Folding Camping Chairs – Choose Your Comfort Wisely

There is a definite place for good quality Folding Camping Chairs in most camping essentials list. So, choosing the chair that will provide you with the most comfort while outdoors will take a little research.

This Article Was Last Updated On February 10, 2021

Outdoor adventure is always fun, whether you’re spending a day down at the beach, camping out in the woods, or hiking around your favorite national park.

There are times when you’ll be looking for a spot to rest your weary body and what better place to do that than relaxing comfortably in your favorite chair.

folding chairs for camping - a red folding chair on the beach

Let’s face it, the right camping chair is not something you can easily step out there and choose off-the-floor and know you have got the best.

The good news is, some of these chairs will go the distance to offer nothing short of ultimate comfort, support, user-friendly experience, and durability.

The bad news is if you are unlucky enough to bump into the wrong type of chair, or a flimsy, cheap one, then you could be in for a big disappointment.

My research will save you time and effort and give you all the pros and cons of these folding camping chairs, and by the time you have finished reading this article, you will know exactly which is most suitable for you.

What are the different Camping Chair Styles?

Sports chairs

So-Called Sports Chairs, these are typically the largest, the bulkiest, heaviest, but also the most comfortable lounging chair. These are the most popular style as far as camp chairs go.

They sometimes feature a low slung design others are normal height, some have special sink proof feet for use on sand, and there are even folding camping chairs that can carry an incredible 800 pounds in weight.

Some of these sports chairs also feature accessories like armrests, cup holders, and side pockets, to say they are the most comfortable is an understatement.

These chairs are built for a wide range of outdoor activities. You can use them for sitting around the campfire in the evening, or when attending concerts at night or just lounging at sundown at the beach. One really cool foldable aluminum sports chair that I like is this one by Oniva

The only downside to these chairs if you can call it a downside, is that with a relaxed posture that they put you in, you might not be able to do a whole lot of active tasks. But maybe you don’t want to, it doesn’t hurt to relax and just laze around awhile, does it?

Roll-up chairs

This style is by far the simplest folding camp chairs you can find out there. They don’t come with such features as legs, arms, or cup holders. You pretty much place them on right on the ground, fold it at 90-degrees to form an L-shape, and use attached webbing straps to keep it in that position.

The straps also feature easy, quick release buckles that enable you to adjust the back of the chair to a variety of angles. If you are looking for a chair that’s really close to the ground, like for use on the beach, these chairs make a good choice. The outer shell is made of a robust material such as coated ripstop nylon for protection from the wet ground.

And the inner surface is water-resistant but very breathable for comfort and easy cleaning. Without any heavy steel or aluminum leg or armrest tubing, these chairs are also extremely light, so if weight and space are a factor, these chairs could be the way to go.  And convenient carry handles further make the portability even easier and ideal for hiking.


This type of chair is the simplest and possibly your best bet if you want to go light and fast. They come in as the smallest and most lightweight option by far. Most stool type chairs come with a 3-leg design, which is also easy to collapse. The triangular shape of the fabric where you sit on gives this style a distinct look, so you can keep an eye out for that.

The most exciting thing about this style is the easy portability, not forgetting, the ease of use for more active tasks. Although they can be a bit too low to the ground, they are great for just relaxing and sitting by the campfire. Or regularly getting up and down for cooking or another reason, on top of that these styles of chairs would be the perfect fishing companion.

camping chair designs - a folding chair on a beach

What Materials Go Into The Construction Of These Chairs

Most camping chairs feature components such as the fabric-made seat and backrest, then there are the sturdy support structure and the legs. This combination enables these chairs to be comfortable, strong, and durable. Different materials could affect the durability, portability, or pretty much the overall performance of any chair.

Steel Tubing and Frames

Steel is one of the most robust materials used in camping chairs. Not all camping chairs out there stand up to the task. But if you can find one made of steel, then you can bet on the fact that you have a chair you can count on for the long haul.

Steel comes in as one of, if not the strongest material that’s used for the construction of legs and frames in these chairs. Any chair made of steel tubing and rivets not only delivers outstanding performance but also turns out to be very durable unless of course, you are using it mainly at or near the beach. Remember, steel doesn’t like salty beachside conditions.


This is the material to look for in a camping chair if you regularly visit the beach. Besides being very rust-resistant, aluminum is desirable because of its combination of lightweight and strength. One thing to keep in mind is that landing a flimsy chair could spell disaster, as weak tubing might not hold together under a significant amount of stress.

Be sure to check that the construction of the chair looks good and strong, the reputable manufacturers are the ones to look for. You also need to look at the rivets connecting the moving joins on the legs of a chair, if the rivets are a week or not well fitted, your chair could prove to be inferior and likely to fall apart at any time.

Strong and Durable Nylon

Nylon takes the lead as the most common fabric you’ll find in most camping chairs. The abrasion-resistant capability goes a long way to make this material the go-to option for many manufacturers and the first choice for most campers.

Another aspect that gives nylon the upper hand is its ability to support a lot of weight, which makes it ideal for heavy-duty chairs. This nature thus makes nylon a great option for big heavy guys who want a chair with outstanding performance. But with all the benefits, one major downside finds its way into the heart of this material.

The only problem with nylon is that it can melt or burn in extremely high temperatures. With a slight flare-up on your campfire, your chair’s nylon could burn easily if you are sitting close to the fire. It would be safe to make sure you don’t use it very close to the flames.

Polyester makes yet another impressive fabric for camp chairs. It might not be as durable as the nylon fabric is, so if you want a chair that can take on quite a beating, then this might not be for you.

Mesh panels also prove to be worthy of consideration too. It might not be material as such, but it’s worth mentioning. Mesh panels come in handy when using your camping chair during the hot summer season. With these panels, you get a much-needed airflow that makes your chair breathable and adds to the comfort.

camping outdoor chairs - two people sitting on folding chairs beside a lake

Carrying capacity

When it comes to capacity, these chairs pack in different capabilities as well. Most of these chairs range in capacity, from as low as 250-300 lbs to as high as 800 lbs depending on the one you go for. Also, keep in mind that most high capacity chairs usually weigh more as compared to the ones with low capacity.

So if you are not a heavy person, you might consider trading-off the high capacity for a lightweight chair this has to do with the material the chair is made of as well as the overall construction. This could provide you with a comfortable strong chair without the extra size and weight. 

So make sure to shop around for that chair that best fits your circumstances. Another chair I really like is the KingCamp Camping Chair take a look.

What’s cool

  • Most of these chairs offer a very high level of comfort, especially if it features a breathable mesh on the seat and backrest. Other chairs also have a considerably tall backrest, which is a good thing since it offers ample space for resting your head on besides ensuring ideal support for your spine.
  • A chair with several accessories also comes in handy. Most of these chairs feature a side table, arm as well as leg rests, and a cup holder. Others also come with a cooler bag on the side and a storage pouch for small items like your glasses and phone.
  • Most chairs are also super easy to carry on virtually any outdoor adventure. Besides being foldable and lightweight, you can also make the most out of the provided carry bag with most of these chairs.
  • Of course, you cannot overlook the different sizes and styles to choose from. The huge diversity of these different style of chairs goes a long way to ensure there’s always something for everyone.
  • And as it turns out, these chairs are not only convenient for carrying around; they are also a great little piece for moving around wherever you need it. Whether you are relaxing around the campfire or you want to move along with the shade, you can easily move these chairs into position.
  • Versatility is yet another outstanding thing you can expect to get with a folding camp chair. Built for the outdoors, these chairs are not limited to campers alone. You can bring them camping near the beach, on a hunting trip, and just about any other outdoor adventure.
  • Most folding camp chairs are also great when it comes to weather resistance. As outdoor gear, these chairs feature robust materials that can take long term abuse from the elements.
  • Cleaning is one thing you never have to worry about with these chairs. Since most of the camp chairs are simple and made of easy-to-clean material, you can easily wipe/hose it clean and hit the road in no time.
  • In using any camping equipment near the beach be sure to wash off any sand after use.

What’s not so cool

  • Some of the chairs might be too low to the ground. This makes such chairs unsuitable for senior users and people with joint problems such as arthritis.
  • Some also have crossbars under the front of the chair that the bottom of your legs may rest upon, this ould be uncomfortable for some.
  • With these chairs designed for comfortable lounging, they might not be so great for doing such activities as eating while sitting in one such chair.

Chair height

One thing you need to be on the lookout for when getting a camping chair is height. This feature varies significantly depending on the chair you choose.

However, there are two things you shouldn’t overlook. These include the seat back height, which proves crucial for people with back issues. If this is the case for you, consider going for a chair with a higher back for more support and comfort even when sitting for long hours.

The other aspect you need to get right is the chair’s height from the ground. If you have joint problems, it would be safe to look for a chair that is higher off the ground. It will be easier to sit on it and get up, hassle-free, and these chairs are quite often more comfortable.

However, you can still get a low sling chair if you are heading off to the beach. Most chairs within the ideal height range between 12 to 18 inches, which should be ideal for camping, lounging on the beach, or attending outdoor concerts.

The choice of the best camp chair for you is just a matter of preference depending on your needs, personal circumstances, and lifestyle. 

Here Are A Couple Of Tips For You

  1. You can easily clean most camping chairs with a soft brush and water. Some chairs feature a removable fabric that you can clean in the clothes washer. However, make sure to read any instructions that the chair comes with on how to be clean it.
  2. In most chairs, you can get replaceable end caps for the bottom of the legs. And since these are widely available, you can have an easy time getting the right caps for your chair. This can be handy if you intend on using your chair on soft ground such as the beach.
  3. When it comes to camp chairs, portability is of the essence. Thus, you need to make sure you go for one that features the right design for easy portability.
  4. It’s also essential to ensure you get a lightweight chair but without necessarily sacrificing the quality or performance. Thankfully, you can find most camp chairs ranging in weight from 2lbs to 12 lbs.
folding outdoor chair - a person sitting in a stripped folding chair

Here is my List of Outstanding Performers in Review

I have put together an in-depth review of each of the choices I have made here, so you can check them out further to help you with your purchasing decision. Go to my reviews by clicking on the link in the name.

Best All-Round Folding Camp Chair:    Helinox Chair One

Best Chair If You Like A Big Size:          Alps Mountaineering King Kong Chair

Best Beach Chair That Doesn’t Sink:    Terralite Portable Camp Chair

Best Stool Chair Lightweight:                  Travel Chair Slacker

Best Budget Camping Chair:                     Coleman Oversized Quad Chair


When making the decision for that perfect camping chair, you will need to put more than just the construction, performance or durability into consideration.

There’s always a whole lot to factor in before reaching the final decision, chilling out while camping out or just relaxing in the shade at home doesn’t get better than when you bring out the right chair.

So make sure to get the one chair that has everything you need, I know the price is always a consideration but the good news is, you don’t have to spend a lot to get a great camping chair.

But spending more on a chair with everything that counts could save you a lot of struggle and frustration down the road.

For plenty more information on some fabulous chairs check out my article, Best Camping Chairs

If you have any more questions about the Folding Camping Chairs, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.

Thanks, Shane.

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  1. Hi Shane. Thanks for your informative post about folding camping chairs. I agree that having the right chair makes all the difference when out on a camping trip or outdoor excursion. There is nothing worse than being outdoors for long periods and not having a comfortable chair! What chair would you recommend for a limited space (e.g. when packing a small car)? The chairs are usually the ones to be left behind when the car is full up! I am not heavy so I wouldn’t be looking for a heavyweight one. 

    • Hi James, I like the larger lounging chairs and as I have a pickup there is never a problem with space, but I understand what you say about a small car and my recommendation would be the very lightweight yet strong Terralite Portable Camp Chair weighting in at around 3 pounds it has a carry bag 6x6x16inches so it won’t take up too much space in the car. Check out my Terralite review on the highlighted link above.

      Thanks For your comment and please let me know all about your new chair, Shane.

  2. Thanks for the tips. There are chairs that are really comfortable to the back, especially for us suffering with Scoliosis. In one of the TV programs on home shopping, I saw one model that’s unique with adjustable angle to suit the needs of the people suffering with back aches. In the arm rest, there’s that electronic push button system where the person sitting can easily adjust or tilt the angle. Is it available with your recommended vendor?

    • Hi Gomer, I’m not sure of the exact chair you speak of, but Amazon has some great adjustable camp chairs. Check this one out the Timber Ridge Camping Chair.

      Thanks For your Comment, Shane.

  3. Great article- this will be great for someone who has planned a beach trip and is looking for a good decent beach chair. It’s actually interesting to know that you have to look at all the features of the chair before purchasing as this will help you to find the correct ones you like. 

    People tend to buy those that look great but often forget to look at the material that they are buying, as a result they end up with a useless chair. I really like how you have spoken about different types of beach chairs this will really help make it easier for someone to select the correct chair. 

    Thanks for this article 

    • Hi Hbee, There are some really good beach chairs available, but it is important that you determine the features you want in a chair.

      Personally, I like a bit of comfort these days so I like the larger chairs and I like a cup holder to hold my drink.

      for the beach, I like the Terralite Portable Camp Chair, and for around camp, I like the Kijaro Dual Lock Chair

      Thanks for your comment, Shane.


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