Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler Duffel

This Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler Duffel will make easy work of carrying and organizing your camping gear and personal clothing when you’re on the road. 

And without the right gear for this function, you could have a hard time putting everything together, or even protecting the more delicate ones from the elements.

That’s where these duffels come to the rescue, but not just any duffel out there does the job, so you need to be very keen when buying.

Well, chances are, that’s why you ended up here, right? The good news is, you’ve landed on the right page. So read on to find out the good and bad about this duffel so you can make the best decision.


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Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler Duffel

The Key Features


Weight is the one thing that you want to cut as much as possible when setting out on an adventure, for a good reason.

Keeping in mind that you need to cover a substantial distance on foot (unless you are car camping) it’s essential to travel as light and fast as possible.

And this duffel is designed to ensure you don’t have to haul any extra weight besides the luggage, which is why it’s so lightweight at only 1 pound and 12 ounces. It’s as lightweight as it can be.

Keeps your valuables safe

Safety for your items is very important, especially considering that your survival might depend on them while you’re out there, miles from civilization. So this comes across as one of the things you can’t take chances with.

That’s why this duffel comes with all-lockable exterior zippers, which allow you to keep everything safely inside, as well as ensuring they are well protected from the elements.

Easy to use

As much as you want to keep your items safe inside the duffel bag, this doesn’t mean you have to struggle to get your goodies out of it. And the same goes for the aspect of securing the duffel when packing up for the journey ahead.

That brings up the other thing we loved about this one, which is the reflective finger loops on this duffel’s zippers. These allow you to easily close or open the zippers even when you have gloves on, which can make your life that much easier.

Enjoy great flexibility

It’s important to have a duffel that delivers the performance you expect, but it’s also every bit as crucial to have a bit of flexibility. After all, who likes the idea of a rigid unit that is too difficult to handle?

That’s why this one is designed with such features as removable backpack straps, a side grabs handle, as well as padded top haul, handles, all of which come together to give you a great deal of flexibility on the go.

Now you can decide the most comfortable option to carry your luggage.

It’s spacious!

Just how much you can stuff inside your duffel counts, especially when you have a whole lot of stuff to bring along. As such, it must feature enough space for your items, speaking of convenience.

And that’s one of the things this duffel does best, thanks to its impressive 60L capacity, which is large enough to fit those handy items as well as personal effects. It’s designed for the trail.

Ideal water protection

The outdoors can be unpredictable, and a raging storm could hit on a moment’s notice. This is where you’ll be glad for having a duffel that can help keep your gear bone-dry in wet weather.

Thankfully, this one is built to offer as much protection from rain as possible, thanks to the 10 lockable zippers on it being water-resistant. Besides, it also has a storm flap that helps offer extra protection from the rain.

Easy storage

Spacious and reliable as it might get, your duffel still needs to be easy to handle, especially when it’s not in use and it’s time to store it away. So it makes sense to ensure you also get a unit that is compact enough to make this easy for you, too!

Now, that’s one more thing that makes this duffel a great pick, thanks to its compact design. You can easily roll it and stash in its front-end compartment.


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What Are the Benefits of This Product

It’s made of a tough and water repellent Bo-Tech armor lite fabric that also features reinforcement on crucial stress points, this duffel delivers impressive strength to weight ratio.

It also has up to 6 heavy-duty lash points that you can use to securely latch your luggage to the car roof and hit the road with confidence and peace of mind.

There are several pockets, including large gear pockets and handy zipped front pockets for ideal organization of your gear and easy access when need be.

It also fits very nicely into overhead bins despite the spacious design of this duffel, which is great when using it on a journey, as you can keep it handy.

The material this duffel is made of is also abrasion-resistant, which gives it the durability you need for a piece of gear so essential for carrying your items.

Its reflective finger loop pulls on the zippers are also a great addition as they make it easy to locate the zippers even at night, ensuring easy access to your items.

Measuring 26.5 inches by 10.25 inches by 13.5 inches, it is a compact bag, yet spacious enough to fit in more than enough supplies for a fair number of days out in the wild.

Then there’s a U-shaped lid, which is great when it comes to accessing your items stored in the main compartment; yet another big plus right there.

Also, the main compartment features a rectangular shape, which is very important for stacking different types of items in there and ensuring you can use every inch of space available.

This Eagle Creek has the most impressive collapsible design by far, as it folds into itself, forming a tidy little package that is easy to handle and store.

Although the zippers and seam sections on this bag aren’t waterproof, the material is, which makes it water-resistant, and capable of keeping your gear dry for some time in the rain.

Its shoulder straps also have sufficient padding, a big plus considering this is a large bag and can get quite hefty when fully stuffed.

Quick Specs

  1. Dimensions 26.5 inches by 10.25 inches by 13.5 inches
  2. Weighs 1 lb 12 oz
  3. Water repellent material
  4. Capacity 60L
  5. Tie-down daisy chains
  6.  Zippered compartments
  7. Finger-friendly zipper pulls loops
  8. Folds into itself
  9. Square/rectangle shape design
  10.  Bi-tech armor lite fabric material


  • Zippered pockets help ensure your gear stays safe
  • Sufficient options for carrying or securing it to the car roof
  • Up to 60L, capacity can fit a whole lot of stuff
  • It’s very lightweight at only 1 lb 12 oz.
  • Folds into itself nice and tidy for storage when not in use
  • The rectangular shape is great for stacking items inside


  • It’s a bit too big to carry as a backpack
  • It would be great if it came with built-in compression straps

Questions and Answers

Question: Does this bag have interior stash pockets?

Answer: Unfortunately, this bag doesn’t have stash pockets on the inside, which would be great for extra gear organization. However, it has a few exterior pockets that offer easy access to your items.

Question: Is there a hip/waist strap?

Answer: This bag lacks this essential feature, which would otherwise come in handy in helping keep the load stable on your back. That’s something else Eagle Creek will need to look into.

 Another very good duffel bag that has different features but will also perform extremely well and includes a waist strap is the Marmot Long Hauler Duffel Travel Bag

Here’s A Tip

One thing to keep in mind is that this bag is not waterproof, hence it can only hold up in rain for so long. Therefore, if you are heading out to an area with wet weather or during the rainy season, it’s wise to find a way to keep your items dry.

This bag doesn’t come with a sternum strap, which means the whole thing could get a bit wobbly on your back. But there’s a quick for this, just pick up one ¾ nylon-webbing strap, which you can find on Amazon at a very cheap price, but could make a world of difference.


It’s solid, spacious, durable, what’s more, the shiny black color looks great. And for the logo, well, you have to get up close to see it, which gives the bag an overall classy look.

If you are on the search for a duffle that you can use for a weekender type of trip, a journey, a camping or hiking adventure, this could just be the duffle you’ve been looking for.

Check The Price On Amazon

If you have any more questions about the Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler Duffel, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below. 

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Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.


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