always bugged me about camping in a tent.  The other thing I never thought about was inverted seams.  This only makes sense when you think about keeping the rain out.  I paid the same price for my current tent as the current price for this one without a lot of the added features that this one offers.

    • Hi Tom, lots of features on some tents today isn’t there, maybe next time, thank you for the comment, Shane.

  9. this tent looks great, for what is important from a tent is it’s ability to keep the rain out, I would even accept a harder to erect tent should it be able to keep us and our things dry! But you even say this tent is easy to erect!

    Seems the perfect choice of tent, loving the airflow feature. Many thanks for this thorough and helpful review you have saved me lots of research time here!

    • Hi Dianne, yes it is easy to erect and quite stable when standing, one thing I always suggest with these style of tents is to buy a spray on waterproofing product and spray the seams and joins before use to help keep the rain out 

      Thanks Shane

  10. HI there, I really enjoyed this review. We currently have a smaller type Coleman tent, but need a bigger one. This review has all the information I need, thank you. I like how you’ve covered all areas of the tent. Can’t wait to go camping again 🙂

    What would be your recommendation for a family of 5, in terms of what we need for space? need space to sleep and preferably a separate area for living space

    Look forward to hearing your recommendation


    • Hi Karina, I’m glad you liked my review check out the review on the Coleman Red Canyon tent we recently completed. Always good to get outdoors.

      Thanks for your comment Shane.


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