Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review – Instant Spacious Shelter

Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review Instant Spacious Shelter is great when you go camping with your family or friends. It’s someplace to stay warm and dry while enjoying all nature has to offer.

Judging by the name, you can already tell that this tent is maybe just what you need if you are fond of camping with a small group or you just like a bit of room to move.

However, being roomy isn’t the only thing that makes this tent outstanding, as it also boasts a wide range of other exciting features as well. So if you are serious about going big as far as tents go, then this one has a lot of good points


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Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

The Key Features

Easy up, easy down

If there’s any factor that really plays a role in any tent, it has to be how easy it is to set up. Get a tent that takes hours to pitch, and you could be in for a long evening.

And this could get real nasty real quick especially if you arrive at the campsite after dark, tired, hungry, and sleepy.

You need a tent that’s simply easy to set up, which could mean a world of difference when you have to pitch up your tent in haste. That’s where this tent beats the competition as it only takes a matter of 3-4 minutes and you have a roof over your head. 

And as it turns out, the set up is not the only impressive thing about this tent, as taking it down is also every bit as easy, so you won’t have to waste any precious minutes at that as well. Then simply roll it up and place it in the carry bag

Enjoy a bit of privacy

Privacy matters a whole lot when camping with the family or as a group of friends. And while not many tents offer this simple yet important aspect, having it goes a long way. After all, it’s better to have a tent that guarantees some level of privacy and never need it than one without.

Fortunately, this tent goes the distance to offer you an unbeatable privacy thanks to an included room divider that you can count on if you need to separate the tent into different rooms. And with a 9-person capacity, this feature truly proves to be invaluable.

Make the most of the storage pockets

It’s a feature you are likely to find in most tents and one that proves to be very crucial especially if you have lots of stuff around the tent.

So this is nothing unique about this tent, but it’s worth a mention anyway as it also adds a touch of convenience that you might need some time down the road.

If you often keep most of your stuff off the floor and well organized, then you are definitely going to love the wall storage pockets that this tent comes with. Besides, they are also quite spacious, so you can tuck a fair few personal effects or camping gear in there.

Spacious interior

For some campers, a little, compact tent fits the bill, but for many, especially those who like to bring their loved ones or friends along, bigger is always better. And this is right where this tent comes in, as its size makes it the perfect pick for anyone to whom size is of the essence. 

With the floor measuring 14 feet by 9 feet, it’s roomy inside to fit two queen air mattresses or several camping cots and it offers enough room to accommodate up to 9 people.

What’s more, with a center height of 78 inches, it’s also high enough so even the tall guys don’t have to struggle when inside. 

Adjustable venting

Getting a flow of fresh air is by far one of the things that make spending some time inside your tent not only bearable but also fun. And this doesn’t get any more crucial than when you’re camping in the hot summer days.

Again, keep in mind that this comes down to the design of the tent and more specifically the type of venting that’s in place.

To give you the best experience possible, this tent comes with an advanced venting design that you can adjust to regulate airflow into the tent.

Located near the ground, the vents allow cool air to make its way into the tent, but that’s not all; it also has a large mesh ceiling that allows hot air to escape, ensuring a constant flow of fresh air inside the tent.

Efficient rainfly

A rainfly is also as important, as it helps ensure that your tent is safe from rain, especially in the case of a tent like this one, which has a mesh ceiling. you can enjoy fresh air inside without ever having to worry about wind or rainwater making its way into the tent.

Besides, since the rainfly is removable, you can always remove it when you want to enjoy an incomparable view of the starry sky on a clear night.


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What Are The Benefits In Owning This Tent

A Major benefit of owning a tent is the ability to share our outdoor adventures with our family and to teach our children life lessons like how to camp and the knowledge and experiences gained when visiting wilderness areas will make remarkable lifelong memories.

An electrical port might not seem like a necessary addition to a tent, but it proves to be as important as any other feature if you ever need to connect electric power into the tent.

With a fully closable port in this tent, it does make charging your electronic devices possible, and when it’s not in use, you can simply just close it.

Portability is one less thing you should have concerns with as far as this tent goes. First, it packs quite small, and it’s also very lightweight for a large tent at around 30 pounds.

The best thing is that it also comes with an included carry bag, which you will find very handy during transportation as well as storage of your tent.

A CORE H20 Block Technology makes it very convenient for use during rainy seasons, or when camping in an area with wet ground. After all, no one likes the idea of water leaking into the tent and soaking everything.

The sheer size of this tent is the other thing that leaves the competition in the dust. With the spacious interior, it can accommodate up to 9 campers or a few of you with lots of camping gear, and it’s all without ever having to sacrifice comfort.

When it comes to durability, the tough 68D polyester fabric that this tent is made of takes the cake. Besides, it also turns out to be one of the best when it comes to waterresistance.

The floor is also every bit as tough, and the steel stakes, as well as telescoping steel poles, all add to the durability of this tent.

Ease of access is also as important, which is something Core has not overlooked while considering the different bits that this tent features.

And as such, this tent boasts a large T-door that makes entry and exit into and out of your tent easy and lots of fun.

And the windows have something to add to the fun that you can have when spending some time inside this tent.

Not only are they large, but they are also made of mesh, which enables ensure ideal airflow into the tent and let you have a clear view of the area around the campsite.


  1. Very durable tent, with all the bits and pieces you need for easy setup and take down.
  2. A removable room divider that you can use for privacy.
  3. It’s also great at keeping water and rain from making its way in and soaking your camping gear.
  4. Enough room for up to 9 people.
  5. It also offers ideal ventilation and mesh ceiling as well as windows for ideal airflow.
  6. An included carry bag makes portability and storage less stressful.


  1. At 30.5 lbs you may need assistance to carry it if you’ll be trekking over a long distance.


Before setting out on a camping expedition, you need to be well prepared, as the outdoors can be an unforgiving place despite its beauty. There’s virtually no better way to be prepared than bringing with you a tent to protect you and your family from the elements.

Well, this tent has almost anything you would ever ask for in a tent its size if not much more. It’s spacious, robust, durable, and most importantly, it’s sure to keep you dry even during rainy nights.

For a glimpse of the stars, the mesh ceiling is there for you. The list of the exciting features that this tent comes with is a pretty long one.

This is a very good tent well designed and constructed with a high rating from over 600 customer review most of which are positive.

It looks great fits the whole family and performs extremely well so if you’re in the market for a great family tent, this one gets a buy rating from me for a whole range of reasons all mentioned above. Buy it with confidence and enjoy it.

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