Eureka Apex 2XT Review

Called the Eureka Apex 2XT Review, this article is a must-read for anyone looking for a lightweight 2 person tent.

What makes tents so necessary is the vital part they play at keeping you dry, warm, and comfortable. But one thing you need to keep in mind is that not every tent out there is ideal for the rough outdoors. 

So when looking for that ideal tent, make sure to check for one with everything, easy to transport, built for outdoor use and likely to last long enough.

That’s where this tent comes into play, thanks to its outstanding design and construction this Eureka Apex 2XT is certainly worth a closer look if you are out to get the ideal two-person tent for a camping trip.

By the end of this article, you will have a good understanding of this product and will know if this is the tent you seek in order to accomplish your desired outdoor adventures in safety and comfort.


The Key features

Awesome weather protection

If there’s one thing you need protection from when out there, it has to be the weather, since being exposed to the elements while camping or outdoors not only comes with a considerable level of discomfort, it could actually be fatal in extreme circumstances.

So it takes a tent with the ideal construction, such as the double-coated StormShield polyester fly and a bathtub floor design in this tent to keep you warm and dry.

You will never have to worry about rainwater making its way into your Eureka Apex 2XT and soaking your camping gear. The bathtub floor extends up the walls to stop splashing or water on the ground from entering.

Enough ventilation

Besides ensuring enough protection from the elements, a tent should also feature a design that enables enough airflow in and out. After all, nothing beats that fresh breath after a long hike in the heat of the day.

Vents in the top fly cover allow the movement of fresh air through the tent, and thanks to the no-see-um mesh that is used on making the entire side of the walls also offer good ventilation.

This enables you to enjoy fresh air without having to sleep in the cold but has the design and the materials used in its construction to give you a comfortable and secure shelter.

Roomy inside

One of the factors that every avid outdoor person knows best not to miss is the space of any tent. If it’s too small, you might not have enough room for yourself and your camping gear, and the last thing anyone wants is to leave some of their important stuff out at night.

As a 2-person tent, this one lives up to its name with more than sufficient room to accommodate two people without having to trade off on your comfort.

The floor measures an impressive 7 ft 5 inches by 4 ft 11 inches, giving you an exciting space of up to 36.5 square foot in area and with an interior height of up to 43.5 inches, this tent proves to be quite spacious.

Sufficient storage spaces

While still at it, keep in mind that some tents have more than just the floor space to offer when it comes to matters of space, and this Eureka Apex 2XT is a perfect example.

Besides the roomy interior, it also packs a good number of storage options, you can’t afford to miss the added internal pockets in this tent, which further add to the amount of storage space that you might need at any time.

Moreover, such as full vestibules located on either side of the tent. With a space of up to 6.7 square feet each, they offer an awesome space for keeping some of your camping gear organized and well out of the way, and to safely hold your small personal items close at hand.

Great to use in different seasons

Sometimes differences in seasons could be all it takes to determine when and where to go, unless of course, if you have the right tent to take along then you can adventure out at any time.

Eureka sees that with the design they have incorporated in this tent making it ideal in different three seasons and giving you a reason to be out there at different times of the year.

Well, it all comes down to the robust and durable elements of this tent, which makes it great for withstanding the rigors of the outdoors.

If the season is not too extreme or if the weather forecast is reasonable then there is no reason you can’t use it as a 4 season tent, besides not everywhere has extreme snow and ice conditions just because of winter.

A great comparison tent to check out and one that I have done an in-depth review on is the Naturehike Cloud

Eureka Apex 2XT Review - yellow 2xt tent

What Are The Benefits Of Owning The Eureka Apex 2P Tent

As a freestanding tent, one thing you can be sure of is that this one is going to be a piece of cake to pitch up. Along with the clip and sleeve design, and including only two poles, the setup is both simple and super fast.

Built for the long haul, this tent has what it takes to last for many years despite the abuse it’s likely to get from the outdoors, construction includes its tough 75D Nylon material on the fly and its floor.

Quality built poles are also made of a strong but lightweight fiberglass material that is not only sturdy but also very durable.

Entry and exit in and out of this tent is yet another thing that should come as an afterthought, as it has just the right doors to give you the easiest access possible with no hassle.

Not only do the doors make access super easy, but they also feature a drop design that makes opening and closing them easy.

Weighing only 5lb and 6oz, this tent is truly designed for on the go use. If you want to go light and fast, then this tent gives you every reason to enjoy your walk through the trails without much weight to worry about along the way.

Keep your personal effects such as phone, watch, headlamp or other small stuff on the mesh interior pockets out of harm’s way yet still close and convenient.

The room on the vestibules could be handy for storing your boots and other gear; you have all the space you would ever need to keep your tent well organized.

If you are the kind of person who likes to buy with confidence, then Eureka has taken care of that too with a 1-year warranty, so now you can buy knowing that they have got your back in case you don’t like it.

Besides all the extensive features that this tent comes the manufacturer also stands behind its quality, as the materials used are good quality and will perform very well indeed.


  1. Well ventilated to keep you enjoying fresh breath.
  2. A mesh top enables you to enjoy the beautiful sight of the clear night sky.
  3. Large doors enable easy access into and out of the tent.
  4. Lightweight enough so you can take it almost anywhere you are going.
  5. Easy to set up and takedown.


  1. The only problem with this tent is that it doesn’t have sealed seams.



Thinking of planning a camping trip? Then a tent or shelter is a must-have. If you don’t already own one this is one of the things you have to think about when making preparations.

It’s a worthy must have that will ensure you can stay warm and dry outdoors in most weather conditions.

So when setting out to get your 2 person tent of choice, the Eureka Apex 2XT is definitely one to go for, it’s a tent you’ll definitely love.

Go ahead and check it out, you will love the lightweight design, the robust construction, and the fact that you can use it for up to 3 seasons.

What better way to enjoy the weekend on a getaway or holiday than with a tent that can accommodate the two of you in comfort and safety.

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If you have any more questions about the Eureka Apex 2XT Review, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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