Helinox Cot One Review

For campers looking for a comfortable place to lie down and rest, look closely at this in-depth Helinox Cot One Review. This cot is perfect if you’re looking to venture out into the great outdoors. 

Thanks to its lightweight and compact build, the cot is already an easy-to-carry piece of equipment, one made even easier thanks to the collapsible frame it sports which allows it to be folded up and packed away with ease.

This allows you to either travel light or to have extra space freed up for whatever other equipment you might need. Read on to see the value in this special camping cot.

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Helinox Cot One Lightweight, Compact, Collapsible, Portable Camping Cot



A bed or cot is not much good if it cannot take the weight of its users, thankfully this is not an issue with the Helinox Cot which sports a highly durable, weight-bearing frame. The cot has a maximum weight capacity of 320 pounds, more than enough for its uses to rest comfortably without risk of breaking or damaging the cot. 

This also means that there is a large margin regarding its weight capacity. So if they wish, they also have the option to keep some of their belongings on the cot with them in case they want to keep it close by at all times.


Beyond just being strong, a good cot is also comfortable and allow its user to rest easily on it with the risk of their back or necks hurting when they sleep. Here again, the Helinox Cot One proves its worth. On its frame is a soft fabric cot that allows its user to rest easily.

The cot itself is made from a heavy-duty and durable fabric that allows it to support its user’s weight with little risk of tearing or getting damaged in the process. It is also airy enough that you won’t feel too hot or that 


Of course, lugging a huge cot like this, even if it is lightweight would be a huge hassle given its size. Thankfully the Helinox Cot One also is prepared for this count by allowing the cot to be collapsible and easy to disassemble.

The cot can be broken down into separate parts. Between the cot itself, the two side rails, and the three support legs, this amounts to less than a dozen pieces. This makes it very easy to keep track of all the parts. 


Once you have disassembled the cot, it is now time to store it. To do so, you can simply remove the sleeping pad from the rails and roll it up before disassembling the legs and side rails into a handful of pieces that can be stuffed inside the roll. Each cot even comes in with a zip-up bag that can be used to store all the parts until you need it.

In total this little roll would come in at about 6.5 x 23 inches, a little that would hardly take up any space in the trunk of your car or your closet, making storage and space a simple matter.

Helinox cot one measurments

Easy to Assemble

When the time comes that you need to take the parts out and set the cot up, thankfully this process is also a breeze. Many of the parts come from a series of joints which allows each part to snap together seamlessly. This means that there is a little struggle to put the pieces together. It is just as easy as assembling tent poles which means you can go from packing to napping in just a few minutes.

Can Be Modified

When buying a cot, there is worry about if it will be right for you, with good reason. While you might be able to fit inside and are within its weight limit, you won’t be sure how comfortable it is or if the height of the bed is right for you. Well, rest assured because this is not an issue for the Helinox One.

The Helinox One can be paired with a good quality sleeping bag to turn a very comfortable cot into something closer to a genuine bed.

If the dimensions are the issue, then they’re several other versions of carrying height or length that you can get which might be more suited to your needs. There are even other aesthetic changes that are available such as different colors you can get such as tan or black.


Even with its ability to be folded up, it is more important that the cot be light enough that it could be carried even when folded up. Thankfully this is also true as once it is all folded up, the Helinox cot only weighs in at about 6.3 pounds.

This makes it incredibly lightweight for a cot and means that you should have no trouble in carrying it around. This is thanks to the fairly light materials used such as using aluminum instead of steel which ensures that the cot will not 


Thanks to the legs that come with the cot, you won’t end up having to place this cot on the grounds. This not only allows the cot to be elevated a few inches off the bed but also allows there to be a bit more ventilation when you rest as air can pass underneath. This can prevent you from getting too hot when you are resting on it. 

Helinox cot setup

Quick Specs

Dimensions: Regular Cot: 75 x 27 x 6.5 inches unfolded 21 x 6 inches folded
Long Cot: 82.5 x 29.5 x 6.5 inches unfolded 23 x 6.5 inches folded
Weight:6.3 Pounds
Maximum Weight Capacity:320 pounds
Frame Material:proprietary aluminum alloy 
Cot Materials:Polyester

What are the Benefits of the Helinox Cot one

Despite its seemingly simple appearance, the Helinox cot is highly adaptable when it comes to ensuring the comfort of its users. This is due to the variety of sizes and height of the cot. Not to mention the cot can also be paired with mattresses or sleeping pads to ensure that you can take some of the comforts of home with you to the outdoors.  

Thanks to the flexible and heavy-duty fabric used in the cot, you can sleep without fear of damaging the cot. At the same time, it offers a cushioning effect while remaining rigid enough that there is no risk of it folding in or smothering you. 

The Helinox Cot One is incredibly strong, having a weight capacity of more than 320 pounds. This is more than enough for not only yourself but anything else you might not want getting dirty on the floor. This also reduces the risk of breaking or overstraining your cot.

Incredibly simple and easy to manage, the Helinox cot can be assembled in minutes, ensuring that you can get set up at a moment’s notice. To ensure that you always know what to do, the instructions are even printed at the bottom of the cot, removing the need for unnecessary instruction manuals.

Say goodbye to messes as the Helinox comes with only a handful of foldable parts that can be easily snapped into place at a moment’s notice. In total there are less than a dozen largely interchangeable parts that you need to keep an eye on.

For those on the move, this is the cot for you. Its frame can easily be folded up and packed up, turning the large sleeping mat into a small roll that can easily be tucked under your hand. To further help you, this cot even comes with a zip-up bag to allow easy storage.

Not only is it easy to store the cot is also light enough to be carried with ease. Weighing in at only a couple of pounds, the cot can easily be slung over your back or carried by hand without any strain.

Comfort is another benefit that comes when you use this cot. The fabrics of its sleeping pad cushions you while offering enough room for you to get comfortable. Its frame lets you sleep on a flat and even space above the ground. 

The legs also offer another benefit aside from elevation and that is ventilation. Since you’re not flat on the ground, the air can also blow from underneath the cot, offering an extra breeze and preventing you from getting too hot when resting.

If black isn’t your then no worries, this cot comes in a wide array of styles for you to choose from. Ranging from dark blue to tan and even tie-dyed, the Helinox Cot is giving you the freedom to choose the right style for yourself.

helinox carry case for cot one


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Can handle plenty of weight
  • Ventilated
  • Elevated
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Few parts to worry about
  • Compact
  • Foldable
  • Can be added with other items
  • Has variety with color and sizes


  • It is pretty expensive for a cot

Questions And Answers

Question: Does the Cot come with anything else?

Answer: Aside from the legs and the zip-up bag, this cot has no extra features. So if you want to pair it with something like a sleeping pad or a sleeping bag, you will need to provide your own. 

Question: How many length variations are there for the cot?

Answer: There are two versions of the cot, both vary in length. One is the regular cot which is 75 x 27 x 6.5 inches and the other is the long cot which is 82.5 x 29.5 x 6.5 inches. 

Question: Is there any way to make give the cot more height? 

Answer: Yes, there are actually additional leg extensions that can raise the cots. This will raise it from 6.5 inches to 15 inches. Though these leg extensions are sold separately.

side view of the helinox cot

Here’s A Tip Or Two 

  • When assembling the cot, be careful with the poles as some users have mentioned that they loosened and bent from each other while they were using it.
  • When putting together the legs of the cot, make sure that they form a ‘W’ shape. If it forms a ‘Y’ then it has been assembled upside down. 


With all this in, we can see why the Helinox Cot One is considered one of the best camping cots in the market, and for good reasons. It is a piece of gear built with comfort and durability in mind and is a must-have item for your next outing.

If you can look past its admittedly steep price tag, then this is a piece of camping equipment that ensures your next trip is comfortable, convenient, and most importantly, heaps of fun.

If you have any more questions about the Helinox Cot One Review, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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