Faulkner Aluminum Folding directors Chair Review – A Real Contender

Boasting its durability, lightweight build, and reasonable price, Faulkner aluminum folding directors chair with tray and cup Holder attracts more buyers over the years.  

This Article Was Last Updated On April 21, 2021

If you’re looking for a great addition to your patio or one you could bring to the campfire, then here’s a great option for you. It’s a practical chair and will cost you less than expected. 

We want to help you to make an informed decision when purchasing an outdoor product online. Find out what the raving reviews are all about. Here’s a detailed review of this multipurpose folding chair.

folding directors chair-cup holden on the tray

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Faulkner Chair with Folding Tray and Cup Holder

Product Key Features


Weighing only 8 lbs, this Faulkner aluminum director’s chair offers a great option. Unlike most items in the market today, this one has an intuitive design that justifies its weight.  

Director’s chairs are for people on the go who need extra seating. You can carry it with ease and have a comfortable lightweight seat thanks to its aluminum frame, its portability meets no compromise.  

It’s designed to be taken anywhere and you’ll love how its manufacturers married lightweight materials with durability. 

Made With Durable Materials

Your chair endures the brunt of your weight. You’re going to use it multiple times over the years, so it’s smart to choose one that’s made with high-grade materials.  

Made with 1-1/8″ (28mm) aluminum tube frame with a crossbar system, this Faulkner Aluminum Director Chair gives you the durability you need. 

Aside from its durable frame, its UV resistant 600D/PVC polyester fabric levels up the overall quality of this chair. You can sit back and relax by the campfire without worrying about it giving up on you. 


When choosing a chair, having one with a great weight capacity is ideal. Most chairs have limited capacity, which makes some buyers pick a bulky option.  

With this Faulkner Aluminum director’s chair which boasts a 250-lb capacity, you can enjoy lounging on your patio or sitting by the campfire with the right support and comfort you need.

The best thing about its weight capacity is that it doesn’t have an unbearable weight itself. You’re getting more usability without the excess burden. 

Awesome Versatility

Great for outdoor use, this chair offers more advantages than one. Faulker knows that lounging means having your favorite cup of coffee or glass of beer close at hand so, with this product, you can enjoy the right blend of advantages.  

It has an attached folding tray with a cup holder. With its pocket pouches on the other side, you can put your essentials too. You can keep your basics on the pouches and have a relaxing experience all the way. 

The side table is collapsible, which doesn’t demand more space when you fold the chair.  


With open dimensions of 17.75″D x 23.5″W x 33.5″H, this Faulkner chair offers easy storage, plus you can enjoy its decent load capacity given its dimensions.

But it doesn’t mean you’ll have a hard time taking it back to your designated storage area.  You can carry this with the attached carry straps.

There are tons of chairs with the same weight capacity and durability, but not all of them offer easy foldable options such as this one. This simple folding design makes it a good choice for easy setup. 

Competitive Price

At a very affordable price, you’re not only getting yourself a steady director’s chair, but you’re also getting a one-purpose chair with a table and a cup holder too.

If you’re imagining yourself on the campsite after a long trek, then having an affordable option may be your best choice. Check out the current price here now on ==>Amazon⇐

Reliable Portability

A director’s chair isn’t your couch and that’s the beauty of it. When you pick the right one, you’re getting a portable chair without compromising strength and comfort.

All thanks to the Faulkner aluminum director chair, you can bring a seat anywhere anytime.  You can carry this lightweight high-performance chair with one hand using the convenient carrying handles.

folding directors chair-grey folding camp chair

What are the benefits of this product? 

Made with top-grade materials, this product ensures you have a durable seat anywhere. Its aluminum frame gives it a secure position.

The UV resistant 600D/PVC polyester fabric offers comfortable support you need. 

Lightweight build lets you carry this chair wherever you need. Lounge on your patio or sit back on a mountaintop.

Weighing only 8 lbs, you’ve got a cup holder and a foldable table, too. 

Weight capacity of up to 250 lbs gives you peace of mind when sitting on it. Numerous users love how it doesn’t budge when sat on. If you’re concerned about how a chair would receive your weight, then here’s a great find for you. 

Versatile features let you have a four in one advantage. You’re having a chair, a table, a cup holder, and small side pouches. Given all these, you’re equipped for a night under the stars with your favorite drink beside you. 

Affordability that won’t disappoint. Unlike other cheap products online, you’ll feel like a winner with this one. It has the key features you want in a director’s chair without paying for a premium price. 

Foldable chair allowing easy storage inside your family tent for the night. Fold in the right way and you’re freeing enough space in your storage area in your car.

A sleek look that makes it a great addition to your patio ensemble or camp furniture. If you haven’t picked a favorite chair for the afternoon siesta, this might be a great starter. 

A reliable brand gives this chair the credibility it deserves. People love picking it for its name and they love it more for being true to its reputation. 


  •  Foldable and easy to store 
  • Made with durable materials 
  • Has a lightweight build 
  • Has a mid-range weight capacity 
  • Comes at a reasonable price 
  • Has a sleek profile 
  • Multipurpose dimensions 
  • Has amazing reviews 


  •  Made for relatively short people 
  • The stitching may come loose 


Questions and Answers  

Question: Is the frame all aluminum including the crossbar and what is the side tray surface made of? 

 A: It’s made with all aluminum and crossbar. The tray is a sturdy solid piece made of plastic.  

 Question: Can I remove the fabric so it can be embroidered? 

 A: Maybe, If you are handy with a screwdriver because the fabric that makes up the back, and the seat are one but it can be dismantled. 

 Question: How do I fold it back up? 

 A: Simply pull up in the middle of the seat. Note that it folds in from side to side and not front to back. 

 Question: Will the pouch hold a script or a laptop? 

 A: No. Their dimensions are as follows: 

 If you’re standing facing the pouches, the left pouch is 4″ wide, 9″ tall, and about 2 1/2″ deep from front to back.  

There are three more pouches to the right of that pouch. The two on the top are 3″ wide, 5″ tall, and 2″ deep (front to back). They have Velcro flaps over its top opening.  

Below the two pouches is a 6″ tall, 7″ wide, and 1″ deep pouch. Its top flap has a zipper

Here’s a Tip or Two

  1. Store the chair flat in a clean dry place. 
  2. Air-dry it before storage. 
  3. Carry it properly when in transit. 
  4. Remove any dirt before storage. 
  5. Go easy in collapsing it. 
  6. Avoid mildew by not exposing it to moisture. 
  7. Avoid rust by keeping it dry. 
  8. Don’t yank it. 


 director’s chair has a certain appeal. They’re straightforward and mostly don’t offer further use. Faulkner aluminum director chair with folding tray and cup holder aims to change that. 

Its multipurpose build offers a great advantage for outdoor adventures. Its minimalist style adds to its sleek but functional design. With a reasonable price, you’re getting an optimum choice for a practical director’s chair. 

 Talk about comfort, portability, durability, and versatile chairs, with unique features and benefits this one is a real contender.

If you have any more questions about the Faulkner folding directors chair, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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