Gear Doctor Sleeping Pad

When planning for an overnight outdoor adventure consider your sleeping arrangements, they are an area of great importance. The Ultralight Apollo Air Gear Doctor Sleeping Pad could be a worthy addition to your essential equipment.  

The market is stacked with endless options of sleeping pads, and while there are many cool ones, you can also be unlucky enough to find yourself with one that just doesn’t do what you need.

Chances are, that’s why you are here, in a bid to find out which sleeping pad is worth your money and which isn’t. Therefore, in this post, I will be taking you through the ins and outs of this ApolloAir sleeping pad to help you make the best decision.

Let’s get started!

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Apollo Air Camping Sleeping Pad

The Key Features

High R-value of 5.2

Among the other things, the one thing that a sleeping pad is designed to do is keep you warm. This comes from its capability to offer the necessary insulation and reduce heat loss from your body and into the cold ground below.

The r-value is a measure of the extent of insulation that you can expect from a sleeping pad; the higher the number the more the insulation. That’s why with a 5.2 r-value, this sleeping pad ranks as one of the best options out there.

Thick enough for comfort

Part of what makes a sleeping pad warm enough is the thickness, which means more space between you and the ground. But that’s not all there is to the thickness of a good sleeping pad, since this also means enjoy cushy support.

Now, this is crucial for your body, especially after a long hiking day when you need to rest and rejuvenate for the next day.

Thankfully, with a thickness of up to 3.2 inches, this sleeping pad is designed to keep you toasty warm while at the same time offering you the much-needed cushioning you need for a comfy night’s sleep.

Can’t go wrong with the size

No matter how cushy or warm your sleeping pad gets, if you don’t have enough surface to sleep on, then both of these are bound to be compromised, and even worse, your overall comfort, too.

That shouldn’t be a cause for worry, however, since this one boasts a considerably impressive size at up to 71 inches long and 23 inches wide. This makes it ideal for most middle-bodied people, and even those slightly on the plus size.

As such, it’s important to ensure your pad of choice is wide and long enough for your body size, I would partner this sleeping pad with one of the best Camping Cots around, the excellent Byer Of Maine Easy Cot.

Easy inflation and adjusting

Before you can settle down for that comfy, cushy, toasty warm night’s sleep on your sleeping pad, you need to fill it up with air. That’s how these pads are designed to work. But with the right one, getting the air in there doesn’t have to be a daunting feat.

That’s the other bit I loved about this piece of gear. On top of the great performance that it delivers, it’s also a snap to inflate and even adjust the firmness to your liking.

And it all comes down to the pump sack that this item comes with, which takes much of the hassle out of the way. You can have your sleeping pad all set and ready in as little as less than 5 minutes.

It’s also water-resistant

It might not sound so crucial (considering you have a solid tent and perhaps a sleeping bag on you too) to have a water-resistant sleeping pad, but it’s more important than you might think.

Let’s face it, sometimes mother nature can turn nasty in an instance, only to realize that your tent floor has been damaged when pitching it.

It’s in such instances where a sleeping pad with the ability to keep you both warm and dry becomes indispensable. Thanks to the solid construction of this one with a water-resistant Hexagon Shield and 40D nylon fabric, you don’t have to worry about getting wet in the outdoors when you don’t have to.

Built for the road

To be able to make the most out of your sleeping pad, you need to bring it along on your trip. This is where things get a bit complicated since this isn’t the only piece of gear that you will be hauling along. That’s why it needs to be just the right size and weight when packed to make life easier for you.

Not to worry, this item is designed with this need at heart, which is why it’s very compact and lightweight when packed, which makes carrying it to virtually any destination super easy even with a hoard of other stuff.

At only 8.5 inches when packed, and weighing just 17 ounces, it doesn’t take up much space in your backpack or bog you down.

Included user manual

Straightforward as it might seem, wrapping heads around how different types of camping gear work isn’t for everyone. And this can get a bit confusing especially for those who are still new to adventure and haven’t used any such piece like this one before.

ApolloAir has taken care of that by ensuring this sleeping pad is not only easy to use, but also comes with a user manual, which can be very handy for anyone who might need some help understanding how to set up this item.

What Are The Benefits Of This Product

With a large surface of 72 inches by 23 inches, this sleeping pad is a great pick for both back and side sleepers, and even for those who often toss and turn in their sleep.

The material is not only awesome and robust in and of itself, but it also features an E-LAST coating that makes the ApolloAir camping mattress up to 2.5 times stronger than the competition.

Its impressive thickness and the high r-value offer combined protection from the cold ground, thus making this sleeping pad ideal for all-season use.

An anti-leak valve system also comes in handy to ensure you never have to worry about sleeping on a flat air mattress, and further makes the use of this item easy and fun.

Deflating and packing it away once the adventure is over also proves to be just as easy as setting it up, since all you have to do is deflate it by opening the valve, tri-fold it vertically, then roll it towards the valve, and pack it.

The pump sack not only helps with the easy storage and transportation of your pump, but you can also use it as a dry bag, as a water storage option, or even for a camp shower.

Then there’s also a carry pouch included in the package for the sleeping pad itself, which is a great plus as it helps make life easier for you when storing or transporting your nighttime buddy.

At only 9.57inches by 3.86 inches by 3.62 inches, carrying and storing this sleeping once packed becomes super easy. Factor in the lightweight design and you have a unit that you can carry along to just about any destination.

Also included in the package is a repair kit, a very handy addition that might come to the rescue at the most inconvenient moment, and save the night for you.

More importantly, this versatile sleeping pad will be your go-to item for virtually any adventure, as you can use it with different sleep systems; whether you intend to use it on a tent floor, with your sleeping cot, in a hammock, or even with a sleeping bag.

Quick Specs

  1. Dimensions when folded 9.57inches by 3.86 inches by 3.62 inches 
  2. Thickness; 3.2 inches,
  3. Comes with an included repair kit
  4. E-LAST coating for durability
  5. Open dimensions of 72 inches by 23 inches
  6. Included user manual
  7. Water-resistant Hexagon Shield
  8. Material 40D nylon fabric
  9. Pump sack for inflation
  10. A 5.2 r-value
  11. Weight; 17 ounces


  • Easy to inflate, adjust and deflate
  • Retains air overnight for ultimate comfort and support
  • Compact, lightweight design allows you to hike light and fast
  • Great insulation from the high r-value
  • Very thick for maximum cushioning and added insulation
  • Handy and versatile inflation bag makes life easier for you


  • Takes some time and practice to figure out how to connect the inflating bag to the sleeping pad
  • It may be a bit noisy when you roll around at night

Questions And Answers

Question: How can I adjust the firmness?

Answer: Easy, the valve on this sleeping pad features two ports, one being for letting air out, and the other for letting air in. So you can easily add air or let some out to achieve your desired firmness.

Question: Is this sleeping pad ideal for all-yearround use?

Answer: Thanks to its combination of a 5.2 r-value and a thick design, this sleeping pad is robust enough to keep you warm even in some extremely cold weather. Thus, you can use it for any season of the year.

Here Is A Tip Or Two 

  • Inflating your sleeping pad is pretty easy, you simply need to unfold it, and then unroll it all the way. Pump it with the provided pump, and make sure to seal the valve tight to keep the air in.
  • Make sure to roll it in the direction of the valve to remove all the air inside, this will make it easier to fit in its carry pouch. 


If you are looking for a sleeping pad that you will not only sleep comfortably on but also be proud of after months or years of use, then going cheap is not an option. No matter how well you take care of the other aspects of your sleeping system, a poorly built sleeping pad could ruin everything.

That’s why finding just the right one for a wide variety of uses can prove difficult even for seasoned outdoor lovers. Well, it doesn’t have to be for you now that you understand what this Ultralight ApolloAir Camping Sleeping Pad has to offer.

As much as it has its fair share of downsides, the advantages outweigh the downsides by far. Therefore, for a sleeping pad that’s worth the money, this one fits the bill, and I highly recommend trying it. 

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If you have any more questions about the Ultralight Apollo Air Camping Sleeping Pad, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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