Geertop Backpacking Tent

If you need a good reliable shelter for camping in nasty weather, a tent such as this 4 season Geertop Backpacking Tent for 2 people is one piece of equipment that deserves your full attention.

While there’s a whole lot that you can pack for your adventure, a tent is second to none since it is the only way of keeping yourself safe from the elements.

And don’t let the beauty of nature fool you, the bliss you see out there could turn into a nightmare in an instant. That’s why it’s so important to always bring with you a tent that could offer you the protection you need in case the weather changes for the worst.

So, does this tent have what it takes to keep you safe in the wild? Let’s dig in and find out.

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Geertop Backpacking Tent

The Key Features

Robust, waterproof design

Water is the one thing that could ruin the fun for you in the wild. But that’s not the problem; the biggest threat is getting caught up in a raging storm, which can put your health, or even your life, in grim danger.

Not to worry, this tent is built with the need to keep you dry at heart. As such, it’s built with high-quality polyester material and a special coating that makes it waterproof enough to withstand any weather in the 4 seasons of the year. With this one, you won’t have to worry about your gear getting wet even during a serious downpour.

Very durable too

Durability is the ultimate value you can get with outdoor gear. But unfortunately, with the constant use, transportation, and the unrelenting elements in the outdoors, the chances of your gear lasting for very long can be pretty slim, especially if it’s not of high quality.

Thankfully, this tent is built to offer you a lasting service despite being exposed to the elements for a long. And it all boils down to its rugged 210T checkered polyester, which is not only wear and abrasions resistant but is also tear-resistant, ensuring impressive durability.

Easy set up

No matter how fun your tent is to lounge in and enjoy your night or shade in the wild, you have to pitch it first to enjoy such good times. Now, this comes across as a bummer for many, mostly if you are unlucky enough to end up with a tent that isn’t designed for easy setup.

The one thing I loved most about this tent is how easy it is to set up, which is attributable to its freestanding pole design. This allows even one person to pitch this tent in next to no time. Besides, even taking it down is just as easy. Usually, all it takes is only a matter of a few minutes to take it down and pack up.

Double layered for more protection

Protection is the main primary function a tent can play, and it not only protects you from the weather and the ground underneath but also helps keep your gear dry. A solidly built tent helps offer unwavering protection, but it can get better than this, by far.

With the double layer construction of this tent, you get even more protection from the weather, but the best part is that this also gives you a bit of flexibility. You can also use the inner layer alone in warm and dry weather to keep the inside of the tent well ventilated.

Well ventilated

Speaking of ventilation, the last thing most people want is to spend the night or sometime during the day feeling claustrophobic inside the tent. That’s why it becomes crucial that your tent of choice offers enough ventilation to keep you feeling fresh inside.

And this tent has the features to offer you just that. Not only does it come with two large windows, but it also has a double door design, a combination that ensures ideal airflow in and out of the tent at every given time.

Easy access and exit

Comfortable as your tent might feel inside if it’s a pain to get in and out of, it still won’t be as convenient as it can get. This brings up the need for easy access in and out of your tent, and more importantly since in most cases, you will need to bring in your gear such as a cot, an air mattress, or others.

That has been taken care of too, thanks to the large door construction of this tent, which allows you to access your tent with ease even when you have to bring in some stuff. And since it’s a 2-person tent, the double doors allow you and your partner to get into or out of the tent without having to wake each other up.

Spacious interior

If you are on a solo camping trip, then a small tent would suffice, but when heading out as a pair, the issue of real estate becomes of greater importance. And what better way to enjoy your time outdoors than with a tent that offers enough room for the two of you, and your gear.

That’s what you get with this tent’s generous 32 square inches of interior space, which is roomy enough for two along with some gear. But that’s not all, since the height is also just as crucial, and GEERTOP has also taken care of that by ensuring this tent stands at up to 115 centimeters height, allowing you to walk about inside without having to crawl your way around. 

What Are The Benefits Of This Product

Lightweight and compact design makes this tent easy to transport, as it weighs only 6.4lbs, and fits nicely in the 17.3 inches by 6.7-inch storage duffle bag that it comes with

 The PU 3000mm water-resistant finish of this tent, along with the double-stitched seams sealed to keep the rain out, makes it perfect for waterproof protection.

 It’s not only built with solid material but also features a UV-resistant special coating that gives it the edge when it comes to durability even when using it in the summer heat.

Two layers do a great job of balancing the conditions inside; with the inner layer allowing breathability and giving you a great view of the surroundings, and the outer one helping keep the rough outdoor conditions out.

A dome design with free-standing aluminum pole construction not only makes the setup of this tent a snap, but also ensures it’s tall enough inside, and most importantly, makes it rigid enough to withstand strong winds.

Everything you need is in the package, including the tent, the poles, stakes, and the duffle bag. And yes, everything fits nice and easy in the bag.

With 2 vestibules on the left and right side, you don’t have to worry about storage space for your gear, this tent got that covered.

The L-shaped stakes that this tent comes with are not only robust enough but are also made of tough yet lightweight aluminum to help keep the tent solidly on the ground even in windy conditions.

A built-in snow skirt helps keep the ground directly beneath the tent dry by carrying snow and wind away from your tent, thus reducing any chances of leakage.

There are also storage pockets inside for even more storage space, and then a lantern hook that you can use for your light to illuminate the interior of your tent.

The tent floor is also very robust, as it is made using a PU5000mm Oxford polyester fabric and closed seam construction that make it watertight.

Quick Specs

  1. Capacity; 2-person
  2. Seasons; 4-season
  3. Double-layered construction
  4. Weight6.4 lbs
  5. Size: 32 square feet, 115 inches max-height
  6. Material: 210T anti-tear checkered polyester
  7. Waterproof PU3000mm waterproof coating
  8. VU-resistant finish
  9. Carry bag included
  10. 2 doors, 2 windows, 2 vestibules
  11. Interior pockets and lantern hook
  12. Freestanding-pole dome design
  13. Closure design; double-sided zipper


  • Easy to pitch thanks to the freestanding pole design
  • Two layers for ventilation, protection, and privacy
  • Impressive waterproof and durability
  • Easy access thanks to the double door
  • Windows and mesh inner layer keep the interior very breathable and reduce condensation
  • Strong aluminum poles and stakes are strong yet lightweight  


  • This tent is not easy to pack away, but you should get the hang of it with practice
  • Kind of heavy for hiking and backpacking adventure

Questions And Answers

Question: Are the doors easy to open from the outside?

Answer: Sure! The zippers on this tent’s doors are not only very robust but also feature a double-sided design that allows you to conveniently open the tent from the inside or outside.

Question: Can I fit a large air mattress inside this tent?

Answer: Luckily, yes you can. The large doors allow even a comfortable queen-size air mattress to fit easily inside this tent. And the double door design makes it easier to get in and out of the tent even with such large gear inside.  

Here’s A Tip Or Two

To fit the tent into its carry bag, you only need to fold or roll it after taking it down. It should fit fairly easily, without even having to shake the bag once the tent is in. Besides, you don’t need to worry about spending money on any extra bag, the one that comes with this tent is spacious enough everything goes in there nicely.

Although this tent comes with instructions on how to set it up, it doesn’t come with some on how to take it down and pack it away. However, with a little bit of practice, especially if you’re used to pitching tents, you should get the hang of it pretty easily.


Looking for a tent that will keep you protected from the elements all year round? Well, then this GEERTOP Lightweight 2 Person Tent should be a great pick for your adventure.

It’s lightweight, robust, easy to set up and takedown, and most importantly, very durable. Not forgetting, you will have sufficient space inside, and lots of gear storage options as well.

The waterproof performance is outstanding, and the ventilation is hands down awesome too. It’s hands down a tent designed for just about any outdoor adventure, from camping to backpacking.

Time to put paid to leak tents that can’t withstand raging winds, give this tent a try, and see what it has to offer. 

If you have any more questions about the Geertop Backpacking Tent, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.


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