Goplus Portable Folding Table

If you’re looking to buy a good small portable table, I suggest you check out the Goplus Portable Folding Table. This may be a good table for camping, picnics, fishing, or at the back yard Barbeque.

You can use it with everything. You can cook, eat, prepare foods, do your art, your hobbies, play some board games and even put your son’s next school project to show to his class. This is an all-time use portable table. 

Aside from being all-around use, this table is made of good-quality materials that will surely last longer than the usual wooden foldable table. This article will highlight some key features you might consider before buying a Portable Folding Table.

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Goplus Portable Folding Table

Key Features

Foldable and Lightweight Design

One unique feature of the Goplus portable folding table is its lightweight design. This innovative feature makes the Goplus table even more portable. You can easily transport it anywhere.

The additional feature of the Goplus table is its foldability. Folding it creates an array of usage. It saves you space if you want to put in your garage, and it can even fit on the back of your car.

Furthermore, the foldable leg design comes with a sturdy structure to ensure it doesn’t easily bend when you stand the table upright.

MDF and Sturdy Material

Goplus uses the Medium-density fiberboard (MDF). It a wood product made by combining hardwood and softwood residual into fibers. The fibers are glued together under high pressure, so it is denser than ordinary plywood.  

When you look at the structure of the table, it is made with quality materials. The foundation is made of a combination of aluminum and steel. The legs are made with steel while the hem is composed of alloys.  

Easy to Clean

If you are worried about damaging the table’s surface, don’t worry because the top is made of aluminum material. It is scratch-free, waterproof, and rust-free. It takes a minute to clean it.

You can wipe a wet cloth on the surface, and it feels like it is new. It also spill-free; it can even remove sticky substances easily.

No assembly needed

Goplus portable folding tables can be used immediately. You don’t need to screw and unscrew its legs to use. You can use the Goplus right outside the box; no additional assemble task is required. 

But of course, don’t try to disassemble the table.  

Multifunctional Use

The portability design makes Goplus table multifunctional. Going on camping, you can put your food on the table instead of making a makeshift unstable wooden table.

If you go fishing, you can arrange your tools and gear on the table. Planning your next road trip with your friends, use it inside the RV for convenience. 

Can blend in with other furniture

Another feature of Goplus is that of its minimalistic design. This table almost blends with other furniture. The metallic white color is perfect for the eyes. 

Just the right size

Goplus has the right size. You can put a decent amount of stuff on top. It can accommodate a lot of things without the need to buy an additional table. It doesn’t take so much space. Perfect for those you value freedom and convenience. 

Great for camping

Camping is one of the exceptional outdoor activities that a complete family can experience. Camping is enjoyable, a splendid way to experience the clean fresh outdoor environment.

However, camping comes with some dreaded situations. It lacks most of the luxuries and a lot of the benefits of a home. But, you can eatoff this table easily, the Goplus portable folding table is well designed to allow that convenience. 

What Are The Benefits Of This Product

The Goplus table is a low maintenance table. It is easy to clean; a simple wet cloth is enough. It is also scratch-free that makes this table an ideal table to bring outside without damaging it.

It is convenient to use. You can use it right outside the box. You will not assemble this anymore. 

The materials used in making this table are durable. A high-quality MDF ensures the tabletop not to break easily. The legs are made of steel, which can provide great support overall.    

An additional benefit is that it comes with a handle. You will never worry about how to carry it. You can easily grab the handle and bring it anywhere. The handle is also bolted tightly to prevent it from snapping. 

This table saves space. If you hate chunky things that eat a lot of space, then Goplus is great for you. If unused, fold it and place it anywhere. You will not even notice the table if folded. Great for small apartments and trailers. 

Great for camping and fishing. Your next outdoor activities will be easier if you bring a Goplus table. You can put anything and everything on it. You can even host outdoor parties with this table. 

Its stylish design doesn’t ruin its quality. Goplus prioritize quality over design, but looking at this table, you see how they incorporate balance. This also looks great in your office. 

It can carry approximately 50 lbs on top of the table that is quite good for a folding table. It also weighs around 8.6 lbs, which won’t be a problem. 

It the perfect size for a table – not too long and not too short. It can accommodate a maximum of 4 people, which is good if you have a small family. You can always buy another one if you think that it is not enough. 

It is weather-resistant. The Goplus table can withstand the harsh outdoor weather elements. Because of its aluminum body, it is rust-resistant. You will never be alarm if you forgot to bring it inside. 

Quick Specs

  • Material: Medium-density fiberboard tabletop, aluminum hem, and steel legs
  • Overall Dimensions: 31” L x 23” W x 26″ H
  • Folded size: 31” L x 23” W x 1 3/5″ H
  • Seating capacity: Maximum of 4 person
  • Weight capacity: Maximum of 50lbs
  • Weight of table: 8.63 pounds
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Handle included
  • Color: Metallic White


  1. Low maintenance table’ easy to clean feature
  2. Can be Fold Quickly
  3. Sturdy Structure; durable materials
  4. Has a handle for convenience purpose
  5. Good for outdoors like camping and fishing
  6. Easy installation 


  1. No other color available than white

Questions and Answers

Question: Is the height adjustable?

Answer: The height of Goplus portable table isn’t adjustable. However, you don’t need to adjust height since the height is perfect for a dining table. This table is recommended as a dining table and not a lap or standing desk. 

Question: Does it come with chairs?

Answer: This is only the table. You can use any chairs you want. It will combine perfectly with the table because of its stylish design. The sitting capacity is limited to 4 people.   

Question: Is there any other color?

Answer: No it is a standard finish no other color is available. 

Here’s A Tip

  • Like any products you purchase, read first the specification and its limitation, if any, to prevent future damage to them. Also, read some reviews like this to get the most value for your money.   
  • Another tip to put in mind is to refrain from putting heavy objects exceeding the weight capacity of 50 lbs. When you avoid this, the life expectancy of this table may be prolonged.


If you love going outdoor, this may be a good table for you. Its foldable and lightweight design makes it convenient for you to carry everywhere – it even has a handle for convenience. 

This Goplus portable folding table is a reasonable item to include for your next adventure. You can enjoy your camp meals in a comfortable table position in the wild with this table. 

It is made from good-quality materials that make it sturdy, so your hard-earned money won’t be wasted, however, I think there are better tables available for similar prices. Check out the Redcamp in the highlighted text below.

If you have any more questions about the Goplus Portable Folding Table, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.



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