Honest Outfitters Double Hammock Review – Here’s An Honest Opinion

A number of things make being in the outdoors comfortable and fun, but the Honest Outfitters Double Hammock is one of those pieces of equipment you that will have you wanting more being outside relaxing.

This Article Was Last Updated On March 29, 2021

Whether you are enjoying an evening breeze in your backyard, lounging on the beach, or camping in the woods, a hammock is sure to give you a higher level of comfort.

The only problem is that not every hammock out there delivers the comfort you would ask for. That’s where this Honest Outfitters Hammock comes in, they have put together a hammock that has all the essential features you would ever need in a good hammock.

So let’s dive right in and find out why this hammock could be the best pick for your next outdoor getaway.


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In this Honest Outfitters review, we will look at the strength and lightweight construction as well as the durability of this very attractive hammock. Some of the features including the size, performance, setup, and price, plus also check out some benefits in owning this product.

Honest Outfitters Double Hammock with Tree Straps

The Key Features

Strong material for heavy-duty performance

It’s one thing to have a hammock that ensures ultimate comfort, but if you have to sacrifice your safety, then it isn’t worth it. You need to be confident in the quality of the materials used in its construction. 

This hammock is built with tough 210T parachute nylon for unbeatable strength. This not only makes this hammock super strong, but it is also very durable. Your hammock will be as good as new several seasons down the line.

It’s spacious

In the world of hammocks, bigger is always better. Sometimes lounging alone is never as fun as it would be if you had someone else with you. And if the kids or pets want to hop in, then there’s plenty of space for them too.

Thankfully, as a double hammock, this one has more than enough space for the two of you. It measures an impressive 118 inches by 78 inches and has the strength to support the two of you, and your dog as well with plenty of room to spare.

The performance

Size and strength go hand in hand when it comes to hammocks. It might be spacious, which is a good thing, but if it can’t support much weight, then the purchase would be a total waste of money. This hammock can support 500 pounds which is fantastic

While not many hammocks out there make the cut as far as capacity goes, this one pushes the limits to the extreme. With its strong material and triple stitching design, it has the ability to support an astounding 500 pounds; it is truly amazing at this performance.

You can count on this hammock for a comfortable sleep at night while camping while not being concerned that inferior quality might see you flat on your back in the middle of the night. And it takes quite a beating from abuse by kids and pets.

Easy to transport and store

Easily transported or carried with you that should never be anything to worry about. Since it weighs only 1.5 pounds, you can carry this hammock just about anywhere.

And it is suitable for almost any outdoor activity you can think of, from heading for the beach, camping, backpacking or using in the backyard. And since it packs up nice and small, the storage shouldn’t be a problem either; it doesn’t take up much space.

Everything you need included

Sometimes the hardest part, especially for beginners, isn’t finding the right hammock but setting it up. And the problem here is usually because, with most hammocks, you may have to get the accessories separately.

With this Honest Outfitters package, this hammock comes with everything you need to set it up. Hence, the package includes a hammock, two tree-friendly but strong 10-feet straps, and two robust steel carabiners

Easy to set up

Setting up your hammock shouldn’t be a daunting task sometimes when you get to the campsite quite late and tired, the last thing you want is to struggle to set up your hammock.

Well, we have some good news for you; with this hammock, you will never have to withstand all that frustration. The tree straps are long enough, so you can easily find the right set of trees to hang it on.

Besides, the whole process is quite straightforward, as all it takes is tying the straps to two trees, hook up the hammock and you are all set.

Ultimate comfort

If there’s one thing you have to be on the lookout for in a hammock, it has to be the comfort. Having a strong, durable hammock but without the aspect of comfort won’t be as interesting. Luckily, this double hammock offers an impressive comfort thanks to several features. The only thing you will need to add is possibly a great sleeping bag to give you the total combination. 

First, the sheer size makes lounging in there very cozy as you have a lot of room to sleep in different angles. And being spacious, it snuggles you well that you can let yourself free and relax without any concerns over falling off. Then the fabric is soft and breathable, making it great even for extremely hot days.

Price and Rating

I believe this hammock is a really good value for money, check out the current price here now on ==>Amazon<==  This is one of the highest-rated camping hammocks at 4.8 stars form 5 stars from over 1900 people which is amazing.

honest outfitters double hammock with tree straps

What Are The Benefits Of This Hammock?

Durability is the first thing that this hammock stands out with, thanks to its tough material and robust construction using only quality materials this hammock will perform for many years.

The 210T parachute fabric is not only soft and comfortable but also mildew-resistant and very tough easy to clean and also long-lasting which adds to the durability.

The sheer size of this hammock is the other thing that sets it in a class above the rest. Measuring an impressive 118 inches by 78 inches, it can accommodate two people plus the family pet.

And the good thing is, you don’t have to trade off your comfort to lounge in this hammock with your loved one as the above benefits add very much comfort to an already good hammock.

Set up is always something worth considering if you want to get a hammock that you can enjoy with ease. And that’s where Honest Outfitters comes into play, thanks to its super easy setup there is no wasted time or effort.

Besides the fact that this hammock comes with just about everything you need, once set up, you’ll be swinging in the breeze, within just a matter of a couple of minutes.

Its straps are also a great option if you want a hammock you can hang just about anywhere. These are not only long enough at 10 feet, but they are also tree-friendly, making them ideal for use in the woods.

Most importantly, these straps can work great on other surfaces like poles, stands, or rocks among other surfaces.

Lightweight design is essential if you want a hammock you can use at home or on outdoor excursions. And this aspect further makes this hammock perfect for on the go use.

Weighing only 1.5 pounds, it doesn’t weigh you down despite its high-profile performance.

Honest Outfitters promises yet another exciting about this hammock. The manufacturer not only ensures they offer top-of-line hammocks but also stands solidly behind their quality.

The money-back guarantee if you are not impressed, you can get your money back, no questions asked, and you can keep the hammock. This is a terrific opportunity to purchase a product with extremely low risk.


  1. With a strong material and triple stitching design, this hammock is built to last.
  2. It is very spacious, with more than enough room for two.
  3. The soft, breathable material is ideal for comfort.
  4. Easy, fast setup; you can set it up in under a minute.
  5. Capable of supporting up to 500lbs.


  1. If you love lounging alone, then this hammock will completely wrap you, It’s huge!
  2. I can’t really find a genuine fault at this price point.


For anyone on the hunt for that ideal hammock to bring along on a camping trip with your partner, then this one is the way to go. Although it might be too big for a single camper, it still would work great if you want to sleep off the ground with something that covers you. This hammock would be great for keeping the bugs out.

But the best part by far is the comfortable, strong, durable triple stitching construction. The material is also strong, comfortable and most importantly, very lasting. If you are looking for a hammock you will have in years, and one that is very affordable then this one is your best bet. You will be glad you put your money on this purchase.

If you have any more questions about the Honest Outfitters Double Hammock, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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  1. Hi Shane, 

    I enjoyed reading your review, It seems trying this hammock is very fun. I read all the information and the description of this hammock, and it seems trustworthy and the material appears to be sustainable. Not to mention, the price is very affordable. I love the outdoors and nature and having this hammock would benefit my family and me in a great way. I would definitely buy this product. 

    • Hi Sam, I’m Happy you took the time to read my post on a very good product, this hammock is everything you say and more and if you’re in the market for an excellent hammock this one will not let you down.

      Thanks Shane.

  2. I appreciate a solid hammock, especially out in the woods when staying off the ground for rest can be crucial. Comfort absolutely comes in to play as well. I’m really glad to read that this hammock has strong material, spaciousness and performance, and what I was really waiting to read was ability to transport. At only 1.5 pounds this is a must-have for those traveling a long distance trail such as the Appalachian. I have bookmarked you site and will be referring back to it when ordering my next hammock. Well done!

    • Hi there, If you want strong, reliable, spacious, comfort, then this is the hammock for you, and with a price tag under $30 seals the deal. Everything you need in a lightweight package and a money back guarantee makes the Honest Outfitters Double Hammock an excellent purchase. 

      Please let me know your thoughts if you buy this product, thanks Shane.


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