GCI Outdoor Pod Rocker Collapsible Rocking Chair

The GCI Outdoor Pod Rocker Collapsible Rocking Chair is arguably the most comfortable chair we’ve tested.

Being the largest and most comfortable rocker chair offered by GCI, there’s no doubt you can use this chair all year-round. 

That said, this portable chair is not just for the beach, but as well as for camping and tailgating.

You can also bring this chair if you want to watch sporting events, music events, go picnic with your family or simply want to rock on the front porch while enjoying your favorite book. 

You can take it anywhere you want! With a GCI Outdoor Pod Rocker, you can experience the comfort of an intuitive, collapsible, and compact design rocking chair.  

If you’re wondering why this chair is called a pod because like peas in the pod it conforms to your body providing you the right comfort and support.

To get to know more about this amazing chair, continue reading below and we will tell you exactly what it’s all about. 

Key Features  

Design and Materials 

The GCI Outdoor Pod Rocker Collapsible Rocking Chair can be compared to a high-end mountain bike that has a hydraulic system. The only thing is, this chair’s hydraulic system allows its user to rock back and forth on the sand without sinking or having difficulty at all. 

Like other GCI rocker chairs, the Outdoor Pod Rocker is structured with GCI patented Spring Rocker Technology on the back portion of the chair.

This technology is the one responsible for the very smooth, luxurious rocking action of the chair. 

The Pod Rocker used a sling-type seat composed of breathable mesh panels to keep you cool and feeling fresh. The fabric is made of 600 D ripstop canvas and basically, that’s as high-end as you can get for a sling. 

Even though there’s no rigid armrest, the way your arms conform to the nice side stitching and soft material is just amazing.

Each side was designed to work perfectly similar to an armrest so you don’t have to worry about how to position your arms. 

A unique design of this chair is the front legs. Wherein, when you lean forward these legs will help you sit solidly on the ground, meaning the rocking will stop. 

This works best when you want to get in and off the chair. As we all know the traditional wooden rocking chair is very hard to get in and out of. 

But with the Pod Rocker chair, all you have to do is to lean it forward and the legs are like almost planted on the surface which feels like it’s really helping you get in and out of the chair.

If you want to return in a rocking motion, simply go back and forth and you get the same cradling way you get when you’re in a hammock. 


The rocking itself, in general, is truly relaxing and we have no doubts about that. The best thing about having a chair like this is you get to enjoy the beautiful outdoor view with comfort.  

In this chair, you can snuggle down, let your arms rest wider on the nicely stitched side and soft fabric. The sling-type chair structure is an excellent choice of design for it truly follows the shape of the body.  

The spring technology makes rocking so good that it helps relieve stress and tiredness. In fact, a rocking chair can be a small form of exercise because you’re actually moving in a good and calming way at the same time. 


Indeed, the very first thing you’ll love about this chair is how wide and comfortable to sit on it. Honestly, it feels cozy enough that you can just slouch down and easily take a nap. 

We are glad that GCI decided to include two pockets on one side of the chair which you don’t commonly see on other camp chairs.

One pocket is for your beverage that can fit a 26 oz tumbler while the other pocket is intended for safekeeping any size of a phone or can be for other small stuff that you want to easily access. 

Setting this chair is really easy, you can do it in just quick seconds. Unlike other camping chairs, the GCI Pod Rocker doesn’t have any single-pole structure that you have to connect and secure or any sling you have to insert into the chair’s frame. 

All you have to do is to unfold and spread it and you can enjoy sitting.


The Outdoor Pod Rocker weighs 11.7 lbs which only means its not for backpackers at all.

For long travels, you have to have a car so you can just toss it inside for transport and carry it afterward when its time to go to the campsite.

You can easily tote it around the campsite with an easy-carry bag that has a convenient strap on it. Collapsing this chair is simple, just fold it up towards the middle and tighten it a bit to flatten. 

After that, you can slide it back to its customized carry bag. When unfolded the dimension of the chair is 28.2 x 30 x 34.7 in which is really wide and when its folded it will give you a dimension of 6.5 x 5.5 x 40.2 in which is really compact. 


This collapsible rocking chair can hold up 300 lbs and can rock on just about every surface. From sand to stone to grass to wet surface, name it and you will not have any trouble. 

GCI made sure that the frame is sturdy and safe. To achieve this, the steel frame has undergone powder-coating procedures. 

You will not worry about flipping over or falling hard on the ground. Another great thing about its unique design is it doesn’t damage the surface that it’s on. 

So, aside from outdoor use, you can also use this chair indoors guaranteeing that your floor tiles and carpet won’t be damaged. 

Comfortable GCI Outdoor Pod Rocker at Camp

Benefits of the Product 

GCI Patented Spring Action Technology is what makes the Pod Rocker unique. It gives you the feeling of having a suspension underneath allowing you to smoothly rock your way to relaxation. 

Made of 600 D ripstop canvas, a premium material that you can rely on when it comes to breathability and soft to the skin feel of the sling fabric. 

The powder-coated steel frame means this chair will last for years. It adds durability to the chair and makes the steel frame corrosion-resistant and crack resistant. 

Compact and portable, the coolest thing about this rocking chair is how easy it collapses and folds when you’re done using it.

Structured sling-type seat and contoured fabric that serves as a comfortable armrest. This specific shape of the chair makes you want to sit on it all day while enjoying nature. 

Comes with a convenient carry bag that has a comfortable strap you can put around your shoulders as you walk to the campsite. 

A sturdy chair that can carry 300 lbs without breaking. To make sure it works, GCI even tried testing it with 450 lbs and gladly it didn’t break. 

Equipped with two pockets, a beverage holder, and a sleek pocket for your phone or other small valuable things. These added features don’t add any bulkiness to the chair, which is really brilliant. 

Price, the GCI Outdoor Pod Rocker is worth its price. Putting into consideration its uniqueness, proven comfort, and functionality you are sure of placing your money in a good portable chair. 

Warranty, this rocker chair is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Get in touch with GCI’s after-sales team and they will gladly assist you with your concerns. 

Quick Specs 

  1. Weight 11.7 pounds
  2. Materials 600D ripstop canvas
  3. Frame strong Powder coated steel
  4. Open Diamensions 28.2 x 30 x 34.7 in
  5. Closed Diamensions 6.5 x 5.5 x 40.2 in
  6. Load Capacity 300 pounds


  •  A unique portable, collapsible rocking chair
  • Comfortable mesh panel making it ideal for the summer season
  • Comes with an easy-carry bag
  • The shape of the chair perfectly conforms to the body
  • Ideal for picnics, car camping, music festival, sports events, and the likes 


  •  Not a lightweight camping chair, not for backpackers and long-distance hikers


Questions and Answers 

Q: Is this chair like a typical camping chair that makes your back curve forward, straining your neck and shoulders? 

A: No, the GCI Outdoor Pod Rocker Collapsible Rocking Chair is absolutely comfortable to sit on. As its name implies, “pod” meaning like peas in a pod it conforms to your body providing the right comfort and support. 

You can slouch and sleep all you want in this chair and will not feel pain or pressure in any part of your body. 

Q: Why don’t the front legs touch the ground? Is that normal? 

A: Yes, it is absolutely normal. It is designed to be that way and there is nothing wrong with it.  

The front legs give you the option to stop rocking the chair and help you get in and out of it in a much convenient way which is very far from what you usually experience with a traditional rocking chair. 

Tips You Can Take Away 

  1. Although we describe this chair durable, it is still best to maintain and take good care of it to enhance its longevity.
  2. Never keep your outdoor gears wet, it might cause mold build-up which can result in damaging them.


The GCI Outdoor Pod Rocker collapsible rocking chair is truly a unique find. We don’t hesitate to bring this chair along every time we had the chance. 

Just like the GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker that we’ve tested before, it is no surprise that the Outdoor Pod Rocker also ends up being one of our top favorites. The smooth rocking movement and the total comfort the GCI rocker chairs provide is what makes it stand out among others. 

Overall, this is such a good portable chair to bring or toss into your car as you travel. We highly recommend this to anyone who wants to experience an added level of comfort on their next outdoor adventure.

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If you have any more questions about the GCI Outdoor Pod Rocker Collapsible Rocking Chair, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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