Free Camping Queensland. My Favourites: Leichhardt River Falls.


The Leichhardt River Falls is situated on the Savannah Way between Normanton and Bourketown, this is wonderful country, very scenic and quiet isolated. If your Free Camping Queensland, Care should be taken to obtain road condition reports. Also get up to date weather forecasts, as this section is a dirt road and dry weather access only. In the wet season this road becomes impassable very quickly.

Plenty of Room for All.

This is a great site, plus it is free, so no bookings necessary. Getting there from Nomanton was a great adventure, on a mostly graded dirt road with soft sandy edges in places. With 40 klms of bad corrugation in the middle section of a total length of dirt approximately 153klms. From Bourketown on the Nardoo – Bourketown road it is approximately 70k of sealed road to here. There were a couple of caravans parked up on the riverbank but it is a little rough in areas so a 4×4 would be recommended if you’re towing a good size van. But there are large areas where you will fit any size rig.

Always Check.

We came in from the Normanton end and when we got to the river itself, a really nice spot presented itself on the eastern side down a short track. Looked a bit sandy but I had just traveled over 100 Kim’s of dirt

Freshwater Mussels

through some sandy patches so already had the tyre pressures down. So with much confidence and a “little bit of laziness” in not double checking, I hit this bit of sand and immediately went down and got stuck.

After some effort (not too much) I decided that digging in very hot soft sand on a hot day was not to my liking, so waiting for the sun to lower into the western sky was a better option. As I was only 30 meters off the main road it was easy to hear the next vehicle coming along, and before an hour was up a lovely young couple in a dual cab came along and offered to pull me out.

I’d already had a strap attached to the camper trailer in anticipation of help so it was an easy task of him reversing back to the edge of the soft stuff and slowly pulling me back

Crocs Live Here.

This is Crocodile country so be Croc wise don’t swim in deep holes or murky water. Some say only freshwater crocs

live in here, but can you be 100% sure ? I never saw any crocodiles on this river, but they are in here, plenty of photos of them in this area exist. The guys that pulled me out of the sand were walking across the river causeway and spotted one on the bank not far away.

The Leichhardt River Falls, river system can endure massive floods in the wet season, so the possibility of salt water crocs is very real. Salties as they are sometimes known have been found many hundreds of Kilometers from the ocean, so during the monsoon period which happens to be mating season they roam far and wide.


Toilets are nonexistent, this is pure bush camping. So you do need to be self-sufficient, if you don’t have some sort of toilet/porta potti and if digging a hole is your only option, make sure it is deep enough around 150-200mm. There is nothing more disgusting than picking up someone’s waste accidentally with your hand while picking up rocks for a fire ring. (Not happy Jan)
The bird life here is nothing short of amazing, many different species, The outback scenery with the Parrots and Galahs in huge numbers all along the river is a real treat, and to watch them fly and play over their homeland is spectacular. The walking, visual and photographic opportunities along the river are plentiful, whistling kites circling above give their distinctive shrill call. There are lots of small animals, while Kangaroos abound.

Dogs are allowed so be sure to bring you furry friend. Unless he is very well-mannered they should be on a leash, also make sure to clean up after them. There is no Telstra or Optus signal out here, so if you don’t like being isolated and possibly alone, you may pass on this one. However, the experience of the outback here on a clear and silent night is breathtakingly beautiful.

Fire is allowed on the site but firewood can get scarce so always a good idea to grab some dead timber off the side of the road during your travels please don’t cut down living timber, there is absolutely no need to ever do this unless in an emergency situation.

The river water is not suitable for drinking without treatment, so unless you have a water purification system with you, your stay is going to be restricted by the amount of water you have on board. Unfortunately for the caravan in front of me he had none in his van tank when he reached the river, as he must have bottomed out and put a hole in it, or lost the bung, but it certainly shortened his intended stay. I followed the water trail as it leaked out for quiet a way before I came upon him at the river and gave him the news.

At night the temperature can get very cool, so always a good idea to have warm gear with you and an extra blanket, even in what you may think is a very hot place. A lot of inland country can get very cold indeed.

Would I do this trip to this spot again ? yes absolutely, it is another beautiful part of our country and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

What would I do different ? I would not drive into soft sand unless I checked it first. LOL


We came upon this site while doing some research for our trip to the Gulf Region. Time spent doing research will always prove beneficial, as you can gain a stack of knowledge from the internet and camping apps. They will give you specific information about the site itself, location via GPS coordinates and an address, what is available, is it free or does it come at a cost. Is it dog friendly, does it have toilets, showers, drinking water. Is phone signal available and which type of vehicle can stay there and much more.

From this research you will decide whether to add the site to your trip planner, the choice is made easier by the comments left by previous visitor entries and their photos that are also available for you to peruse. It is very easy to make an informed decision just by having access to one of these apps.

Spectacular It Is.

If you have a chance to travel the Savannah way this is one of many campsites along its length, but it is a spectacular area and one I’m sure you would enjoy immensely. Depending on what time of year you visit and what rains the previous wet season produced will determine the rivers flow, it could be a raging river, a trickle, or just shallow pools. However, the spectacular gorge will provide some amazing memories.

Some roadside campsites are not always conducive to rest, peace and quiet. Particularly those on busy tourist routes and major highways, however, while Free Camping Queensland we sometimes only need to rest overnight on our journey to another destination and these rest areas are most welcome facilities, but every now and then you come across a site that just oozes a welcome.

The Liechardt River Falls is one of those spots that will give a feeling of total relaxation, the quiet and isolation of this area makes for a wonderful and peaceful stay.

If you have been through this area, please tell us about it.

Remember, leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.

Have Fun, Safe Travels.


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