Foldable Aluminum Sports Chair

It takes a chair built for the outdoors to offer you the comfort and convenience you crave, and Oniva has produced this portable foldable aluminum sports chair that will give you just that and more.

This Article Was Last Updated On March 10, 2021

Its material is great, but wait until you see it in action, and only then will you find out how a steal this chair really is when it comes to getting the bang for your buck.

There’s a long list of the things you need to look out for in an outdoor chair, and as it turns out the manufacturer has thrown everything you’ll ever need into this one.

Let’s dive right in and see what’s in it for you.

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ONIVA – a Picnic Time Brand Portable Folding Sports Chair

The Key Features

Padded polyester canvas

While most of us rush to check out the material that the frame of an outdoor chair is made of, a similarly important feature becomes easily overlooked, and that’s the fabric.

Thankfully, when it comes to the fabric, this chair doesn’t disappoint, as its polyester canvas is not only both high performance and very durable, but it’s also very easy to clean if need be.

But what makes this one special is the padded design, which makes it a perfect choice if comfort is of the essence for you, who doesn’t like a chair with a touch of comfort anyway?

 Aluminum frame

The frame is hands down one of the features you need to be keen on when choosing a camping chair, and this one has a strong and stable frame for virtually any outdoor adventure.

The aluminum frame on this chair has several great benefits, first, it is very lightweight (weighing only 9 pounds), which is awesome for anyone planning to go light.

But don’t let the lightweight design of aluminum fool you, it is also very robust, especially when combined with the right construction.

Its frame is strong enough to support up to 300 lbs, which should be ideal for a wide range of people. Compare another capable chair I have reviewed here, it is the Faulkner Aluminum Faulkner Aluminum Folding Directors Chair.

Pockets for your items

If there’s one more thing that makes this chair really worth the money, it has to be its range of pockets.

Many might be quick to give it a thumbs down due to its lack of a cup holder, but this chair makes up for that with a wide range of awesome pockets.

These include two insulated beverage pockets built-in on the armrest, which you can use in the place of a cup holder, as it can easily hold a beverage bottle and ensure it stays within reach and off the ground.

Besides, this chair also comes with an accessories panel that features several pockets for your items, including one considerably large pocket where you can fit books, magazines, or a tablet.

And although it isn’t waterproof, it would still protect your items from light showers.

Padded armrests

For ultimate comfort, it’s essential that a camping chair has a place to support the weight of your arms. And ONIVA hasn’t overlooked that in the construction of this chair either.

Besides having some solid armrests, the manufacturer also ensured that they’re also padded, to add to the comfort. You might not appreciate this feature at first, but if you’ll be sitting for a long time, then you’ll find just how handy it can be.

Extra-wide seat design

No matter how solid or durable your chair is, if it isn’t comfy enough, then you won’t enjoy it any bit.

And one of the features that really count as far as comfort goes is just how wide the seat is, which has been thought out in the construction of this one.

With the extra-wide seat design, which by the way measures an impressive 19 inches by 13 inches, you can bet on ultimate comfort with this one.

Folding design

Portability will always be a factor you have to think of when getting a chair to use in the outdoors, regardless of its performance.

And this is where you’ll come to love this chair’s folding design, which allows you to carry it with ease as a compact package that’s easy to handle.

One thing for sure is that this chair is a bit firm when it comes to folding it, but this doesn’t have to be a cause for concern.

Here’s how it’s done

To fold it up with ease, start by placing your foot on the chair’s bottom wrung, then pull up on the center of its seat fabric. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is that way.

Carrying handles

Once your chair is ready, the next thing is to grab it and off you go. So this chair comes equipped with carrying handles beneath the seat that you can use to carry it around.

Going on a longer trek? No problem! It also has an adjustable, and removable, a shoulder strap that comes in handy for such scenarios.

What Are The Benefits Of This Product?

The carry handles feature additional webbing that makes handling this chair easy, but the detachable shoulder strap is what really makes transporting it a breeze

It’s also high enough off the ground, so sitting in this chair or standing up won’t have to be a challenge, as is the case with a good number of chairs out there.

A very sturdy fold-out side table is the other feature that really puts the competition to shame.

This one allows you to enjoy an extra bit of convenience that would otherwise only be achievable by hauling a heavy camping table with you.

The armrests are padded, thus offering a great deal of comfort that you would only dream about when using some of the other options out there.

It also has lower crossbars on the legs, which might not seem as very essential at first glance, but these are actually very helpful at preventing the chair from sinking into sand, mud or soft ground.

Also, the seat doesn’t sag once you sit in this chair, and this allows you to achieve more of an upright sitting position, which is a good thing.

Versatility is the other aspect that makes this chair worth every penny. Thanks to the combination of a robust and easily portable construction.

This chair is ideal for just about any outdoor activity, from picnics to concerts, camping, spending a day down at the beach, or even when watching your favorite sports.

The design of the frame also makes this chair very stable, and this holds for just about any terrain.

If you’ve ever been embarrassed by a wobbly chair before, you can bet that with this one, that frustrating fall isn’t going to happen.

And, of course, the lightweight construction makes it the perfect chair for carrying around on most outdoor adventures or storing away after use.

Another thing about the aluminum that makes this chair just the right pick for beachgoers is its resistance to rust.

You can keep on using it for years despite the salty conditions at the beach that would easily take a toll on steel chairs.

The other features worth mentioning include a fabric loop located on the side of the chair’s back, as well as a Velcro attachment at its rear leg, which you can find handy on the go if need be.


  • A robust, yet lightweight aluminum frame
  • Its easily foldable design makes it perfect for on the go use
  • The foldout side table comes in very handy in terms of convenience and flexibility
  • Handles and shoulder straps give you just the right options for transportation
  • The seat is also wide enough so you can sit in there comfortably
  • It is a stable chair, with enough height that makes sitting in it and standing up easy
  • The aluminum frame can withstand the unforgiving salty beach conditions


  • On the downside, this chair has a large space between the back and the seat, which makes it less ideal for kids
  • It would still be better with a cup holder



Shopping for a great outdoor chair? Then this all-rounder might just be all you need to make your trips more enjoyable. It’s robust, lightweight, easy to fold up, and most importantly, every bit as durable.

It might not be a budget outdoor chair, but at its price point, the performance it delivers is definitely worth every single penny.

I particularly love the fact that you won’t need to bring along a table since this chair’s fold-out side table got that covered.

This saves you both money and lots of weight, check it out and see for yourself what this chair can actually bring to your trip. 

If you have any more questions about the foldable aluminum sports chair, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.


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