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Relax and sleep well with space and breezes in the Eureka Copper Canyon 4-person tent. This is a spacious, feature-rich and built to take on the wild, camping tent offering more than just accommodation.

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A shelter is the first priority in outdoor survival they offer protection from the elements, they also give you safety and a feeling of security out in the woods.

Large, comfortable, lightweight and durable, this tent offers a luxurious experience and the convenience you need on the go. And these are not the only exciting things about it,

Read on to discover what this tent is all about, and why it might be just the right pick for you your family, for your outdoor enjoyment.


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Eureka Copper Canyon 4-person tent.

The Key Features

Poles and Frame

If there’s one thing you are sure to love about this tent, it’s how sturdy it can be when pitched. And it all comes down to its array of robust poles.

hese are a combination of steel and fiberglass, the vertical ones are made of steel, and very thick at around 19.5mm, making them very strong then there are the ones for the roof, which are fiberglass.

with a thickness of about 12.7 mm, they are impressive too, although you need to handle them with a bit of care when using them as these are not as strong as the steel poles.


No one wants to wake up to a steaming inside of a tent. Fortunately, with this tent, you don’t have to suffocate inside, thanks to its design.

One of the features you can count on is the mesh ceiling, which keeps cool air flowing in, and also double as a terrific viewing window to the stars at night. Also.

It features windows on each side, which again offer both visibility of the area around your campsite as well as ventilation. However, remember to close the wind panels if it’s raining to keep the rainwater out.


The fly on this tent is not as extensive as you might find on a few other tents out there, but this design has its importance too. It helps protect the mesh roof from the rain.

But the main reason it is minimalistic is to prevent it from obstructing your view through the windows. This helps to offer a much-needed balance between keeping the tent-covered and giving you a glimpse of the wonderful outside.


Another thing that makes this tent a great option if you are expecting a downpour at your campsite is its impressive ability to keep you dry.

Thanks to its PU coating and sealed floor and fly, it offers an outstanding waterproof ability with the joins nicely sealed to keep out the rain we can always expect from time to time.

Another special addition to help keep the water at bay is the bathtub floor design, this tent can keep splash and pooling water from getting inside, so you stay dry.

Verticle Design

The walls build at almost a verticle angle produces a space where very little is wasted, the bed or mattress can be positioned right against the wall making more available space. The height of the inside at 7 feet allows even the taller person the comfort of standing erect while inside.

The Door

Another important aspect to look out for in any tent is the ease of access in and out of it. Thankfully, this has that need covered, thanks to its D-shaped door style.

The door is also large enough so you don’t need to squeeze to get through, which makes access in and out of the tent even easier.

Electricity Access

This design incorporates an excellent little feature that makes life much easier and that is the addition of an e port in the tent to allow you to pass and electricity cable through and into the tent.

This enables the use of electrical appliances without having to leave the door ajar. This is a small consideration but one of those things that just stand out.

 Eureka Copper Canyon 4-person tent

What Are The Benefits You Can Expect From This Product?

An easy assembly is something we all take into consideration when purchasing a camping or outdoor product, who wants to waste time and stress out trying to put something together before the adventure even starts.

It goes together with little fuss and the design of the Eruka makes this tent worth a good hard look. This tent can be up in just a few minutes saving you time.

Sensible components in its design such as pole sleeves, ring and, pins, as well as clips, go a long way when it comes to assembling this tent, as does the color-coding.

Pole sleeves are great for making a tent sturdier as they distribute stress across the pole rather than having it concentrated on a single spot. This takes the stress out of fiddling around trying to get things to fit.

The ring and pin system is among the most widely used thanks to its ease of use. You will need these two to secure your tent fly together with the rest of the tent. In essence, the rings attach to the loops on top of the tent when pitching it. This makes setting up your tent easier and faster. Once again its simplistic nature makes this a pleasure to setup

An electricity port in the tent is just one of those small add-ons that make it convenient simply run the cord through the port to allow mains power inside the tent without anything crawling through an open doorway. 

The gear loft is the other remarkable thing about this tent. You can attach it on the roof, which allows for easy storage of small items that you want to keep out of the way.

You can also make the most out of its high-stash pockets. Located on the walls, these also add to the amount of storage space available, which you will find to be very handy as well.

The roomy interior is yet another great benefit. With an 8×8-floor space and a center height of up to 7 feet high this tent can accommodate up to four people probably 2 Adults and 2 littlies in comfort.

The cabin style straight walls also ensure a large living space, and also you can place your cots close to the walls.

A hook on the roof of the tent is all you need to hang your lantern. This can be a great addition to help you keep the tent well lit at night. Just hang your lamp up there and go on with your business. It never gets in the way.

The guy out pockets proves crucial for storing your guy lines when you are no longer using them. This helps make sure you don’t misplace them, as you will definitely need them again.

Here Is A Tip Or Two

  • To set up the tent with ease, start by laying it out, then stake its four corners. Next, add the roof poles and then the rain-fly and raise the corners before staking down the guy lines.
  • Make sure to pitch the tent from the windward corner.
  • Remember to let your tent dry in the sun before packing it up after use.
  • Stake the corners for added strength 


  1. It is very tall, standing at 7 feet high.
  2. The four windows, one on each side, are large enough to allow sufficient air and light.
  3. It offers impressive ventilation.
  4. The setup is a snap.
  5. Packs small enough for easy transportation and storage.


  1. Four full-grown adults would find it too small.



Before you hit the road and head out to your next weekend excursion, you need to make sure you have a tent you can rely on. The Eureka Copper Canyon is a cabin-style tent and maybe one of the best options you can lay your hands on.

It has what it takes to offer you outstanding luxurious comfort and reliability and it is built to give you nothing short of ultimate protection from the elements. This tent is definitely worth every penny, and it is sure to last you through many seasons.

Factor in the easy portability and you have a tent worth checking out. Don’t take it for our word, go ahead try it out for yourself, you’ll be glad you did.

For a comparison click here for the

If you have any more questions about the Eureka Copper Canyon 4-Person Tent, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.

Thanks, Shane.

8 thoughts on “Eureka Copper Canyon 4-Person Tent Review – Simply Good for Life”

  1. This outdoor product Eureka Copper Canyon is kind of an interesting tent. Its features are very helpful and useful for camping out. I like that it has a gear loft where you can keep some of the stuff away, plus the power port, kids will love it cause there is no reason for them to run out of battery for their gadgets. The height of 7 feet with 4 windows are impressive, good for ventilations. a great product!

    • I agree Pecilla, this is a great product and you won’t go wrong if your in the market for a quality tent for 2 Adults and a couple of kids. Thank you for your comment Shane.

  2. My wife and I haven’t been camping in years and now that we’re retired, we want to go again.We used to have a trailer in the Poconos, but we’d like to explore camping in a tent like this.

    It brings back memories as a kid camping. This would be awesome!Our kids are grown and on their own so now’s the time!

    I love the looks of this tent.The Eureka Copper Canyon 4 person tent would be perfect for just the two of us.It appears to have just what we need.

    So my question of course is just how hard or easy is it to put together?

    • Hi Rob, thanks for your comments and good question, but it’s like most of these type of instant tent after a couple of times you will be erecting it in less than 10 minutes, it has color-coded components and well manufactured. It is just a nice size and would be perfect for two people.

      Cheers Shane.

  3. Ha ha I laughed right out loud when you talked about not wanting to wake up to a steaming inside of a tent.  There is really nothing worse than bundling up at night and sleeping so soundly only to wake up gasping for air and dripping wet with sweat.  I have been there, done that, and I will never get a tent like that again.  The roof opening is critical to comfort and air flow.  The other thing I like about this tent is the poles.  I like the combination of steel and fiberglass for the poles.  I’ve had so many stupid tents with bent and broken poles, all taped up, it makes travelling with the tent a nightmare.  This one sounds like a winner all the way around!

    • Hi Babsie, you must have been in a real stinker, but you survived eh lol. I’m with you I need good ventilation and a nice breeze. Yes, this is a really nice tent that goes together well and whose components are nice and strong. If your looking for a good tent small to medium in size this one is a winner I like it a lot. 

      Thanks for your great comments Shane.

  4. The Eureka Copper Canyon 4-person tent, has got my attention. I gave up trying camping tents because being a tall person, I found it too uncomfortable to be in one which was not so high. At least now I can be able to move around in it comfortably. I dont mind that 4 grown people would find it too crowd though. I will definitely get one to get my outdoor life back.

    • Hi Euphrasia, as a tall person you will definitely enjoy this tent, it is a very good tent with a nice design, i hope you enjoy. Dont forget to come back and let us know your experiences.

      Thanks shane.


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