Fenix HP30R Led Headlamp

Choosing the right headlamp for your lighting needs is undeniably hard with so many products available today. To make it a little easier here’s the Fenix HP30R Led Headlamp, a super bright hands-free LED Light.

Headlamps are some of the most useful equipment that you can on your outdoor adventures, it gives you hands-free lighting that enables you to perform any tasks during the night or in dark conditions with ease.

It’s feature-packed design, easy to use and control, and super-bright spotlight and floodlights can be your perfect companion when darkness surrounds you.

A reliable device that can also be used as a handy power bank when your phone needs more juice make it a convenient and practical piece of gear that will illuminate your path at night.

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Fenix HP30R Led Headlamp

The Key Features

Max 1750 Lumen Output

This headlamp includes a spotlight and headlight that combines for a total max output of 1750 lumens. This makes it a very powerful and capable headlamp not just for casual use but for more challenging tasks like searching, mountaineering, and caving.

Having a bright headlamp that you can readily use at night during campings keeps you safe and makes your life so much easier. Being able to see clearly at night prevents accidents and lets you more aware of your surroundings and potential danger.

With this headlamp, exploring the outdoors at night is so much easier. During power outages, emergencies, or house repairs, you also get the handy lighting you needed.  

18650 or CR123A Rechargeable Battery Operated

A headlamp with rechargeable battery eliminates the need to always buy batteries which can be more expensive in the long run. Though it may initially be more expensive, it’s often more advantageous.

This headlamp uses 2 pcs 3.6 V, 18650 (2600 mAh or 3500 mAh) or 4 pcs CR123A batteries. The CR123A batteries are known to have the ability to withstand -40 degrees temperature and ideal for cold environments. These rechargeable batteries are already included in the package if you purchase them so it’s more convenient.

This setup also allows you to choose what batteries to use to power your headlamp depending on your preference and have immediate replacement batteries when they were used up. 

Belt-Worn Battery Case

The battery case of this headlamp is designed to be belt-worn to reduce weight in the head area. This significantly improves the experience of using this headlamp.

The battery case also provides great performance in cold areas. Aside from housing the batteries it includes charge indicator lights that let you see the current level and the discharging indicator if you charge your device with it. A simple press on the button activates the indicators

To access the USB connectors for charging the batteries and using its power bank function, you need to open the rubber cover in the battery case. To load or unload the batteries, simply tighten or loosen the thumbscrew  on top of the battery case.

Power Bank Functionality

As mentioned it has a power bank functionality feature that lets you charge your rechargeable devices through a USB cable. It’s very helpful especially if you’re going off the grid or don’t have a power source nearby.

Having the rechargeable batteries discharge as a power bank, you are getting a readily available power source when you need it. You can also eliminate the need to bring a separate power bank in your camping gear.

Adding this feature makes this headlamp super valuable during campings and other outdoor activities. It’s a brilliant idea to have a power bank in your headlamp just in case you’ll need it.

Far-reaching Spotlight

This headlamp has a spotlight that reaches up to 202 meters. This far-reaching spotlight allows you to see clearly the direction you’re heading to at night and identify obstructions or dangers before even reaching that point.

The white spotlight has 4 output levels (low:30 lumens, medium:130 lumens, high:400 lumens, and turbo:1000 lumens) to choose from which you can select by continuously pressing the spotlight button in the headlamp. 

These spotlight settings let you choose which one to use on your specific situation. This means that it can always serve you with whatever purpose you intend to use it.

Neutral White Floodlights

Aside from the spotlight, this headlamp also comes with neutral white flood lights with four output levels (low:5 lumens, medium:130 lumens, high:400 lumens, and turbo:750 lumens and a 90 degrees wide beam angle.

The floodlights have their own button and choosing your preferred output is also done by pressing it in a cycle. If you long press the button, you can enable the SOS function where the flood lights regularly flash.

The floodlights illuminate a larger amount of space of up to 90 degrees so they are very helpful in navigating through large and open spaces. By including the floodlights, this headlamp makes moving through dark conditions so much easier.

Well Designed Headlamp

The LED lamps are housed with aluminum alloy die-casting designed for better heat dissipation and safety performance. It’s dustproof so it’s safe from dust and foreign objects and waterproof and able to withstand heavy rains and splashing.

The headlamp can also be tilted 60 degrees so you have greater flexibility for your lighting needs. It has a cover for buttons to avoid accidental presses.

This headlamp conveniently placed 2 separate button switches for the spotlight and floodlights that work independently or simultaneously. 

A cable connects the headlamp to the battery case for its power source. This versatile and powerful headlamp gives you good hands-free lighting for safety and mobility on your outdoor adventures or even work.

Accessories Included

With so many accessories included in the package you can get setup and use it right away without the need to purchase additional item or accessories.

Your purchase already includes the batteries, the headband including the attachment accessories, the connecting and charging cables, belt and cable clips, and even a car charger.

Including these accessories in the package makes it ready to use and serve you in your campings and outdoor adventures. It takes away the hassle of going to a store to try to find and buy a headlamp accessory you specifically need.

HP30R Headlamp Review - HP30R being reviewed

What Are The Benefits Of This Product

Easy navigation at night or in dark conditions with this bright and powerful headlamp means you can have fun and safe outdoor adventures.

The rechargeable batteries that this headlamp uses can save you money compared to always buying disposable batteries every time they’re used up. 

The belt-worn battery case where the batteries are housed eases the load in the head area for better comfort and mobility, which differentiates this headlamp from others in the market.

The capability of this headlamp to serve as a power bank makes it very handy especially when you have devices that need to be recharged like a smartphone, smartwatch, and others.

The spotlight function of the headlamp that directs a focused beam is extremely useful and suitable for activities like running or trekking where you need to see your way ahead of you to avoid possible o obstructions.

The floodlight function of the headlamp allows you to have lighting with a wider beam you can fully use when moving around the tent or doing up-close tasks such as reading or viewing a map.

Having a headlamp with a wide array of functions brings so much convenience when it gets dark or nighttime in the camp and you need lighting to carry out your tasks.

A well built headlamp which can be tilted, has intuitive switch buttons for easy control and adjustment of lighting, is a must-have for the outdoors where a tool that allows mobility and ease of use is important.

A headlamp that already comes with all the necessary accessories makes it readily available for use and saves you time, effort, and money that you will otherwise spend if you need to buy them separately.

If you are frequently using the same lighting mode and brightness level, you can easily use the same setting when you turn it on because the headlamp recalls your last setting.

Quick Specs

  • Brand: Fenix
  • Headlamp Dimensions: 77mm Length x 52mm Width x 34mm Height
  • LED: Cree XM-L2 and XP-G2 R5 
  • Battery Case Dimensions: 115mm Length x 56mm Width x 30mm Height
  • Item Weight: 285 grams (excluding batteries)
  • Batteries: Two 18650 or Four CR123A batteries
  • Max Output: 1750 Lumen
  • Color: Iron Grey, Black
  • Accessories: cable clip, Micro USB charging cable, top headband mount, spare O-ring, belt clip, 2*cable, 1*car charger, 2*Fenix 3.6v/2600mAh 18650 rechargeable li-ion battery, 2*Fenix 3.6v/3500mAh 18650 rechargeable li-ion battery


  1. Super bright 1750 lumen output
  2. Independent dual switches for spotlight and floodlight
  3. Dust and water protection
  4. Power bank function
  5. Belt-worn battery case


  1. The whole unit weights in at around 9 ounces

Questions and Answers

Question: How long will it last if I use the max 1750 lumens?

Answer: It should last at least 3 hours.

Question: Is it durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions?

Answer: Yes but it also has its limitations. It has an impact resistance of 1m and, dustproof, and IP66 water resistance rating.

Question: Can I use regular alkaline batteries for this headlamp? 

Answer: No. The required batteries are only rechargeable Li-ion or CR123A Lithium batteries.

Here’s A Tip Or Two

  • Setting both brightness levels to maximum or turbo mode significantly lessens the battery life of the headlamp and you can feel it’s getting hotter so only use it in situations where it is extremely necessary.
  • The battery case comes with a clip that you can attach even to your head gear but it’s still best to clip it in the belt area for better comfort and mobility.


If you’re thinking of buying a headlamp, you should definitely consider something that you can use for a long time, simple to use, with adjustable varying levels of brightness, and can get extremely bright if situations require it.

All of these can be found in the Fenix HP 30R 1750 Lumen Headlamp plus a lot of extra features that can give you a fun and worry-free trek or camping at night.

With this headlamp, you’ll get a bright and hands-free lighting that you can simply recharge for your next adventure.

If you have any more questions about the Fenix HP30R Led Headlamp, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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