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Children can discover the simplicity and complexity of nature through family camping activities. Camping in the great outdoors is a great way to enjoy time with your family and to show them how incredible nature can be.

small yellow faced finch sitting in a tree

There are so many things to be discovered: flowers, insects, birds, and small animals just to name a few.

The sounds of the forest or the silence of the woods Younger kids love getting dirty and experiencing the outdoors with all it’s great and magnificent wildlife, well little lizards anyway.

Kids will love the outdoors if given a chance, it gives them time to get away from all the electronics of today’s culture.

Teenagers may be a different story. However, one thing I have learned is that all children love to explore something new. Camping can be a wonderful adventure for kids and adults.

There are many fun family camping activities that you can enjoy together. Here are some of my favorites.

two halloween pumpkins

Wood Carving/Whittling.

This rarely practiced and nearly forgotten art is best treasured in the great outdoors. Even if you are starting out with a hiking stick, it can be a lot of fun for kids and adults alike.

The adults usually have the most fun teaching the children. This is an opportunity to teach the young ones about handling a knife safely, as well as a good time to pass down the knife that your granddad gave you. How about a Pumpkin.

Knot Tying.

For those of us that know how to tie knots, this activity becomes even better when you can build something with rope and sticks. You can build a cubby, a shelter, a bridge and if you want to get creative, you can build a catapult.

This is a great activity to have the adults teach, and the kids learn. Print out a list of knots and their uses it is a great pastime, and useful skill.

Star Gazing.

If you come from the city, there is nothing like being outdoors during a clear night. Away from light pollution from a city, the sky looks much clearer.

You can see stars that people haven’t even named yet. What about a chance to see the Milky Way. You might even get a chance to see a satellite slowly glowing across the sky.

This is an exciting and memorable event, for both adults and children. Find a clear spot, and lay on your back for some learning, wishing and dreaming. With today’s technology, there are apps that allow us to visually identify and name some star groups.

Bushwalking.person hiking along a dirt path

Bush Walking is a wonderful way to explore the environment you are in, a good walk is great exercise and also great to burn off some excess energy.

No matter where you camp, there is normally plenty of opportunities to walk around the area and discover what is about. It’s also a great way to connect with nature and share some activities with the kids.

Wildlife Education.

If you are someone that has a reasonable grasp of some of nature’s ways, you can teach your family, and other people with you, a few facts while you are out.

It is funny how smart people will think you are if you can offer some basic facts about nature. There is just too much for the average person to know about, so a few well-researched points regarding the local flora and fauna will have everybody in awe of your knowledge and wisdom.

Swimming.people swimming in the ocean

As one of the best camping activities, a lot of good campsites are near water and if swimming and playing in the water is something you enjoy as a family it also helps you and your family keep fit and is heaps of fun.

For most summer camping you can enjoy swimming to keep cool. In some parts of the country, you can swim all year round. Everybody loves to play around with water.

Your kids will enjoy swimming, make sure you carry the required swimming gear and sun protection.

man lighting a campfire

Fire Building.

Everyone will have to build some fire in their life. Whether on the grill, stove, or campfire, helping others learn how to build a fire is a great time.

Gathering the wood and learning that small twigs and dead leaves are best to start with, before adding larger wood on the fire. Always a good lesson is the different ways the fire can be started.

Like focusing the suns ray through a magnifying glass, or the spark off a flint, using a knife-edge.

These really are life skills, and camping is a terrific opportunity to teach these more mature skills. For a lot of children, they may not get many chances to learn how to light the fire, and when they do it for themselves it will be a moment they will remember for a lifetime.

Painting.artist painting seascape

To bring out the creativity in children, an activity like painting is perfect. Gather some plain white t-shirts and some artists paint and let your family paint anything they would like.

Don’t restrict them, just let them do all they can with the paint and you will see the magic happen. Why not let them try their hand at painting their camps surroundings on paper with watercolors

Singing or Storytelling.

Everyone loves a good story, how about storytime around the campfire. No matter if it is just some friends and good conversation or planned out with skits, songs, and the whole works.

They are a ton of fun and a great way to bond together. Over the years we have taken part in some great camp songs and stories.

You can build a fire, all eat dinner together, then have some songs or we around telling stories, have great conversations, and gaze at the starts. A perfect night, under a beautiful clear sky.

Board games or Cards.chess board with pieces

Don’t forget to pack the Monopoly game, Checkers, or any other board game your family may enjoy.

These activities can hold hours of fun and get the family participating in a group dynamic where everybody is taking part and involved together.

This form of interaction for every member of the group as a whole has far-reaching benefits and is a great family bonding time.

A deck of cards is also useful, there are many games you can play with cards. This is much more exciting and fun than sitting in front of the TV at home or being in their rooms alone on their electronic devices. Although some youngsters may disagree.

Outdoor Cooking. ribs cooking on a charcoal grill

This can be a very good way of getting the children to come together and learn some basic cooking skills. Over an open fire (obviously with great care for young ones not knowing the dangers of an open fire).

Let them cook the sausages they will love the experience, place some potatoes wrapped in tin foil into the coals to cook, they make a great side dish with dinner.

There is a lot of fun and learning in these simple tasks, In addition to all these fun camping activities you can also throw in the following:

Ghost Stories around the fire.

Scavenger Hunt, for rubbish. (Wear gloves)

Capture the Flag. (best at night)

Bread baking lesson. (Delicious in a camp oven)

Lizard or Frog Hunt. (Take care not to hurt them)

Marshmallows on a stick over the fire. (Remember safety with little ones) And I’m sure there are many more fun activities to be had while camping.

Family camping is a lot more than recreation for some. It’s an activity that can be enjoyed throughout the year and can be enjoyed by people of many ages.

Children will especially enjoy camping and the various family camping activities available. If you take the correct approach, you can take advantage of what nature has to offer.

You may have a favorite outdoor pastime feel free to leave us your favorite tale

If you have any more questions about family camping activities, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below

Remember, Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.




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