Kelty 4 person Tent – Late Start Review

If you often spend time outdoors exploring the beauty of nature and you’re on the search for a quality 4 person tent this Kelty 4 person tent might a great fit for the job.

The wild can be a beautiful place to be, and if you camp or hike regularly chances are good that you’ve learned the hard way just how inconvenient the lack of a good tent can be

Having a great tent for your next outdoor adventure will make all the difference to the experience. The real challenge lies in landing that perfect tent that’s got you covered.

So, we’ll take you through everything there is to know about this tent so you can make the best decision when buying.


The Key Features

Very roomy interior

Space is by far the one thing you definitely don’t want to get wrong when deciding the tent to go for. After all, the only thing worse than having no tent at all is having one that just can’t accommodate all of you, and comfortably so.

Well, thankfully, that should be far from your worries, as Kelty has a wide range of tents that cater to your needs, depending on the number of campers you want to come with on an adventure.

And this 4-person tent truly lives up to its name, with its 55.7 square feet of space offering enough room for all of you and some gear.

Convenient vestibule

As much as you might have enough room to rest and sleep in, you also need to keep your items well organized, and most importantly, off the ground.

Having a spacious tent is one thing, but having enough space for your gear can be a different story altogether. That’s where the convenient vestibule storage in this tent comes into the play.

With up to 9.14 square feet of storage space, you can conveniently keep your items off the ground and well organized in the single vestibule that this tent comes with.

No-see-um mesh walls

Ventilation is among the most important factors you need to be on the lookout for when shopping for a tent.

Nothing can be as uncomfortable as staying in a tent where you feel claustrophobic during the day, and at night it unleashes an unbearable condensation that rains down on you.

Not to worry though, this Kelty 4 person tent is built with the need for comfort in mind, which is why it comes fitted with no-see-um mesh walls that help keep the air coming in and going out.

It is very waterproof

With no-see-um mesh walls, you might be thinking that you’ll have to brace a great deal of trouble during rainy days.

And that can be a real deal-breaker as well since no one likes spending a night in a tent that’s not waterproof especially if mother nature decides to unleash a torrential storm.

Kelty got that figured out too, which is why this tent comes with a 68 denier rainfly, which is very waterproof. Besides, all the tent’s seams are completely sealed, which helps keep the water put.

And the floor is every bit as waterproof, having been made of a 68 denier fabric with a whopping 1800 mm water resistance capability.

Aluminum pole frame

A strong frame is the other aspect you just can’t overlook when choosing the perfect tent to take on your getaway.

It’s important that you get it right since you don’t want a tent that can’t stand high gale winds in case a storm descends upon you while out there.

That perfect balance between performance and lightweight is what the aluminum poles that this tent comes with are built to deliver.

And weighing only 6 lbs and 14 ounces, you can tell that this tent offers the best of both worlds, as it is quite a lightweight tent considering its size.

Even more storage space

Well, besides the spacious interior and the vestibules, there will always be the need for more space if you are to enjoy an unsurpassed convenience inside your tent as far as storage for your stuff goes.

This is where pockets come in, to add that extra bit of space you might need.

And this tent doesn’t take from that at all, as it also comes with a pocket at the ceiling, which can be very handy for keeping some of your items well secured and out of the way. Now, that’s convenient!

Easy setup

Before you can enjoy all the perks that your tent has to offer, you have to set it up first this tent is designed to be set up as fast as possible.

And this is where most people struggle, as pitching some tents can probe to be a real task, which shouldn’t be the case as sometimes you may have to set up your tent well after sunset, or with the weather closing in fast.

Even if you get to the campsite in the dark, you don’t have to worry, you can have your tent ready in next to no time. Thanks to the Kelty Quick Corner Technology, this tent is built to offer you a lightning-fast and effortless setup.


When you purchase any product always check to see what the warranty covers and more importantly what it doesn’t cover, manufactures will cover defective workmanship in manufacture.

Circumstances change from one manufacturer to another so be sure to check your warranty closely.

Price and Compare

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Kelty 4 person tent-tent on the side of a lake

Benefits We Found In the Kelty 4 Person Tent Review

Entry and exit into and out of your tent have also been made super easy, as this tent comes with a large door that allows you to move with ease. Despite having only a single door, it is large enough.

Freestanding design is the other great perk that you get with this tent, as it allows you to pitch it up with remarkable ease.

But the best part is that you can easily move it around until you find that best site to spend the night.

The impressive headroom is also great, adding to the spacious interior design of this tent. Standing at 56 inches at peak height, it’s high enough for most people to walk in there without having to bend much.

Its two aluminum poles come pre-bent, which helps create extra interior space while still ensuring this tent is super lightweight for easy transport.

It also packs down real small despite the large design, folding to a mere 15 inches by 7 inches by 7 inches, which makes packing it easy and convenient for transportation or storage.

There are two pockets, on each side of the door. These not only help offer space for your items, but they also allow you to sneak a hand in and remove your stuff from the pockets without having to fully open the tent door or go inside.

Guy-line pockets also go a long way when it comes to offering you that extra space for your gear, which adds to the various options that you get with this tent.

Then there are pockets at each corner of your tent, built to keep one tent in place as you move on to set up the other one.

For an even easier setup, Kelty has also equipped this tent with color-coded fly attachment, which might not seem as much, but will definitely help you speed things up when pitching your tent, thus saving you a few precious minutes.

This is very helpful in helping prevent the tent poles from jumping out of their gourmet as you walk away to set the other pole, thus making things easier and faster for you.

This tent also sports a circular shape at the top, which helps keep the guy-lines from slipping off easily, which can be a real bummer if you have to fix them every few hours.

Once the setup is done, you can settle into your campsite and enjoy your stay, then when it’s time for sleep you will be safe and comfortable inside.


  • It is a roomy tent thanks to the pre-bent pole design
  • A freestanding and quick corner technology construction for fast set up
  • It packs very small despite being a large tent
  • Even better, it’s also very lightweight, at only slightly over 6 pounds
  • There are lots of spaces and storage options for your gear
  • The ventilation is also remarkable, but without sacrificing its waterproof performance


  • Its stakes bend pretty easily, especially if you drive them down in an area with rocks.
  • Consider purchasing some more robust stakes




The journey to find just the right tent for your getaway can be a long and tedious one, but as long as you know what to go for, this doesn’t have to be such a complicated process.

It takes a tent with just the right amount of comfort, space, easy setup, and above all, performance, to make your trip worth remembering.

And fortunately, this Kelty Late Start 4-Person tent seems to have all that in one little package that you can haul around with ease.

Besides, with its ability to keep all of you (and of course your gear too) bone dry, it is a tent worth spending money on.

Keep in mind that it is most comfortable for three, but it’s still a great option for four if you are all using sleeping bags.

And one last tip to take with you, when camping on extremely cold days, remove the stakes on the sides of the tent to reduce ventilation and make it warmer in there. 

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