Engel Cooler 35 Quart Review

This is the Engel Cooler 35 Quart Review and inside you will find information that will guide to a happy and cool ending.

So before setting out on a fishing, hunting, or camping adventure, you should check to ensure you have the most crucial gear onboard.  And a cooler is one of the things you can’t afford to leave at home.

After all, what beats the convenience that comes with the preservation of your important food and drinks? If you have had enough of the cheap, unreliable coolers read on.

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The Key Features

Remarkable ice retention

One of the things you can get out of this cooler includes long ice retention, lasting up to ten days. And true to its word, it outlasts most of the competition when it comes to keeping ice solid cold.

There are a number of features working in parallel to make this happen.

Firstly there is an amazing airtight ArcticVault gasket design that proves to be very efficient. But there’s more, it also features up to 2 inches of polyurethane insulation.

Running from end to end and fully surrounding the cooler, this feature also helps ensure your stuff stays in the best condition possible.

Roto-molded construction

Ice retention is one thing, but construction can be even more essential when it comes to coolers. And, sure enough, this one is built to serve you in the long haul.

The rotationally molded construction holds true to its potential for durability. This design is much like the one used in top-notch whitewater kayaks.


So you can be sure this cooler can take a lot of abuse over the seasons and keep going strong.  From rough waters to relentless shaking on outback roads, it features hard-sided solid construction that can withstand everything the outdoors have to throw its way.

Easy and  efficient draining systems

The draining capacity of any cooler is worth putting into serious consideration beforehand, you’ll need it. With an ideal draining system, you can drain any water in the unit easy and fast.

However, it’s crucial to ensure that your cooler doesn’t drain at any time. You might end up with a messy situation, especially in your car.

Thankfully, this one’s Flick Drain Plug works extremely well to offer you ultimate control over when and where to drain your unit. This also comes in handy if you’re inside your family tent, you don’t want a flood of cooler water all over.

Strong, versatile lid

Another thing that sets this cooler apart is the lid. Made of a grippy TruHold design, it is strong enough to keep your stuff inside cool and safe.

But it does more than just securing your catch and drinks. You can as well use it as your casting deck when fly-fishing.

Standing upon the cooler when you need a casting platform is just another terrific benefit that helps in putting this cooler up there with the best available.

The hinges

Holding your unit’s lid whenever you want to fish out anything from it can be a serious deal-breaker. But not with this one. Built for efficiency, the AnvilHinge holds the cooler’s lid upright when you open the unit, freeing up both your hands.

A reliable latch system

The latches could mean all the difference, especially if you are heading to a place with wild animals. That’s why this unit features a sturdy Unity Latch System made of stainless steel material.   

These work wonders along with the DuoLock Security Holes, which offer a great addition to the security of anything you have inside your cooler.

Stable feet

Keeping your cooler stable during transportation and use is always crucial. However, this can be a hard nut to crack when fishing in rough seas or driving along bumpy back roads.

And this usually boils down to the feet in the unit. The non-marking feet are not only stable on just about any surface, but they are also very sturdy and durable. These are great for use on your boat, truck, ATV, in your car or any other place.


With all these features on board, you could expect this cooler to come at an insane price. At under $200, I believe this is a good value cooler.

However, when you factor in what it offers, I’m sure you will find out that it is fairly priced compared to most units in its tier. With the high performance and durability, it would be safe to say this cooler offers more than just a  bargain.

What Are The Benefits We Found In These Features?

Keeping ice for up to 10 days, this cooler is just the right pick for anyone going for an extended trip.

With its outstanding design, it can keep your supplies preserved throughout your trip despite the weather.

It is also very spacious, which makes it great for bringing along more than enough goodies for your entire trip. Along with the ice, it can also fit in several bottles and a few snacks or your catch.

Its marine-grade compression latch and a UV-resistant design keep your cold stuff inside and the heat out. This not only enables the ice to last longer.

It also comes in handy in keeping everything in your unit cooled off even when placed under the scorching sun.

Since this unit is dry ice compatible, you can count on it for a high-performance.

While not most units out there work flawlessly with dry ice, this one works perfectly to offer you an outstanding performance.

A bear-resistant construction makes this unit the go-to option for anyone who is heading to a bear country or an area with other wild animals.

Bears can easily breach the security systems of most cheap coolers. But with this one, you don’t have to worry about coming back to find your drinks and the hard-earned catch messed up.

With molded handles and a rope, carrying your cooler around becomes a quite simple and straightforward task. This proves crucial especially when it is full, which can be very challenging to carry.

Here’s A Tip

  • If you want to bring along a few bites for lunch, then make sure to get a wire basket. This helps keep your stuff organized and easy to retrieve and separate from any frozen food you may have in.


  1. It can keep ice up to over a week.
  2. Heavy-duty roto-mold construction to withstand the unforgiving outdoors.
  3.  The bear-resistant design ensures a reliable safety of your stuff.
  4.  Its silicon gasket lasts long, and without losing its shape.
  5.  The drain plug is very tight for efficiency.


At 25 pounds, it can be quite hefty to move around when full.



So on your next trip into the wilderness, the problem of how to keep your supplies cold and preserved has been solved.

The ENG 35 is an excellent cooler with good performance values and long ice retention that puts it among the best small to medium coolers in the marketplace. 

Engel is a well-known name which has been around for many years and after using this cooler, I can say its as good as they get.

Definitely well worth the initial out of pocket costs for a product that has a long warranty and what will become a long term friend. 

Check The Price On Amazon

Looking for Comparisons, Check Out My List Of Best Coolers for Camping Here.

If you have any more questions about the Engel Cooler 35 Quart, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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16 thoughts on “Engel Cooler 35 Quart Review”

  1. I was going to ask about the weight I kept looking for the weight and finally seen the weight of the cooler at the cons lol 2″  all around I knew the weight was going to be up there. A question does it have optional accessories like the wire basket mentioned or do you need to find one that fits? This also would be perfect for my home during the winter when the electricity goes out and unfortunate living in the country goes out when it just starts to sprinkle using 2 igloo ice chest and the ice always melting needing to drive to town every other day is just not cool. Thanks for the review and will be checking in with the other half to make this purchase.

    • Hi Jason, they are certainly not lightweight however that’s the idea and the reason for the long term ice retention. They also have a very long life so good value as I see it. 

      Thanks for your comment please return and let me know if you purchase one Shane

  2. Thank you so much for this post, it actually came to me at the right time. I are planning for a retreat program that will be coming up next month and the program will last for four days. I have always thought of how to keep my drinks and bottle water cools throughout the program.

    Though I have a portable cooler that I normally use anytime I am going on a picnic, but it can not retain ice for more than 48 hours. I am going to purchase EGN 35, for the program. Thank a lot. 

    • Hi There, engelis a well known brand worldwide and will not let you down, please let me know how the cooler performs for you Thanks shane. 

  3. Wow, this is really great. It is one thing to get prepared for camping or any other function and it is another thing to be able to preserve the food you take along, the features of this cooler has proven way beyond my expectations that am amazed by its features. The pros and cons are very much good even to deal with. Thanks for this insightful review. Good job. 

  4. Your review has set me thinking of considering a cooler which is something I had not though about before as I like camping and most of the time we get thirsty and have to go a few miles to get some cold stuff. The fact that it has a remarkable ice retention is a must for camping.

    • Hi Rutz, yes it will certainly keep your food and drinks chilled, and work well when camping cheers Shane

  5. At first when i saw the image of this cooler i was like Wow! This is so big ! (smiles). The 2 inches of polyurethane insulation that it contains is phenomenal, most coolers over here that we mostly use have a maximum of about 1 inch thickness.and off course the the Engel ENG35 will definitely have a great ice retention has you have made mention in your post. What better cooler can one have that will keep ice for up to ten days. If the price is less than $200  has you have said i think it is very very worth it. Thanks so much for this informative post. Hope to get more from you subsequently. 

  6. Hi Shane,

    As I live in Sydney I am always looking for a good cooler. This one seems like a good option considering the ice lasts this long. The weight might be a bummer though cause we are usually bunch of girls. Probably checking it out personally is necessary because of that. Anyways thank you for the tip!

  7. Hi, Shane

    Thank you very much for sharing with us such an important blog. If I did not read this blog I can not know the details about the Engel Cooler 35. This blog will be very helpful who want to get a perfect cooler for all seasons. The most important thing I learn from here is I can use it all year round, I will definitely share this blog with my friends.

  8. This looks like a pretty good cooler. I could have used this on my last camping trip. I had to purchase ice pretty much every day and when you are out camping the last thing you want to do is to go into town just for a bag of ice. I like review, it might be pretty heavy, looking at the cons, but then again if you are intending on camping for a while you might not move it around to much. Thank you for a great review, before this I didn´t know there was coolers that could keep your ice for that long.


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