Free Camping Queensland. My Favourites: Gregory River.

Gregory River North West Qld.

The size of Australia is immense and to get a feel for its true vastness you really have to get out amongst it and exploring by road is one way of doing that. Walking is another, but I’m gettin too old for that. Driving along the highways at times seems never ending, out in the vast Mitchell Grass plains of central western Queensland where it’s also extremely hard to miss the kangaroos, both dead and alive.

The side of the roads can sometimes be littered with their carcasses.and up through the gulf Savannah plains towards our spectacular gulf country where its hard to miss the numerous brolga’s alone the way heading to Kurumba which sits on the coast and brings the Savannah outback country to the ocean.

The Beauty.

This is beautiful country indeed, there is an incredible diversity of bird life, and unsurprisingly these days there are huge numbers of  travellers all out exploring this magestic landscape of ours. There is so much to see and do it would take several lifetimes to have truly seen it, in all of its magnificent glory.

So after a couple days at Karumba our next planned camp was Gregory River, we headed towards Burketown where I had no plans to stay,but had I known the local Roedeo was to take place the week after I went through, I would have definitely made the effort to change the intinary a little so as to stay for it. The sights and sounds of a rodeo are something I enjoy immensely.

Unusual food.

However we stopped for a smoko break and walked into the bakery at Burketown and I decided to have a go at a “Coat of Arms Pie” kangaroo and emu. The baker sources the product from another company bakery in the aboriginal community of Doomadgee just up the road. I wasn’t sure of how this would go down, however like a lot of things unknown to us it was better than expected, it was very good.

The pastries were very yummy, served by a lovely couple who were very friendly who spoke highly about their small town and pointed us in the direction of a fresh water point in town so we could top up our tanks. Thanks Bourketown.

So having finished the pie, it was onwards south to the Gregory river. This was our next planned campIng spot. I had heard a little about this place and checked it out on wikicamps, so I had an inkling that the place may be a little busy as it’s also at the intersection to go to lawn hill. Along the savannah way there are many interesting spots, places of interest, and  places of historical significance.

Surprise Surprise.

However when I arrived at the Gregory, I was a little taken aback by the number of campers parked up along the river. I was also surprised by the surrounding flora and fauna, this really is an oasis in the middle of nowhere. Such a delightful place. The river is crystal clear, running swiftly and surprisingly cool in such a hot surrounding environment.

We drove into the site which is the unofficial campground right near the waters edge, which in essence is the actual riverbed, the official campground is up high on the top section of land closer to the village of Gregory. It was impossible to find a spot on the waters edge so we parked up our camper on the other side of the entrance road, and  opened up our awning facing into the bush, so we had a private spot not 30 mts to the water.

What I found was a lot of people were floating down the river past all the campsites then they would walk up back past the sites to do it once again. As we had our back to the road we were out of the way and out of sight which proved very enjoyable. Had I been right on the water, the squeals of delight from children and the voices of people in the water was not really conducive to my afternoon nanny nap. So as the riverbank was so full I unintentionally ended up with a great spot.

The Township.

This is a starting point to a day at lawn hill. I am told the road in to lawn hill can be very rough on on the gear and trailer/caravan so a lot of folk unhitch at the river and do a day trip to lawn hill. Gregory township is very small, they have clean toilets and cold showers, a pub with fuel and a store come coffee shop who claims he severs the best coffee for miles around, that’s true enough I guess, they also provide a dump point, which is always a helpful convenience we sometimes take for granted.

There are lots of lovely people on the roads camping and travelling and I have met my share but the generous nature of some still surprise me. Thank you to the gentleman who offered his site on the rivers edge to us as he had been there a while and said he was leaving in the next day or so. I kindly refused.

You really need your own toilet facilities here as none exist and the walk into the village is a bit of a ways. Also a good idea to bring firewood as a fire is allowed and is always part of a good camping experience I reckon. And the family dog is also welcome. We stayed for 4 nights and had a terrific time swimming eating and not doing much, which is something I like doing a lot of.

A Favourite.

I have no idea where the water comes from it must go underground at some stage but this is an oasis, and one of the better free camping spots in Queensland. If your in the area travelling through or looking to head this way put this one in the planner you won’t be disappointed. Truly a very pretty spot and definately on my list of favourites. If you have been here or you have a tale to tell please leave us a comment below.

So after a wonderful few days it was time to move on to the next place on our journey, through the gulf country, in a beautiful part of our land. This is one place I will surely return.

Remember! leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.

Have Fun, Safe Travels.


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