Fun Camping Games For Adults

You’re all fired up for a camping trip, only to get out there and end up sitting around the campfire thinking of something to do. Not to worry, we have some fun camping games for adults that are sure to keep you all laughing and having fun the entire evening. 

One thing for sure is that without Wi-Fi in the wild, you could easily get bored and you may want some light entertainment. During the day or resting peacefully at night, there are many games and activities that will keep you occupied.

If you’re looking for some friendly competition or just some serious laughs we have put together a list of fun games that will definitely keep everyone happy and smiling.

Make me laugh

If you feel like the mood is going down and you want to bring back the laughter and happiness, then this could be just the right game to come up with.

It’s quite simple!

You are to trying making everyone else laugh without laughing yourself. This will depend though, some would consider your smile as laughing, so it depends on the times you set.

Here’s the thing;

If you laugh, you are out, and someone else takes over. Now, that’s a simple but fun way to bring laughter and happiness to the campsite.

Start a story, let someone else pick up…

Here’s another game that you can bring on the table if you feel like everyone is getting all bored. It’s a simple one too.

One of the campers starts a story, for instance, you could say “there once was a stunk…” then someone else would pick up saying “fortunately,…” then continue the story on a positive light.

Now another narrator would come onboard and turn the story on its head and say “unfortunately,…” then keep it going.

This game necessitates fast-thinking, imagination, and reaction to keep it fun. Some of the ideas that people could come up with so fast will amaze you.


Want to take the fun a notch higher? Try this one!

As the host, you can pick any category of objects, give the others a pen and paper, and set a timer. Within the category that you’ve chosen, they should jot down as many items as they can before the time is up; let’s say like two minutes.

Once the time is up, have one of the participants read aloud whatever it is that she has written. Then everyone else will cross out those items that they have in common with her.

With her list over, the next member should also read out his list and so on. The aim here is to see who wrote the most items that no one else thought of. Every single unique item should earn the writer one point.

The one with the most points is the winner. This is a fun game that also helps exercise your thinking.

ABC named games

If you know a fair number of celebrities, then this game’s for you. It’s also a simple game that you can bring up to have fun with your friends, but there should be several of them.

Here’s how it goes

The group claps slowly in unison, then the initiator should mention the first and second names of any celebrity — whether dead or alive.  Then the next person to your left should mention the names of another celebrity whose first name starts with the same letter as the mentioned celebrity’s last name.

For instance, if the first-named celebrity is Sally Field, the next person could mention Frank Sinatra, and the next one picks up with the name of another celebrity whose first name starts with “S” and so on.

You could broaden the scope as much as you want, or confine it to either music, baseball, football or any other category of your choice.

Horse stone

What would be more fun than to pop a game right out of antiquity?

Well, this is one of the long-living games around, originating in ancient Rome. Known as “Quit” at the time, it involved a soldier putting an arrow box at a distance from the group, and then everyone tries to shoot arrows into the box.

However, it’s not a complicated game, but not any bit easy.

If you want to test each other’s target skills, then this game is for you. Just put a bucket a distance from the group, then try throwing stones right into the bucket.

You could measure the score by the number of stones each one of you manages to throw into the bucket. The one who comes out last can be punished by either doing several pushups or being sent to collect wood.

Two truth one lie

Here’s another word game that’ll get everyone excited.

Start by sitting in a circle, then one of you tells three things about themselves, and everyone else would try to find out what is true and what isn’t.

The essence here is to make the truth a bit absurd and confuse everyone else to go for the lie instead.

Careful though, as there are always those embarrassing experiences and characters in the heat of the moment; you have to be smart.

It’s just a game after all!

Truth or dare

Well, you might have already played this one while at the beach, in the backyard barbeque or in the patio

But hey, who cares? It’s excessively fun to leave out of this list anyway.

If you’ve played it, you already know the rules. It’s fun rolling trough those prying questions from your close friends who believe they know everything about you, and the crazy answers from the ones who are convinced they know you in and out. 

So if you always want to dig out those few dirty secrets from your friends, then this game could give you just the perfect opportunity.

Mosquito bites

Here’s another fun game for a long evening.

It’s also a simple one, each player gets a sheet of those dot stickers, red ones would work best as they look just like nasty mosquito bites.

The essence is for everyone to try to get rid of their stickers by sticking them on others, also considered as giving them mosquito bites.

 So, what’s the catch?

Well, if you are caught trying to give someone a bite, you will have to keep it, and on top of that, receive one sticker from the person.

And the winner?

Well, the winner is the person who gives out all their stickers first.

Think you are smart and cheeky enough? Try this game and find out!


You might not understand how easily a message could be distorted when being passed from one person to the next until you try this game.

It’s another word game whereby one person comes up with a phrase and whispers it to the person sitting next to him. Then the second person whispers it to the next one, and it goes on and on until it gets to the last person in the line.

There’s no winner on this one, and yeah, don’t worry, you aren’t going to be punished as well.

 So what’s it all about?

Well, the fun part is comparing the message received by the last person to the initial message from the first one.

Wink murderer

It might sound a bit creepy for a pastime in an excluded campsite, but this game is every bit as fun as any other game that we’ve listed here.

This one is best when you have a group of about 6 to 7 campers. And it has to do with having a secret “killer” who winks at the others in order to eliminate them. So it’s upon the other group members to figure out who in the group is the wink murderer before they’re eliminated.

So, how do we decide who the killer will be? and some other rules click here 

 Just split up some cards or papers, the one that’s different will designate the wink murderer.

As the murderer hunts for the first or next victim, the rest of the group should continue talking and interacting, while everyone is keen not to fall victim.

If an unlucky member is winked at, he or she should “die” in a funny way, say like falling off their chair or shouting out, which will alert others that the member is out.

Once that round is over, you can start over by selecting a new wink murderer or shift to a different game.

Never have I ever

Well, you probably have played this one already, but you’ll agree that it’s just too much fun to leave out of this list.

If you want to spice up the party when drinking, then this is a great game to pop into the action.

In this game, every player has their turn of saying something they have never done. This could be something like, “Never have I ever experienced a rollercoaster ride.”

The others will take a tot or drink if they have ever done ride a rollercoaster, while those who have never done won’t. The fun rolls right on as the next person in any or no particular order says what they never have done and the drinking or lack thereof goes on.

Bocce ball

How about some fun activities outside?

That’s where this game comes in, and it’s an old one that’s pretty much like the British bowls or French petanque. And the good thing about it is that you can play it even on the beach or in the woods. Here is a link to how to play.

Better yet, you can play this game as a pair or divide yourselves into teams of 2,3 or 4 people.

One of the teams throws a small ball, also known as a jack, any distance between 8 feet and 16 feet. If the starting team misses twice, it’s the next team’s turn.

When each ball comes closer to the other team’s ball, then that counts as a single point, but you can also knock away the jack, or the balls belonging to the other team.

How do we mark out the distance?

Not to worry, bocce balls come with some distance markers that you can use for this purpose, just make sure to get high-quality ones when buying.


To wind up our list here’s another great game for the outdoors, which also packs in a quite dynamic activity.

This is a game for four players who can divide themselves into teams of two, each on the opposite side of a circular net. One of them serves a ball towards the opposite side; hence, he has to bounce it on the net.

The opposite team has two passes to play and then they should spike the ball onto the net and back to the other team. 

As players, you can move around the net, but if one team is unable to spike the ball back after two passes, then the other team scores a point.

The threshold is 21 points, the first team to score these points wins the game, and you can start all over again.

Board Games

There are numerous board games that are heaps of fun while being portable which will not take up a lot of space these can be used for hours of fun and laughter. On a rainy evening in camp, these are excellent forms of entertainment if you find yourself stuck inside the family tent.

Final words

The sky is the limit when it comes to having fun while camping. Any of these games should make your stay out there lots of fun so don’t just sit around the campfire and stare at each other.

Do something fun and make the trip memorable. But these are not the only adult games that you can play when camping, there’s a long list of many others available, so you can still scout around for any others that will catch your eye.

Camping has never been so much fun! and here are some more tips for camping.

If you have any more questions about fun games for adults, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.


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