Iwatani Corporation of America 35FW Butane Stove

Living an outdoor adventure can be draining so cooking food will be an important area that needs to be addressed. If you are solo you’ll need an appliance like this COA 35FW Butane Stove.

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One thing for sure is that a stove could make a significant difference, whether it’s cooking your favorite meals or when it becomes your lifeline in a survival situation. So it takes a solid stove to be sure you are covered for anything that nature might throw your way.

Now, is this one of the most reliable units out there? Well, this stove comes with its fair share of hype, just like most others. But there’s only one way to find out, so keep scrolling to learn the ins and outs of this unit and if it’s really worth the money. 

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COA 35FW Butane Stove

The Key Features

High power stove

Power is one of the most essential factors you can consider when shopping for a stove since it’s at the heart of the unit’s performance. And in most cases, the higher the power, the better it is for you.

With this Iwatani Butane stove, fortunately, power shouldn’t be a problem, since it packs enough punch to get your needs covered. Delivering up to 15,000, it offers enough power to cook a wide variety of food items outdoors.

The burner

As an engine is to a vehicle, the burners are to this type of stoves. And thus, it takes a good burner to offer a reliable performance that anyone would ask for in such a unit.

The manufacturers of this unit thought all that to the least details, which is why the burner in this unit is built for both high performance and durability.

Built with solid brass, the burners are remarkable when it comes to delivering outstanding performance and lasting service.

Safety comes first

Cooking with butane can be a risky business, especially when the conditions are not ideal, which can be the case with outdoor cooking. As such, a stove that comes with safety features proves to be worth checking out.

That’s one of the things that make this stove exciting, thanks to an automatic safety stop that extinguishes the flame if the pressure in the fuel canister rises above the safe levels.

Double windbreaker

As much as outdoor cooking can be fun, if the wind turns out to be too persistent, then you might be in for a difficult time. That’s why you also need to factor in such features as windshields when shopping for a stove that you intend to use in the outdoors.

Thankfully enough, the Iwatani Butane stove comes with inbuilt windshields that keep disruption from the wind at minimum, allowing you to cook faster and sparing you all the frustration.

Included carrying case

Transporting your stove can be harder than it should be, but the worst part is that this could also compromise the durability of your unit, especially if you travel quite often.

However, a carrying case can come to the rescue by not only making things easier for you, but also by ensuring that your unit is safe in transit.

Fortunately, this stove comes with one such case, which you are definitely going to find very handy when storing or transporting it.

Solid material

Besides the construction, the material that a stove features counts as well as far as its performance and durability goes, not forgetting other factors as ease of cleanup.

Well, made of a tough, durable and easy-to-clean aluminum body, this stove is not only great at both performance and durability, but it also retains its pristine look for years as well.

Magnetic locking system

As far as convenience goes, nothing quite compares to the efficiency that you can get with a good locking system on your stove.

While different stoves come with a varying locking mechanism, the one in this unit makes the use of your stove as effortless as it is fun.

The magnetic locking system allows you to simply push your fuel can onto the magnet on the unit, then it just locks in place. It’s that simple and fast.

Quick Specs

  1. Model – Iwatani Cassette FEU 35 FW
  2. Product Size – 13.3″ x 11.9″ x 3.7″
  3. Product Weight – Pounds
  4. Ignition – Piezoelectric Ignition
  5. Output – 15,000 BTU/hr
  6. Burn Time – Approx 55 Minutes on High

What Are The Benefits Of This Product

For increased fuel efficiency, this stove features a heat panel system that also makes your cooking fast and ensures even cooking of your food.

An easy-to-use dial is another remarkable feature that makes this stove remarkable. It’s also marked, which makes starting the stove and controlling temperatures a breeze, even for a slow simmer.

The advanced regulator on this unit not only makes it easy for you to balance the amount of butane getting to the burner, but it also plays a significant auto-shut safety role.

Its wide top area around the burner allows this stove to fit large pans and pots, enabling you to cook sufficient food for your loved ones easy and fast.

This stove is also one of the easiest units to use, thanks to its downright simple design, which also adds to the ease of handling and transportation of this stove.

Besides ensuring constant fuel pressure, the heat panel system on this unit also enables the stove to utilize all the fuel in the canister, which is both safe and economical.

As a tabletop stove, you can use this unit just about anywhere in the outdoors as long as you have a table to place it on.

It’s also a very compact unit, and a light one at that, which makes it a breeze to pack, transport or store since it can easily fit in the trunk.

It also features a small, solid legs, which are not only strong but also keep the unit from skidding across the table during use, which can be both inconvenient and risky.

Above all, this stove comes with a Piezo-electric ignition system that is every bit as easy to use, since all it takes to start your stove is a simple push of a button.

Here’s A Tip

  1. Cooking with any type of gas can be risky, always be on the lookout for leaks and faulty connections to avoid accidents. 


  • This unit is very solidly built for high performance and durability.
  • As a compact unit, it’s easy to pack and transport.
  • Easy temperature control; from off, simmer and full power
  • Automatic emergency stop for ensuring your safety
  • Robust burner with up to 15,000 BTUs of cooking power.
  • An ideal windbreaker ensures you can cook without any interruption
  • The included carrying case makes transportation a breeze.


  • On the other side, this stove doesn’t pack as much power as some of the dual burner units out there, but if you are not cooking for a large group, then it should suffice.



If you want to cook for a couple or you are solo, going for a small stove could be the best option. In that case, a compact unit as this one comes in handy. But don’t let the size fool you; this Iwatani Butane stove still packs enough power to cater to your cooking needs.

And with the ease of use and effortless transportation, it’s worth checking out. Don’t drag along a stove that is too big or cumbersome and slow you down, or if you are planning a solo camping trip, this little unit right here could be your best friend and cook on your journey

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If you have any more questions about the Iwatani Corporation of America 35FW Butane Stove, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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