Free Campsites Queensland. My Favourites : Texas

Whether you have taken the time to travel our vast state and have a list of your own favorite free campsites or just looking to find a few new sites, Free campsites Queensland has an excellent location you might like to explore.


One of the best free campsites in our opinion is on the Dumaresq River near the town of Texas on the QLD and NSW Border, what a magic spot 1-2 klms out of town on the Texas Inglewood Road, this campsite will have the relax gauge way up and the stress gauge way down in no time.


The generous and very friendly little town of Texas opens its arms with a big welcome to the camping and traveling public, the town has all the necessary services, Petrol (some of the cheapest in Queensland) at the Metro garage, Butcher, Pub, Bakery, Grocer plus a couple of great attractions, the old Rabbit works and an old and unusual Museum the Texas Heritage Centre and Tobacco museum.

With a population of around 850 the people are very friendly and happy to have visitors come and stay, because they know the camping and travelling public spend a lot of money in some of these smaller towns. The town has a free shower (hot and cold) and toilet block just off the main street, also drinkable water and a dump point in Fleming Street.

These services come at no cost to us yet these same services form an incredibly important part of us being able to stay away for extended periods of time making our journeys more enjoyable. This town deserves a big pat on the back and I cannot praise them enough for their help in making my stay a memorable one.

I first found this campsite on wiki camps however after the first time it seems to have been removed, but not sure, however, the campsite is very much there and a fabulous place to set up camp.

Drive into the camp on the left coming from Texas there is a permanent table and chairs setup under a wooden structure, a noticeboard informs of some of the local happenings, like the golf club open days and welcoming campers on certain days and a boose bus just a phone call away (how’s that for a service) also close by is a donation box if you would like to make a donation (not mandatory) you will probably spend money in the town anyway, however even $5 helps the community.

There is plenty of open space with lots of areas to choose from and some lovely trees to find that shady spot depending on your rig, and season. You can stop here for 14 days absolutely free.

Dogs are allowed plus you can also have a campfire in the appropriate spots, there are no toilet or shower facilities on the site however the town has these facilities.


Currently we own an off road camper that suits us perfectly at this stage of our travels it is easy to tow lightweight and also easy to set up for the 2 of us around 10minutes for a basic setup of bedroom and kitchen ready to cook something simple, especially if we have traveled a long distance during the day.

We carry a porta pottie which sits nicely in the tool/carry box on the drawbar, is excellent to use and one very handy addition to the camper. A deep cycle battery is also in the box which runs our kitchen water pump, our lights, charges our devices and any other little item that needs 12v power.

We have an awning attached to the roof of the tow vehicle (4×4 ute) so we set up our table and chairs under this awning and unless we are staying for an extended period we normally just use the camper opened first stage without any additional rooms or awning just for sleeping and cooking.

We camped in a little secluded area beside the river it was very warm but i knew the river would keep us cool, it just happened to be a weekday so there were not too many fellow free campers about.

Immediately I started to relax about being here it just felt right. Ahh the serenity.

We spent our days eating, sleeping, swimming and not doing much at all, our spot had sun for some solar during the day till early afternoon, then we got shade from the large river gums. The river was cool and flowing nicely, very clean and refreshing, understandably we were regularly in and out of the water throughout the day.

Our day began will the billy on the open fire and breakfast only 6mts from the water’s edge and right on the waters edge there is a small flat grassy area about 5sqm on which I set up 2 camp stretches (lolabout beds) and a small table, talk about spoiled this is the life.

There is a huge variety of bird life along the river and the lovely sounds and their activities were a treat (not so much at 5am though) however that is part of the camping experience in the Australian bush and one of the reason we love getting out and about.

I am told you can catch a nice Murray cod in the river and in the dam just a little further upstream so bring your gear and expertise and try it for yourself. You can also go for long walks along the river and around the surrounding area

We have traveled and camped extensively throughout Queensland and have stayed in some lovely places, but all things being equal this would have to be one of my top 3 free campsites Queensland, So don’t hold back if your traveling through or near this area or simply looking for a great spot for your next getaway.

I would highly recommend you make a point of staying at least a couple of days and take a look at the remarkable area and some great attractions.

Remember! “leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish”

Have Fun, Safe Travels.


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2 thoughts on “Free Campsites Queensland. My Favourites : Texas”

  1. Hi Shane,

    I live just up the road a bit from Texas in Warwick. I too am 58 years young and these days my camping has sadly diminished. My favourite site for camping is Mission Beach just off Dunk island, although it has been years since I have been there.
    Congratulations on a great site

    • Hi Coucka, thanks for the great review, Texas on the border is a wonderful spot i love it. Mission beach is a fab place also. We are lucky to have so many awesome places around our state. Stay cool, Shane.


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