Instant Tents For Camping

This list of Instant Tents For Camping shows not only very comfortable and convenient shelters but well designed to ensure fast effortless set-up at camp. With the night closing in this is a convenient feature.

The instant set-up might not sound like much of a difference until you get to the campsite a few hours late, or a storm brewing a few miles away and headed straight for you.

For almost every outdoor person, tents are that little home away from home where one can comfortably spend time, sleep or relax, while still get protection from the elements.

However, the fast and easy set-up isn’t all these tents have to offer, these are some of the best Instant tents for camping so let’s find out what else they have in store for you. 

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CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent


  • Its center height of 78” makes it ideal even for tall guys
  • Has a center divider for privacy
  • Has a CORE H20 block technology to keep you dry
  • An electrical cord port that you can fully close when not needed
  • Made of durable 68D polyester


  • It’s quite heavy at 30lbs

My Initial Thoughts: Built for the whole family, this CORE Instant Cabin Tent has something for anyone who loves taking the entire family with them when venturing outdoors.

To begin with, with a 14 ft by 9 ft floor area, it has more than enough room for up to several adults to sleep in along with your gear. However, it can still accommodate fewer people, but with plenty of room to spare.

As an instant tent, CORE has gone to great lengths to ensure it is a snap to set up. As such, they’ve designed it such that its telescopic poles come attached to the structure.

This allows you a super-fast setup, as the tent pops right up in just a few steps, and all it takes is a matter of 60 seconds. Check out my review of the Core 9 Tent.

For easy access and exit, there’s a large T-door on the side, which also allows sufficient airflow into the tent. But there are also large mesh windows that add to the ideal ventilation of your tent.

And while still on the ventilation, it’s important to note that it also has advanced vents that draw cool air into the tent from strategic vents on the ground and a mesh ceiling. All of these parts work together to keep you breathing fresh air throughout.

But then, once you take it down, it packs as small as 48 inches by 11.5 inches by 11.5 inches and weighs 30.5 lbs. The other parts of this tent that make it great include a rainfly, stakes, and a carry bag among others.

We Scored This Product 4.7 from 5 Stars

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Coleman Sundome Tent


  • Made of a waterproof polyester material
  • Strong fiberglass poles
  • Enough space for a small family
  • Storage pockets to keep your items organized
  • Ideal ventilation keeps you enjoying a constant flow of fresh air


  • It doesn’t come with a footprint, so make sure to pick up a tarp to go with it.

My Initial Thoughts: Second last on this list is another great tent from Coleman with a great construction designed to offer you nothing short of convenience in the outdoors.

Unlike most of the other Coleman tents that we researched for this list, this one is a two-person tent with a roomy interior measuring 7 feet by 5 feet.

It has enough space for a single queen-sized airbed. The center height isn’t the best, as this tent stands at only 4 feet. I have written an in-depth review of the Coleman Sundome.

The set up is not fast, but at least it isn’t as time-consuming as is the case with some other tents, as you can have it pitched up in 10 minutes.

The ventilation, however, is remarkable, with a door that makes access in and out of the tent easy as well as facilitating a great deal of ventilation.

Also, it has large windows that allow sufficient airflow, not forgetting that it also features ground vents for better ventilation.

As far as waterproof performance goes, the 75D polyester taffeta flysheet of this tent does a great job of keeping you and your gear dry. Also, it features welded corners as well as inverted seams that further help keep the water out. 

The other perks that you get with this tent include an E-port that allows you to connect electrical power, a strong frame (capable of withstanding over 35mph winds) and storage pockets on the walls.

We Scored This Product 4.6 from 5 Stars

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OT QOMOTOP Camping Tent


  • Made of durable 68D polyester fabric
  • Robust floor made of 125 gsm P.E material
  • Enough room for 4 people
  • Ideal ventilation system
  • Provided rainfly for weather protection
  • Very fast and easy setup


  • Still a bit too heavy for a 4-person tent

My Initial Thoughts: Great for camping, this instant tent from OT comes across as one of the easiest and fastest to pitch up in about one minute,

Thanks to the pre-attached telescopic poles of the inner tent it pops up in a matter of a few steps and you have a shelter in next to no time.

The other awesome side to this tent is the interior space, which is enough to accommodate up to 4 people in sleeping bags.

With a 8 ft by 8 ft floor area, it even has enough space for a single Queen airbed if you would rather camp in more comfort. The center height isn’t the greatest, but at 59 inches tall, it’s still sufficiently high for most campers.

The ventilation is also very impressive, thanks to an upgraded system with ground vents and a mesh roof for ultimate airflow.

Not forgetting, it also boasts a PU taping on the rainfly seams as well as the inner tent seams for waterproof performance, a PE tube floor, and welded corners, all of which ensure the inside stays dry through any weather.

Once you take it down, it packs small enough to fit in an included carry bag and weighs 16.75 lbs.

Other features that will add to your comfort and convenience include an Electrical cord port, mud mat, gear loft, and pockets, as well as included stakes for the setup. 

We Scored This Product 4.5 from 5 Stars

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Ayamaya Pop Up Tent with Vestibule 4 to 6 Person


  • Double-layered doors and windows for ventilation and privacy
  • Enough room for 4 to 6 people
  • Several ventilation designs
  • Ideal gear storage and organization
  • Strong, waterproof fabric
  • Easy to set up and takedown


  • Issues with the zipper on the tent’s circular holder breaking quick
  1. Another tent with a low center height

My Initial Thoughts: Built for virtually any outdoor activity, this great tent from Ayamaya marks the end of our list for this post, and it has some awesome features too.

One of the things that make this tent worth the money is its roomy design, with sufficient space for 4 to 6 individuals.

Measuring 12.5 feet by 8.5 feet, it has enough room for a small family and some camping gear. The center height is also high enough at 53.5 inches so most people shorter than 6’ could walk in there comfortably.

Setting up this tent is also quite easy, as the poles come pre-assembled. So all you have to do is let it out of the bag and then let go.

And once taken down (which is also every bit as easy) and folded, the tent packs down to a compact 34.6inches by 34.6inches by1.2inches, and comes with an easily portable carry bag. Oh, and by the way, keep in mind that this tent weighs 10.25 pounds.

Ventilation won’t have to be a problem once inside this tent, thanks to its 2 doors (with double panels), which not only allow easy in and out access but also allow enough airflow.

But that’s not all, it also has up to 4 windows (also with double panels) and hooded vents, all of which add to the great deal of ventilation that this tent delivers.

Then there’s the robust PU3000 fabric material and the heat-sealed seams for high waterproof performance.

And double-sided zipper design on the doors and windows for privacy, a double layer construction to prevent condensation, and a hoard of other great features.

We Scored This Product 4.5 from 5 Stars

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Coleman 10-Person Cabin Tent with Instant Setup


  • Easy, fast set up
  • Has reflective guylines that are easy to spot at night
  • Darkroom technology allows you to sleep for longer
  • More than sufficient room for the whole family
  • High enough at the center for tall guys


  • It would be great with a rainfly.

My Initial Thoughts: Excellent for camping, our next instant tent for this list is a name popular among outdoor lovers.

Thanks to its roomy interior, this tent offers enough space for up to 10 people along with some gear.

With the floor area measuring 14 ft by 10 ft, you can fit in up to 4 queen-size air mattresses in it hassle-free. And the center height? Well, it stands an awesome 6 ft 7 inches, ideal for tall people as well.

Access and exit shouldn’t be any bit difficult either since Coleman has attached a hinged door on this tent for super easy (and fast) access in and out.

The door also goes a long way when it comes to air circulation. It also has a room divider for much-needed privacy and a darkroom technology that blocks up to 90percent of the morning sunlight, allowing you to sleep well past sunrise.

The set up just can’t get any easier, as this tent also boasts an instant setup thanks to the pre-attached poles, you can pitch it in a mere 1 minute. Simply unfold, extend, and secure it.

And once the adventure is over, you can effortlessly take it down, pack it in an included expandable carry bag, and off you go. However, at 20lbs, you can bet it’s going to add some weight to your shoulders.

We Scored This Product 4.3 from 5 Stars

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Coleman Tent for Camping | Montana Tent


  • It’s a robust tent with welded corners for weather protection
  • Comes with an included rainfly for extra  protection
  • Easy in and out access with the hinged door
  • A double-thick fabric allows it to last for seasons
  • Has a roomy interior for a whole family and gear
  • Also has an E-port for convenience


  • It’s pretty heavy
  • Takes time to set up.

My Initial Thoughts: Great for camping, this one from Coleman also packs a fair number of features that make it worth your money.

One such feature is the spacious 16 feet by 17 feet interior, which offers enough room for up to 8 people along with your gear. you could easily fit three queen-size airbeds in it, no hassle at all.

The center height is also every bit as remarkable, at 6 ft 2 inches, it is high enough for virtually everyone, even the tall guys won’t have to bend to fit in there.

What’s more, the access to this tent as well as exit doesn’t have to be a struggle, and Coleman has made sure that is taken care of thanks to the hinged door design.

Even better, the door not only opens and closes with ease, but it also comes with an extended awning for more weather protection. This is not the fastest tent to set up so far, but you can pitch it in under 15 minutes.

Besides the ventilation you can get through the door, this tent also has angled windows, designed to allow ideal air circulation while keeping the rain out.

When the time to head home comes, you can take it down (folds down to 27”x8.5”x8.5” and weighs 22.3 pounds) and fit it in an included carry bag for easy transportation and storage.

We Scored This Product 4.2 from 5 Stars

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ALPHA CAMP 6 Person Family Camping Tent


  • Has enough room for 6 and some camping gear
  • Ideal ventilation design with mesh roof
  • Comes with a user manual for easy pitching
  • A removable rainfly for weather protection
  • Two windows and a large door
  • An E-port for electricity cord


  • Not a robust waterproof design, ideal for dry weather

My Initial Thoughts: Here’s yet another great camping tent from ALPHA, which is also jammed packed with great bits and pieces that make your trip super comfy.

To begin with, you’ll definitely love the amount of space that this tent offers thanks to its 12 ft x 10 ft floor area and 80 in center height, with enough room for up to 6 people and has a separate space for your gear at the back of the tent.

ALPHA has given much thought to the ease of access and ventilation, which is why this tent comes with a large D-style door for easy access and exit as well as ideal airflow.

Then it also has 2 windows that not only allow you to enjoy the scenic view of the area around you but also ensure sufficient ventilation. And then there’s the mesh roof for extra ventilation, but it has a rainfly for weather protection

The set up isn’t as much of a hassle as it might get with some of the other tents out there, although not the fastest anyway.

Thanks to its dome design and a complete set of included pole sleeves, setting up this tent is quite easy, and it takes only 5 minutes.

With a packed size of 26”x 7”x 7” it folds down to a nice little package and fits easily into an included carry bag. What’s more, it weighs only about 15 lbs, quite lightweight for a tent its size.

We Scored This Product 4.0 from 5 Stars

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MOON LENCE Instant Pop Up Tent


  • Comes with robust fiberglass tent poles
  • A 3-season tent built to withstand the outdoors
  • Strong SBS zippers with a waterproof design
  • Easy and fast to set up
  • An included rainfly for extra protection from the weather


  • The instructions for taking it down are not as clear as they should

My Initial Thoughts: Meet the MOON LENCE family camping tent, which earns itself a spot on this list thanks to a number of great features as the spacious interior that can hold the whole family with room to spare. 

Measuring 114.2 inches by 121.3 inches, it has enough floor area for sleeping and gear storage. Then it has a 52.4-inch height, enough for most average-height people.

But don’t let the size fool you, this tent packs down to a compact 32.7inch by 7.1 inches by 7.1inch package, and fits nicely into an included carry bag for easy storage and transportation.

Also, weighing only 10.25 lbs, it’s by far one of the most lightweight tents we researched for this post.

Ventilation is key when sleeping or relaxing in a tent, And MOON LENCE has made sure you can enjoy the fresh air at any time of the day, which is why they’ve equipped this tent with one D-shaped door with dual zippers and up to 4 large mesh windows for ultimate airflow.

The set up is also pretty easy and straightforward, with an instant pop up design that allows you to pitch this tent in just a minute. Not forgetting, it’s also every bit as easy and fast to take down too.

Other features worth mentioning include the ten lightweight pegs that this tent comes with, 5 guy ropes, and robust 190T PU material fabric as well as a 210D Oxford sheet with high water and UV resistance.

We Scored This Product 4.6 from 5 Stars

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Coleman Dome Tent With Darkroom


  • Darkroom technology allows you to enjoy deep sleep
  • Pre-attached pole design enables you to set it up faster
  • Has a screened porch for gear storage and bug-free relaxing.
  • Offers enough space for up to 4 people
  • Great waterproof performance


  • The screen room entrance would be great with a stake point in the front 

My Initial Thoughts: Perfect for camping, this Coleman tent is yet another great option you need to check up if you are planning a family trip.

With sufficient room for four, you can be sure that it will accommodate a small to medium-sized family just fine. And with the floor area measuring 9 ft by 7 ft, you might even end up with plenty of room to spare.

The center height isn’t the greatest by far, as this tent stands at 4ft 11inches, which is nonetheless high enough for most people.

But what it lacks in height, this tent makes up for in its waterproof performance, thanks to the welded corners and its inverted seams that help prevent rainwater from making its way into the interior.

And that’s not all, the frame is also pretty strong, with the ability to withstand winds up to over 35mph.

With a spacious door and two zippered windows, you can get in and out of the tent with ease, and enjoy sufficient ventilation even during warm days.

Pitching up this tent takes under 10 minutes (comes with the poles pre-attached), not the fastest, but still a reasonable amount of time for its size and strength.

Then it boasts a dark room dome technology that enables it to block up to 90 percent of sunlight, as compared to other Coleman tents, allowing you to enjoy more sleep during sunrise hours.

We Scored This Product 4.2 from 5 Stars

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Hewolf Waterproof Instant Camping Tent


  • Great waterproof performance
  • Enough room for 2 or 3 persons
  • Super easy, fast setup
  • Sufficient ventilation for fresh air
  • Holds up at heavy storms


  • You have to stake it down really well in windy days

My Initial Thoughts: Looking for a great waterproof camping tent? Well, this Hewolf instant tent should be your best bet.

Not only is it capable of withstanding a serious downpour, but it’s also super easy and fast to set up, you can have it ready in next to no time, thanks to its instant mechanism.

Just spread its 6 arms out, lift the top, pop its top mechanism down, and set its bottom joints in place, done!

When it comes to interior space, the hexagon shape of this tent offers enough room for 2 to 3 adults, and it can easily accommodate a queen mattress, no fuss. The center height is also high enough at 5 ft 5 inches, ideal for most average adults.

 As far as the ventilation goes, you can count on this tent for fresh air at any time of the day, thanks to the breathable polyester outer canopy, and the mesh material of the inner wall.

But that comes at a catch, as this tent isn’t designed to withstand heavy winds.

You’ll also love other perks that come with this tent such as the UV protection of this tent, a lifetime guarantee, and free pole replacement among others.

We Scored This Product 4.2 from 5 Stars

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Coleman Evanston Dome Camping Tent


  • Robust tent with window awning to keep the rain out
  • Waterproof floor for rainy days
  • Full-screen floor for bug-free lounging
  • Mesh pockets on the wall for storing your items
  • Spacious interior can accommodate up to eight people


  • No enough rainfly coverage on the porch area to keep it dry.

My Initial Thoughts: As our list rolls on, here comes another great camping tent from Coleman, packed full of great features that will make your trip worthwhile.

The first outstanding thing about this tent is the interior space. Measuring 15 feet by 12 feet, it’s by far one of the most spacious 8-person tents out there.

And the center height isn’t any bit less impressive, as standing at 6 feet, it is high enough even for tall guys to walk inside with ease.

But that’s not all, it also has a full-floor screen room measuring 10 ft by 5 ft for bug-free lounging at night when watching the starry sky above.

This room, along with windows and its door, ensures sufficient ventilation so you won’t feel claustrophobic inside your tent.

And once folded, this tent measures 27.8 inches by 11 inches by 9.8 inches, (by the way, it comes with an included carry bag) small enough to fit in your luggage. However, it is a bit heavy at 26.4 pounds.

To keep you and your gear dry, this tent comes with a waterproof design that will blow you away, thanks to its welded corners and inverted seams that help keep the water out while you can stay warm and dry inside.

As a conventional pitch tent, setting up this one isn’t as fast as is the case with some of the other tents we’ve looked at.

But considering the size and the performance, that would be a small price to pay to keep your family all safe and comfy while miles from home. 

We Scored This Product 4.4 from 5 Stars

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My Top Picks

Questions and Answers

Question: We are a family of four, what tent is good for me?

Answer: There’s a lot that goes into selecting the right tent, but interestingly, it all hinges on what your needs really are. And this counts in terms of size, performance, and other factors as well.

For instance, if you like camping during the rainy season, then you would need a good waterproof tent. And if you are taking the entire family with you, then you’ll need a larger tent.

Make sure to keep these considerations in mind, and always go for that tent that offers what you need. And this will save you a lot of frustration along the way, as well as saving you money and enhancing the comfort for you and your family too.

I personally like both the Ayamaya and OT-QOMOTOP for small to medium size instant tents.

Question: Does my tent have to be waterproof?

Answer: Depending on which time of the year you go camping, a waterproof tent might, or might not be a must for you. 

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that the weather could change in an instant in the outdoors, and a storm could form out of nowhere and spoil the fun on what looks like a normal sunny day.

This means, as much as you might not need it, a waterproof tent is worth having around anyway, you never know when you might need it when out there. At the very least always have a quality rain-fly close by.

Question: What makes good ventilation in a tent?

Answer: The list of features that make a good tent is a long one, but one thing you don’t want to miss is sufficient airflow.

Feeling claustrophobic can be quite uncomfortable, and especially on hot days, a tent without sufficient ventilation could be unbearable. Keep an eye out for the size and number of doors and windows, as these are the primary entrances for air.

But these aren’t the only parts of the tent that make a difference here, you will also need to be on the lookout for a screen room, mesh roof, vestibules, and vents near the ground.

Question: What features should a durable tent have?

Answer: Durability is essential if you want to get the best value for your money. After all, no one likes the idea of getting a tent that can’t last a single season out there.

This is where things get a bit complicated as you have to be very keen on a number of aspects if you are to get a tent that you can enjoy for seasons on end.

Among the things that you need to be keen on the material, this could give you a hint of whether the tent you go for can last long enough. Also, a material that is both strong and waterproof offers you the best of both worlds, which is a great thing, too!

Besides, the construction of the tent itself says a lot as far as the durability of your tent goes. A double layer design also adds to the strength of the tent, and not forgetting that other features such as the stakes, rainfly and the guy lines also count.

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A tent makes a whole lot of difference when you are out in the wild, so choosing wisely is essential to make sure you are safe, not to mention that your comfort also hinges on the quality of your tent. But this is never easy, as there’s a wide range of options to choose from out there.

Difficult as it may be, choosing just the right tent doesn’t have to be an impossible task. And, with all the options that we’ve outlined here, you shouldn’t have to struggle to make the right pick.

Don’t make mistakes, go for a tent that can offer the convenience and comfort you desire, there is nothing worse than gear that fails or does not perform after you reach your destination full of excitement and high expectations.

If you have any more questions about Instant Tents For Camping, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.


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