Energizer LED Camping Lantern Review

Fun as it might be, camping can get risky when you have to take on the trail after dark, but a source of light like this Energizer LED Camping Lantern could be all you need.

With the unbeaten path strewn with hazards, lighting gear proves handy when taking to the adventure early in the morning or late into the night. Besides, when you have to set camp at dusk, you need to see what you are doing.

So it makes sense to have a unit that delivers enough light to make life easy for you when out there and help you stay safe. If that’s what you are looking for, then keep reading to find out whether this camping lantern is worth taking along on your trip.

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Energizer LED Battery Powered LED Lantern

The Key Features

 Super bright performance

Having a means of lighting up the path or the inside of your tent is the major reason why you should invest in an item like this, and as such, it needs to be powerful enough to give you the brightness you need.

This why the unit is fitted with super bright bulbs that can pump out up to 500 lumens of light in the high setting, giving you bright and brilliant visibility of your surroundings. With this much light, you can take on almost any trail without any risks of falling into crevices.

Different brightness settings

Another important factor that you can’t overlook when deciding the perfect outdoor lighting gear for you is whether you will have the ability to set the desired brightness for different activities. Let’s face it, the brightness you need when on the pass is different from the one you need for reading a book or lighting up the inside your tent.

With this need in mind, Energizer built this item with up to 3 brightness modes to choose from. These include the high, a low setting as well as a night light. This allows you to achieve the desired light setting with the switch of a button, easily.

Impressive run time

As robust as your camping light might get, if the run time isn’t long enough, you might be facing a great disappointment if you end up in the dark at the worst moment possible. Thus, it makes sense to be keen on the run time as well before zeroing in on any particular lantern.

This proves to be the other thing that this unit doesn’t disappoint at, thanks to its robust batteries and energy efficiency, a combination that gives it a long run time at a whopping 650 hours in low mode. you can use it for hours on end and never have to contend with the battery dying in the middle of the night.

Get all-around illumination

While you might need a single beam light when on the road at night, things are a bit different once you finally settle inside your tent for the night. In this case, a unit that can deliver an all-around illumination is what you need.

And this light does just that with its awesome 360-degree beam that ensures convenient illumination of your entire tent from just this single lantern. Just hang it up on the tent roof, and you can settle for the night in an ambient light that makes you feel at home.

Very rugged construction

Performance can be one thing, but durability is quite a different story altogether. And although a high-performance light might sound more appealing, if it can’t last you through a season of camping, it’s still isn’t worth the money.

Understanding that the manufacturers of this lantern tossed in a bit of everything, making it both robust and still rugged enough to last you for years. The tough shell of this light makes it tough enough for use in the outdoors, allowing it to withstand being dropped or banged around without cracking or shattering.


Weather can be quite unpredictable in the outdoors, usually changing at a moment’s notice. So you should be ready for anything, and what better way to be ready than with a lantern that can withstand rain?

That’s exactly what this unit does, thanks to its water-resistant construction, which makes it perfect for use in wet conditions. you should use it worry-free even when it’s raining out there, which is a great advantage since this is the time it’s going to be pitch dark.

Super lightweight

Of course, weight is the other bit that you just can’t overlook when checking the boxes for your ideal outdoor gear. And whether you are on camping, backpacking, hiking, fishing, or any other trip, a lightweight item always makes the adventure easy and fun.

Weighing in at only 14.72 ounces, this flashlight is not only sturdy and durable, but it also proves to be super lightweight, which means an easy time on the road. You will be grateful for having a source of light without having any significant extra weight in your backpack.

Energizer LED Battery Powered LED Lantern

What Are The Benefits Of This Product

An easy-to-use glow-in-the-dark button makes selecting the desired brightness a breeze, which is a great addition to the flashlight’s overall ease of use.

Works with robust 3 Energizer batteries, but you can also use standard MAX D batteries if you want the ultimate power.

But for lower power, 3 Energizer MAX AA batteries should suffice, with this flexibility coming in handy for when you have to use your lantern in a pinch.

All-weather performance means you can carry your lantern to virtually any outdoor adventure, at any time of the year, without any concerns about performance.

Measuring a meager 6.26 inches by 4.09 inches by 11.12 inches, it is compact enough to pack away in the tightest spots available in your backpack.

The lightweight design further adds to the ease of portability of your camping lantern, allowing you to carry it along to virtually any excursions on your list.

A strong inbuilt handle allows you to enjoy a hands-free 360-degree illumination by hanging your lantern on your tent roof or a tree branch.

It also boasts a strong and stable base, which can be very handy if you would rather put your lantern on the table or the ground when working on your campsite.

The glow-in-the-dark button makes powering on your flashlight easy even when in the dark; you don’t have a lot of fondling and guesswork to contend with.

The battery-compartment opens by unscrewing at the bottom, which keeps the batteries safe, as it is difficult to come undone accidentally when in transit.

Quick Specs

  1. Weight: 17.72 ounces
  2. Product dimensions: 6.26” X 4.09” X 11.1”2
  3. Lumens: 500
  4. Run time: 650 hours
  5. Battery type: AA
  6. Number of batteries: 3
  7. Brightness modes: 3
  8. Switch type: Button
  9. Illumination range: 360-degrees
  10. Bulb Type: LED
  11. Mounting features: Handle and strong base
Energiser Battery Lantern light


  • Very bright yet has a long run time
  • Robust and readily available batteries
  • Up to 3 different light modes
  • Easy to use the button for brightness setting and turning it on/off
  • An impressive 360-degree beam for all-around illumination
  • Sturdy handle and base


  • The instructions for putting the batteries are not clear enough
  • It would be awesome if the item came with the batteries included
  • You have to click the single button multiple times to set the desired brightness

Questions And Answers

Question: How many buttons does this lantern have?

Answer: There’s only one button, it’s the one you use to turn the unit on and off and toggle through the different brightness settings. It would be awesome with separate buttons for these functions, but the glow-in-the-dark design makes up for that since the button is super easy to locate when you need to turn on the unit.

 Question: Are the batteries included in the package?

Answer: Unfortunately, the batteries that this item works with don’t come included in the purchase. So make a point to order those separately or pick some up from a store selling them near you. 

Here Is A Tip Or Two

  • When buying batteries for your lantern, make sure to order the exact type that the item is designed to work with to avoid any inconveniences when fitting them in or any compromise on the performance.
  • Also, make sure to fit one particular set of your batteries in this lantern. Either put the AA batteries or the Energizer batteries at a go, don’t mix them up. 


If you don’t take chances with the darkness when outdoors after sunset, then you probably have a source of light in your outdoor arsenal. But with its robust performance and lasting run time, this Energizer LED Camping Lantern wins itself a spot among almost any camper’s collection.

What’s more, the awesome lightweight design is perfect for effortless transportation, and with the easily adjustable brightness modes, you can always enjoy using this item.

I would highly recommend it if you are on the hunt for a reliable outdoor light that you can use both around the campsite as well as inside the tent. 

If you have any more questions about the Energizer LED Camping Lantern, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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