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FREE CAMPING! Yes, free camping is one of the best activities you can engage in either with friends or family. Different from what you may think, free camping does not only entail sitting on those camp seats and getting into the tent at night.

What are you planning to do when the kids are on holiday and jumping up and down in the house? Or when you have several days from work? This is the predicament most people find themselves in at one time or another and end up staying at home without any exciting activity. Notably, the TV just won’t cut it; you need something to break the
monotony, chores around the house, while they need doing are not much fun.

For the families who find themselves with a few spare days looking for a chance to do something different, there is plenty to do.

Family campground signriver


There are many activities which can make your stay memorable. Camping is a wonderful opportunity to share many family experiences from establishing the campsite where the whole family can take part in choosing the site and arranging and erecting the tent placing the beds and helping with the whole set up process.

How about a walking excursion around the campground area to familiarise yourself with the amenities, going
for a swim in the river, creek, stream or beach wherever you are. Then in the afternoon gathering the wood for the fire, lighting the fire, that in itself is a process that can result in positive feelings of one’s own abilities especially
the children, and the chance for them to share the responsibility of preparing the meal instead of relying on mum alone.

a tent set up at night


A person’s life can improve because the educational benefits alone are far-reaching and can encompass a whole different skill set in bushcraft and bush survival techniques, along with current environmental issues and the close study of flora and flora available in the vicinity of the camp.

For family members who may like to chase lizards
and frogs and to be able to learn about their habitats and a little about the creatures themselves is exciting in the extreme and can keep them occupied for many hours, its also very good exercise.

Different from what you may think, free camping does not only just entail sitting around on those camp seats by day and getting into the tent at night; there are many activities in the great outdoors which can make your stay memorable.

Camping is one of the best activities you can engage in either with friends or family, even on your own if you like your own company. The peaceful relaxation that can be found in camping allows for the mind to be put at ease and for the stress to be released from the body in many ways, the peace and serenity of the outdoors can be a tonic for the spirit.

It can be very affordable, equipment only has to be basic, it does not need to be the Taj Mahal, it can be a simple tent set up on one of our many beautiful waterways, the simple act of creating an open fire with a good friend beside you can be a terrific experience, and the food cooked on an open fire is always delicious.

pot of water on an open fire


Before we get into the different activities at your disposal, it’s important to know what to expect and how well
you should be prepared. For one, it’s always advisable to have all you’re camping gear with you since not all camping spots offer all the camping facilities you may require for your trip.

Alternatively, get to know about your preferred location where it is what you require and what is available. Wikicamps is a terrific tool that gives you a lot of information about what is available if it’s dog-friendly if it has shower and toilet facilities GPS location and much more.

One issue in some areas is accessibility. If you have a 4wd, now is the time to put it to good use. As a matter of fact, anytime is a good time to 4wd. Some camp locations prove a task for small cars and a 4wd/SUV are the most ideal vehicle to have when the going gets a bit rough. There are also a number of 4wd parks around that provide the
enthusiast with not only the camping option but also the chance to put your dirt and off-road driving skills to the test.

ACTIVITIES.hiking backpack and shoes

After getting to your chosen free camping site, the question of ‘what to do’ comes to mind. One of the most popular and always thrilling activities is hiking. Hiking is a terrific way to enjoy the bush I would highly recommend it while your in the area in which you’re camping. It may be just a short walk along a river or to the top of a large mountain, but it is a fantastic family-friendly way for anyone camping looking to maximize their stay.


Exploring the environment surrounding the area in which we camp can give us a feeling of connection with the land that can be a very powerful benefit for one’s health in terms of exercise and mental well-being. However, make sure you have the right gear, suitable hiking or walking shoes in addition to a backpack with some small snacks and a small first aid kit and plenty of water.

Hiking can involve challenging climbs, creek crossings, rainforest walks, etc, and therefore comfortable shoes like sneakers are ideal for the casual hiker. Also, always make sure to have enough water with you for your intended walk as it does not take long to become dehydrated.

Another fun activity which is extremely family-friendly is fishing. Most river systems and creeks have good fishthree men in a small boat stocks and information should be gained online at the appropriate local government Department for information regarding licensing and possible restrictions on certain activities. Length and bag limits of different species are applicable in some states so don’t get caught doing the wrong thing as the penalties can be very severe.


Finding the chance to go fishing is sometimes not easy, especially if you are constantly busy and there happens to be one opportunity you cannot ignore. It’s always a good feeling of achievement having a catch and cooking it. Exciting is an understatement when you see the joy on .your child’s face as he hooks one up, It’s all about a bit of family fun.

There is nothing more enjoyable than sitting with family or friends fishing. Apart from fishing, you can also enjoy water activities like water skiing, kayaking and swimming in many rivers, dams, and lagoons. Therefore, if you are an adrenaline junkie, get prepared to have a rush.

Wildlife.a koala in a tree

Most of the time a camping trip cannot be complete without interacting with the inhabitants of the wild. For the lover of bird watching, you are in for a treat in many camping places. Varieties of beautiful birds are always nearby, especially near fresh water, the sound and visual indulgence is nearly always guaranteed. If you are lucky enough, you will also get the chance to interact with other friendly animals as well.

Finally, try to make sure you have all the necessary personal camping gear for your breathtaking outdoor experience. Safety being always of Paramount importance so be aware of your surroundings and the issues that may create problems, eg: dangerous animals and terrain, Being prepared is always good planning.

Also, take note of the time allowed for a stay some places offer about 24 hrs camping, other 2 days and others more time. Consider such pieces of information in your selection to avoid inconveniences. Ooh, and yes don’t forget to carry your camera, you’ll need to capture the priceless memories.

children playing with a camera.

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Remember, leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish”

Have fun and safe travels.




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