Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review – Two Room With Privacy

Take a look at this CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review to see a spacious and airy shelter that I believe is certainly worth a look if you want a large tent for the whole family. This will be one of the major items you will purchase when putting your camping equipment together, give it some serious thought, you don’t want to get it wrong.

One thing to keep in mind when thinking of venturing out to the wild is that behind the beauty of nature lurks an unforgiving environment that can be timid one minute, and completely wild the next. And even when the weather decides to be nice on you, you still need to have shelter from the elements, especially at night. 

Here’s the thing, it takes a tough tent to guarantee not only convenient accommodation but also a fun and comfortable one. And that’s where this tent comes in, as it is built to give you, and your family or several friends memories of a lifetime. So, is this the one for you? Let’s find out.

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The Key Features

Everything you need is in the package

It’s always nice to get a tent that comes with everything you need to set it up with ease. And the more accessories it comes with, the better it gets since you won’t be spending more money to get those separately.

In that case, this tent got you covered, as it comes with virtually everything you ever need to pitch it and enjoy a night of camping. These include the tent, awning poles, rainfly, tent stakes, and room divider. This all comes in a very handy and reliable carry bag.

Instant Setup

The design and construction of this 12 person tent give it a unique Instant setup capability, simply unpack the tent from its carry bag and lay it flat on the ground in the position you want it, be sure to place a tarpaulin or ground cover underneath for protection of the floor.

Next, with two people it will take you less than two minutes to have your shelter standing for the night. The poles are attached to the tent at the time of manufacture, just go around the tent extending the poles upwards until you hear a solid clicking of the locking pin snaps into place. Convenience, time-saving, and simple, these are a real time-saving features that enhance the attraction of this Core Tent.

Easy access

You have a long checklist to go through when shopping for a camping tent, but nothing comes in as handy as the ease of entry and exit, this always makes using the tent a pleasure. No more falling over equipment or other people to get in or out, this is great.

A tent with large doors always does a great job at this, but with this tent, all that becomes a breeze. Besides having a front T-Door, it also comes with a large D-Door on the full panel side, giving you more options to access or leave your tent with ease and without disturbing your fellow campmates.

Get the privacy you need

With most of these big tents shared by more than two people, the need for a little privacy becomes inevitable. And this doesn’t get more serious than when you are camping with your family, and you decide to get one big tent like this one instead of several small ones.

Not to worry, this tent ensures comes with a center room divider that enables you to separate the tent into two rooms or leave it as a single room with the living and sleeping space all in one. It all comes down to your preferences.

Advanced ventilation

Ventilation turns out to be one of those factors you really have to consider as far as tents go. A tent with poor ventilation could be very uncomfortable especially during the hot season. But one with a lot of vents and mesh surfaces could mean you’ll be freezing in there when camping in areas with extremely cold conditions.

That’s why this tent is built with some of the best ventilation designs. Located near the ground, the ventilation allows cool, fresh air to make its way into the tent from the ground, while a mesh ceiling lets the hot rising air escape; ensuring the interior of the tent has a constant flow of fresh air.

A removable rainfly

We’ve already mentioned that this tent comes with a mesh ceiling, which could have you thinking about what happens when it rains. Things can get a bit messy in such a case, but thankfully, a rainfly comes in to take care of this concern.

With a removable rainfly that this tent comes with, you can always get the best of both worlds when relaxing inside your tent. During the warm seasons with clear nights, you can remove it to get a glimpse of the amazing starry sky. And during the wet, rainy seasons, simply draw on the water-repellant rainfly.

Enjoy a worry-free purchase

Besides all the hype, the manufacturer also stands solidly behind their word when it comes to this tent with a 1-year limited warranty. There’s no better way to find out if any camping gear can actually stand to the test of the outdoors than using it out there. And while many things could go wrong, the warranty that this tent comes with got you covered.

Price and Compare

The price of this product is fair and I believe it offers good value compared with other similar large family tents, check out the price here now on ==>Amazon<== and compare the information with the Coleman Weathermaster for a good comparison that will help with your purchasing decision.

What Are The Benefits To You

With the H20 block technology, this tent features heat-sealed seam tapes running from the rainfly all the way to the ground, ensuring you stay warm and dry through the rain.

Measuring an impressive 18 feet by 10 feet, this tent is roomy enough to fit up to 12 people, as the name suggests, a great option for family camping trips.

The set up is also very easy, thanks to this tent’s ten-leg pole design. Since the poles come attached to the tent, you can simply unpack your tent and unfold it.

Being able to lift the tent into place, extending the poles into position and have it erected in just a couple of minutes is a great benefit if you don’t like to waste time.

Its material is also very remarkable when it comes to strength and durability. Built with 68D polyester, this tent is not only durable despite the rigors of the outdoors.

The floor features a robust 125gsm P.E material, which turns out to be both durable and great at water-resistance, which ensures you stay dry even during the rainy season.

With the adjustable venting system, you can always take charge of how much cool air gets into the tent, which can be very handy at different seasons.

The other awesome thing about this tent is the portability, as it packs pretty small, measuring 47 inches by 14 inches by 13 inches, which is easy to pack.

It also boasts a flame-resistant fabric, which is great at keeping you safe as so many things could go wrong, and inside a tent on fire is the last place you want to be.

With enough space to fit in up to three airbeds and a fair amount of camping gear, this tent gives you unmatched accommodation but without ever having to sacrifice comfort.

Here’s A Tip

  • One thing that you have to keep in mind when it comes to using tents is that you will need to give it a test run at home before embarking on your journey, just to be sure you can set it up fast and easily enough and you have all the components necessary.


  1. Enjoy a timesaving and instant setup.
  2. The spacious interior can accommodate an entire family.
  3. A room divider offers the privacy that you need.
  4. Buy with confidence, thanks to the 1-year limited warranty.
  5. Its robust and water-resistant materials enable you to camp at any season.
  6. A mesh ceiling enables you to gaze at the stars.


  1. Since this tent weighs up to 43 pounds, it might prove to be too heavy to tote over long distances.


My Overall Opinion

When it’s time to venture out into the wild and have the best time, you need to bring some camping gear with you, and a tent is hands down one of the most important stuff that you should bring on board.

It not only protects you from the outdoor environment, but it also ensures you can enjoy a bit of comfort while enjoying nature. After all, nothing quite beats the thrill of gazing at a starry sky or enjoying the view around the campsite while still keeping the wind and rain out.

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If you have any more questions about the CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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