Double Hammock With Stand – Vivere Comfort, Colour, And Convenience

Are you in the market for a new hammock, well look no further than the Vivere Double Hammock with stand. This hammock not only proves to be comfortable, fun and easy to use, but it is also very convenient. There has never been a better time to be an outdoors enthusiast, whether you’re camping, hiking, or other adventure.

There is a whole lot of camping and outdoor gear on the market, that can make your time out there nothing but a heap of fun and convenience. Read on to find a long list of other features that make the Vivere such a standout performer when you need a sleeping space or somewhere to relax.


The Key Features

Space Saving Stand

Made of heavy-duty steel, this combination of hammock and stand is one of the most exciting features by far. The 9-foot stand is built to last you through many seasons. It is also super easy to assemble, so you can set it up with ease and enjoy the afternoon breeze in almost no time. What’s more, you don’t need to have any tools to assemble this stand, so there shouldn’t be any worry about leaving anything behind.

Ideal Material

The hammock itself offers nothing short of comfort and fun. Made of 100% cotton, it gives you an impressive feeling that you can hardly get with most other hammocks out there. And thanks to the withstanding features of comfort, you can use this hammock in almost any weather. On cool to cold nights, you may want to add a quality Sleeping bag. 


It is breathable so you can use it on a sunny day and still enjoy the breeze. But if you want a hammock to sleep in through the night, then this one offers enough cushioning against wind gusts. Not forgetting, you can also get the polyester or the sunbrella options, both of which come in handy when it comes to comfort, weather-resistance, and easy cleanup as the cotton fabric.  


Don’t let the fact that this hammock is made of cotton fool you, it is ready to take on the heavy lifting. Capable of supporting 450 pounds, it offers a remarkable option for couples and friends who want to sleep as a pair. But if you are a bit on the heavy side, then this hammock proves to be just the right choice for big guys too.


Besides the standard cotton material, you can also decide to go for the Sunbrella fabric UV resistant and very soft, this fabric is every bit as impressive plus it is weather-resistant, making it capable of surviving many seasons. A stain-resistant design means cleaning it is also very easy. This fabric can withstand chlorine, rot, mildew and other stains.


Then there’s the third option which is the polyester fabric, as comfortable as the cotton one but this one is hard wearing and may last a lifetime. Made of woven polyester fabric, this one is fade-resistant, enabling it to retain its vibrant color for years. And with the ability to resist rot and mildew, cleanup is always fast, easy, and fun.

Carrying case

Using your hammock and the stand can be easy and fun, but it takes an ideal hammock to make the portability as easy. Thankfully, this Vivere double hammock comes with an included carrying case that you will definitely need if you are to use our hammock on the go.  Better yet, the hammock packs pretty small, as well as the stand, which adds to its ease of portability. lock on to the wheelset (available separately) for simple maneuvering. 


If there’s one thing that makes this double hammock live up to the hype, it has to be the size. With the hammock bed measuring an outstanding 87 inches length by 47 inches width and up to 43 inches in height, it is a monster. These dimensions make it ideal for comfortably accommodating two adults. So you can snuggle in there as a couple without trading in the comfort for space. And if you are resting in it alone, then you will have a whole lot of space all to yourself.


The Vivere double hammock isn’t done yet, as it still has another ace up its sleeve, up to four accessories that you may need. These include tree straps, chainset, wheel kit, and hooks.

Straps. At up to 10 feet long, the straps can wrap on just about any tree out there, what’s more, these straps feature heavy-duty nylon that is built to stand rigors of outdoor weather. They are also wide to protect the tree from damage and best of all, they pack in the ideal hardware for attaching on different types of hammocks, making them more versatile.

Chains. There’s also the chainset, which offers a safe, easy way of hanging your hammock on trees or posts. The chains include two pieces of chain, two eye bolts, and double S-hooks. These come with a zinc coating that protects them from the elements.

Wheel Set. To move your hammock around with ease once you’ve set it up, you will need the wheel kit. This aspect comes in as one of the most crucial ones among all accessories. These wheels come with two nuts as well as bolts, making them easy to attach to your hammock stand. Made for heavy-duty use, they come with a powder-coated clamp, but the bolts and nuts are coated with zinc for durability.

Hanging Hooks. This hammock also comes with a set of double hooks, which go the distance to make the setup for your hammock in the most unlikely places a reality. These hooks will work on the veranda, ceiling, or any other surface, thanks to the eight wood screws, which measure up to 1-1/2 inches. With the ability to support up to 250 pounds, these hooks are a great option for all-round use.

What Are The Benefits You Can Expect From This Product?

Convenience is the first aspect that makes this hammock worth adding to your camping gear. Thanks to the combination of the hammock and its stand, you can use the hammock anywhere you want.

From the beach to the woods, you can set it up even if there are no trees around, this is extremely convenient.

Durability, definitely something to consider if you want a hammock you can count on for several seasons. This comes down to its combination of the right materials.

The heavy gauge steel stand is built to last, which makes the robust steel stand capable of lasting for years even when used in harsh outdoor conditions. The hammock itself also features strong fabrics that do not wear easily to the ravages of the outdoors.

With up to three fabric types to choose from, you can always go for what works best for you. You can decide whether you want to go for the cotton, polyester, or the sunbrella.

These fabrics maintain the brightness of their colors for long even with the beating from the weather. If you are looking for ultimate comfort and ease of use, then the cotton one is the best one for you.

Fabric Longevity recommends you need to go for the polyester fabric, but this fabric also offers impressive comfort for a relaxing snuggle. 

If you want a fabric that remains as pristine as new, then the sunbrella is the one for you. However, this doesn’t mean sacrificing the comfort or ease of cleaning. The choice is all yours!

The assembly is a breeze since this hammock comes with everything you need. You get up to five knob style bolts that you can use to secure the parts together. Two hooks along with wing nuts for securing them to the frame are also included.

Then you have one duffel bag for fitting the whole setup into, including the frame, the necessary hardware as well as the hammock itself.

Comfort is one of the things you will definitely love about this hammock. With its 100 percent cotton material, you can feel the difference right from the moment you lie down in it. Also, the polyester and Sunbrella fabrics offer ideal alternatives, and they are also as robust, durable and comfortable.

Cleaning is super easy, and it doesn’t take any complicated cleaners to get the job done. All it takes is warm water and mild soap, and you can remove any dirt or debris and get your hammock clean and ready for the next trip.

Storing it dry indoors in a cool dry place in the offseason with your other camping equipment will give the hammock even longer life.

Here’s a Tip.

  1. Keep the small assembly bolts in a small bag inside the carrying case so you don’t lose them.


  1. This hammock is easy to transport and use
  2. You can use it anywhere
  3. The space-saving stand is easy to assemble
  4. Having a stand is extremely convenient
  5. Compact storage and portability
  6. Built to last for years
  7. Purchase the wheels for simple maneuvering  


  1.  Weighing around 33 pounds would be about the only thing that may be a negative, however, the positives far outweigh that 


My Overall Opinion

Camping doesn’t get better than when you have the ideal hammock for an ultimate experience. But you don’t have to find those two perfect trees to enjoy the breeze, sleep off the ground or stare into the starry sky in style. This hammock combination has all it takes to give you the best outdoor experience.

And there’s one more thing to note, you can buy with confidence, as it also comes with a 12-month warranty. I love it and so will you, so go ahead and get yourself a Vivere Hammock and stand then get outdoors and enjoy the best that nature has to offer.

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If you have any more questions about the Vivere Double Hammock With Stand, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.

Thanks, Shane.


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  1. Oh my, the main illustration on your website reeled me right in!

    Who wouldn’t want to be relaxing in a hammock with a white sandy beach and ocean in the background?

    The Vivere Double Hammock With Stand looks amazing.

    The 9 foot stand looks durable but also so easy to set up. What a great addition to your camping gear.

    And the carry case makes it so convenient too.

    Thanks so much for this useful information.

    • Hi Phil, Thanks for your comments you are right this is an amazing hammock and well worth owning it.


  2. Hello Shane,

    I have a very large garden in my house that would be nice to have your double hammock with stand. 

    I really like the cotton fabric is easy to clean. 

    I do not need to hang it from the trees and I can use it with my wife. 

    The materials are of very good quality. I will consult with her before making the purchase. 

    Soon you will hear from me, thank you very much! Claudio

    • Hi Claudio, How lucky you would be to have this wonderful hammock and stand in your lovely garden, that would be very relaxing particularly with your wife, I know you would both enjoy it very much. I look forward to hearing from you again Claudio.

      Thanks Shane.

  3. Hi Shane – thanks for sharing this useful product review. This hammock looks so comfortable and seems to come with everything you could possibly need. Its ideal for keeping in my campervan, ready to assemble the minute the sun comes out. I like the fact that its easy to clean as no doubt my grandson will be diving into it with his sticky fingers! All the best, Diane  

    • Hi Diane, the hammock and stand would easily fit into the equipment box on your campervan, and be ready for you whenever and wherever you may like to relax under a shady tree. Half the fun is watching the youngsters play on it in the backyard when the grandchildren visit, but they don’t take much interest in the cleaning do they lol

      Great comment thank you Shane.

  4. Excellent thing, with this review there is no need for further search. It works as an excellent option because we do not have to tie the trees or whatever. This is one of the first things that will be on the list for the garden. Great review !

    Best regards,

    MMA Store-Warrior Spirit

    • Hi MMA, glad you liked my review, yes this is a great product and anyone considering a hammock and stand for themselves will not find better. All the best, thanks, Shane.

  5. Dear Shane,

    Thanks a lot for the very thorough and comprehensive review post. I really enjoyed how easy the review makes it for readers and no additional research required.

    As a team every Month with my church friends we go for Hiking and Camping. You have given me plenty to think about here. This review is so thorough it opened my eyes to all sorts of information I wasn’t aware of about hammock!

    I am going to share your review post with my friends and I strongly believe they are going to love it and we might end up buying this hammock.

    Wishing you Great Success!


    • Hi Paul, I am glad you enjoyed this post if you’re looking to buy a hammock with a stand you will go a long way to find a better one I think. I appreciate you sharing my article with your church friends thank you. 

      All the best and happy new year, Shane.


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