etekcity collapsible lantern review – Lighting For Your Tent

The Etekcity Collapsible Lantern will provide your tent with bright lighting when the night comes or when it’s dark around the camp. All lanterns come with different features so be sure to check out these.

The Etekcity Camping Lantern is a battery powered LED lighting with a compact and lightweight design most suitable for outdoor use. Using collapsible brightness control,  it’s super easy to use where you only need to stretch and collapse it to set your desired brightness level.

With long-lasting operation and durability, it’s a great product, so read on to learn more about this camping lantern and see if this is something you would want to bring on your next outdoor adventure.

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Etekcity Camping Lantern

Key Features

Lightweight and Compact

At 9.14 oz, this camping lantern is very light and easy to carry. The weight is ideal if you’re planning to carry lightweight gear on your camping trip.

The compact design of this camping lantern saves you space and makes it very portable. Its collapsible form further shrinks its length to only about 5 inches, which can nicely fit inside your duffel bag.

Since it’s not heavy, it’s an essential tool you can bring to the camp that will be very useful if you will spend the night there or when you’re in dark conditions and you need reliable lighting.

Ultra Bright LEDs

This camping lantern is composed of 30 bright LEDs that has 360 degrees coverage. It’s constructed in the form of a triangle where each side has 10 LED bulbs and combines for a maximum 60 lumens output.

It gives off an ultrabright white light that you can use to illuminate your surroundings while inside the tent or when you need to move around it. The lighting it provides can give you a clear view of your camp when the night comes or when it’s dark outside.

Having a dependable lighting in your camping is so important which is why you need a camping lantern like this in your camping gear.

Collapsible Brightness Control 

The lantern has no buttons or switches but instead uses a collapsible brightness control design to turn it on and off and adjusting its brightness. This makes it super easy to use.

To use it, simply expand its body and as you do, the brightness increases until the top is fully stretched. Just set your desired brightness level by gradually collapsing the lantern or turn it off by completely collapsing it to original position.

This is a simple but brilliant design which makes this lantern very user-friendly. This gives the you the ability to easily adjust the brightness of your lighting based on your needs or situation.

Long-lasting Light

The LEDs used in this lantern is very efficient so you can use it for a long time. This lantern uses three AA batteries pre-installed at the bottom part of the lantern.

They have less power consumption and can continuously operate for about 30 hours on regular use. You can have bright lighting for days with this camping lantern.

When the batteries of the lantern run low, the brightness automatically adjusts to energy-saving mode to extend its operation. Its long-lasting light makes your life easier while you’re outdoors.

Foldaway Handles For Carrying or Hanging

With the foldaway handles, lighting up your camp with this lantern is more convenient. You can use the handles to hang it above your tent or in a tree and the like.

When you need to do some walking at night, you can also easily carry your lantern through the handles. The handles are very useful as you install and secure your lantern in its place.

The foldaway handles facilitates convenient transport and mobility while you’re using the lantern. With it, setting up your lantern is so much easier and faster.

Made With Durable Materials

This camping lantern is made for the outdoors. Hence, it is made durable and weather resistant. Its body uses military grade ABS material for long time durability. It’s also FCC certified and RoHS compliant.

The lantern is also made resistant to drops, impacts, and water. It doesn’t easily gets damage and can last long with proper care and use. 

This military grade build makes the lantern a well-built product that you can use in your campings and other outdoor journeys.

Has a Small Storage Space

Located on its screw-on top compartment is a small space that you can use to keep small items like some change, keys, and others. It’s very handy to have even a small storage space like this so you don’t lose those tiny items and keep them secured while you’re outdoors.

This little compartment is an instant storage space if you need one. It’s a nice additional feature that can be very useful if you have small items with you and you need a place to keep them temporarily.

Wide Range of Uses

While this lantern is built for outdoor activities, it can be used in many other ways. Illuminating the inside of your family tent is a breeze with one or two of these lanterns.

For emergencies and power outages, it can serve as your temporary lighting. For home and roadside repairs, it can also provide the lighting you need.

Anytime you need a bright lighting while walking, searching, reading, or doing other similar tasks, a lantern like this can tremendously help you do them with ease. 

What are the Benefits

You can conveniently carry this portable and compact camping lantern since it’s very light  and packs really small inside your bag so its perfect for your outdoor adventures.

The bright white light that the lantern gives adequately illuminates your surroundings to help you perform your tasks better and easier at night or during dark conditions.

You can easily adjust the level of brightness that comes from your lantern using the collapsible brightness control design of the lantern that’s very quick and easy to do.

You can be sure to get long lasting lighting from the energy efficient LEDs being used by this lantern which automatically dims when it’s running low on battery to further extend its operation.

Easily set your lighting inside the tent using the foldaway handles of the lantern which also makes carrying it very convenient.

The military grade materials used in the lantern makes it durable and weather resistant and can withstand drops, impacts, and water for long term use.

The small storage space at the top of the lantern can serve as temporary storage area of small items so they can be safe and secured while you’re outdoors.

The lantern can also be used in so many ways other than as a camping lantern and can be very useful in case you need temporary lighting during emengencies, power outages, and repairs.  

Quick Specs

  1. Brand: Etekcity
  2. Dimensions (Fully Collapsed and Handles on the Side): 4.9 X 3.5 inches
  3. Dimensions (Fully Stretched and Handles on the Side): 7.3 X 3.5 inches
  4. Dimensions (Fully Stretched and Extended Handles): 10 X 3.5 inches
  5. Item Weight: 9.14 oz.
  6. Batteries: AA 1. 5 V batteries * 3
  7. Light Source: 30 LEDs
  8. Color: Black
  9. Material: ABS


  • Suitable For Different Situations
  • Compact and Easy To Carry
  • No Buttons or Switches
  • Weather Resistant
  • Energy Efficient


  •  Battery Operated Only

Questions and Answers

Question: What is its maximum light output in lumens? 

Answer: It has 60 lumens maximum light output.

Question: How long can the batteries last on the brightest light setting? 

Answer: It should last for at least 12 hrs.

Question: How do you start using it for the first time?

Answer: The battery compartment can be opened with a screw-on cap at the bottom of the lantern. It has an insulating plastic tab that you need to remove to activate the lantern. 

Here’s A Tip Or Two

  • To avoid leaving it on and consume the batteries fast, you might want to remove the batteries or prevent the lantern from opening accidentally by keeping it secured with a rubber band, etc. 
  • To further increase the battery life of the lantern, use the max brightness only if needed.


The Etekcity Camping Lantern can provide you with bright and long-lasting lighting for nights and dark conditions in the camp. The ultrabright LEDs of this lantern constructed in a military grade material makes it very suitable outdoors.

The very simple and easy collapsible brightness adjustment that it has quickly sets the lantern to your preferred brightness level and the foldaway handles can be used for conveniently hanging and carrying it.

If you want a lantern that’s perfect for your camping needs and a whole lot more other practical applications, it’s the best one you can consider.

Having this lantern makes you prepared and ready in case you need bright and dependable lighting whether indoors or outdoors. I love this lighting system and I think you will too.

If you have any more questions about the Etekcity Collapsible Lantern, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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