Why Happy Hikers Love The Kelty Child Carrier Backpack

Enjoying the outdoors and bringing your baby with you is two of life’s simple yet great pleasures, that’s why the Kelty Child Carrier Backpack has been designed specifically to help you enjoy the road with your little one.

From comfort and safety to durability and versatility, we’ve taken a closer look at this top-rated child backpack that accomplishes everything you need from a hiking pack and a baby carrier.

Some Cool Reasons I Like The Kelty

The moment I used the Kelty Child Carrier Backpack, I knew going out and hitting the road with my baby would be a real delight. It’s actually possible to carry all that you need for an outdoor walk or hike while keeping your little one snug and well-protected.

This topnotch backpack from Kelty does all the work, thanks to its adjustable padded straps, mesh sides to keep my baby’s body cool, a retractable sunshade to shield his delicate skin, and a five-point safety harness to keep him securely in place.

The carrier even has a small kickstand that allows me to set him down with no need to remove him from the pack. It’s a big deal especially when I feel like I need a break during a long walk. I don’t feel troubled at all even if we stuff in plenty of supplies, like snacks, onto the multiple compartments.

Similarly important is the aluminum roll cage that surrounds the baby, keeping him protected and unscathed even if you lose your balance. That’s why the Kelty Child Carrier Backpack is the ideal option when going on tough terrain where every step is unpredictable.

Your child’s comfort and protection will always be a priority, so check out more details on this backpack that will never compromise your family’s safety.


Kelty Child Carrier Backpack Features

  • The Kelty Child Carrier Backpack comes with an adjustable suspension system, load lifter straps, and sternum straps that easily distribute and balance the weight so you and your baby are comfortable in sharing the load;
  • The backpack also comes with integrated sunshade to protect your little one from the heat and the unsafe UV rays;
  • Its five-point safety harness along with the padded roll cage in an aluminum frame makes the backpack a highly secure option when hiking on any terrain;
  • The backpack’s wide child seat base and adjustable foot stirrups allow your child to relax and be comfortable throughout the entire walk;
  • Its multiple grab handles enable you to securely lift, transfer, or put down the child carrier;
  • Its main zippered pocket has internal stretch pockets where you can keep items you may need for your trip;
  • The backpack comes with zippered hip belt pockets where you can store supplies that should be easily accessed, such as water bottles, snacks, and phones.

Kelty Child Carrier Backpack Specs, Details

kelty child carrier backpack - Harness view

  • The child carrier backpack weighs 2.99 kg and has a capacity of up to 26 liters.
  • It carries a minimum child weight of 7.25 kg (16 lbs) and a maximum of 18 kg (40 lbs).
  • For maximum weight load (including pack, child, and gear), the child carrier backpack can hold at most 22 kg (48.5 lbs).
  • The child carrier backpack comes with a built-in sunshade for extra protection and nine compartments for maximum storage capacity.
  • Body fabric is a blend of polyester and nylon whereas frame material is made of aluminum.

The Benefits of the Kelty Child Carrier Backpack


  • With the Kelty Child Carrier Backpack, you’re making a practical purchase that will address your outdoor needs, especially when carrying the little one with you.
  • You’re probably not the only person to be carrying your child outside, so you want a backpack that can easily be adjusted and fitted into various body sizes and shapes.
  • With this top-rated item from Kelty, you won’t be needing two packs for your piggy-backer.
  • It also comes with multiple functions that ensure comfort, safety, and durability. This Kelty carrier is designed to comfortably and securely carry your precious cargo from his baby years to toddlerhood.
  • This backpack will definitely grow with your young one and accommodate his changing needs and increasing weight.


  • With plenty of extra features, strapping on this backpack can help you carry as many items as possible. You don’t have to bring a separate diaper bag for the extra supplies you need for your child.
  • The thing about bringing a child on an outdoor hike is that you should make room for extra baggage, from snacks and bottles to toys and diapers.
  • The Kelty Child Carrier Backpack accommodates your need to have multiple pockets and places to store all of your essentials, including your own stuff like your phone and wallet.

Extra Features

  • You and your baby will get a kick out of the backpack’s additional perks; these accessories include its built-in sunshade in case of forgotten sunscreen, rain cover, drool pad, and toy/keyrings that will transform your adventure into more of a leisurely walk outdoors.
  • Whether you’re heading for a walk in the park or hitting the trails for the day, the Kelty Child Carrier Backpack with its extra features will make it enjoyable to head out the door.

Harness and Cockpit Security

  • Not only does it keep your little one snug and comfy, but the Kelty Child Carrier Backpack also makes sure he’s safe and secure.
  • Its five-point harness can be attached at each of your shoulder, hip, and between the legs so you can carefully and cozily keep him in place.
  • The backpack also comes with a well-designed cockpit that offers plenty of support for your back, neck, and head along with front padded support in case your child falls asleep and takes a nap during your walk.


  • The Kelty Child Carrier Backpack offers the ultimate comfort to its wearer as it comes with an accurate, easy-to-adjust suspension system. It’s a great feature for parents who plan to swap and share the load along the walk.
  • Its adjustability can simply be measured through the torso range which, in the case of this Kelty product, can be adjusted from 39 to 53 cm (15.5 to 21 in).

Here Is A Tip Or Two

  • Remember to engage the kickstand before removing your child from your shoulders.
  • Wear good quality hiking shoes to give you stability and comfort and to help keep your child safe. 

kelty child carrier backpack - rear view

Questions and Answers

Question: Is the Kelty Child Carrier Backpack recommended for hiking?

Answer: I’ve used this pack for hiking and even if we stayed outdoors and trekked through very steep unpredictable trails, our family stayed happy for over six hours. The backpack has multiple ways of adjusting and securing the straps.

The weight is well distributed and you’ll be thankful for its multiple pockets. It has nine compartments, and that’s far more storage than other carriers I’ve used in the past.

Also, there’s a sunshade, a drool pad, and even a waterproof “dirty” pocket where you can keep wet clothes and diapers.

Question: Where else can you take it aside from hiking outdoors?

Answer: The Kelty Child Carrier Backpack is a practical purchase because, aside from enjoying nature and the great outdoors, you can use this when you’re out and about in the city.

Explore new places, travel, grab some groceries, do errands- there are countless opportunities when using this pack. It’s easier to use and maneuver compared to strollers, slings, or other packs.

Question: Why should I choose a Kelty Child Carrier over other carriers?

Answer: This backpack-style carrier helps ensure that you’re comfortable throughout your walk, thanks to its sturdy structure, padded support, and adjustable straps. Not only can it balance the wright but, in my experience, it also helps you tackle even the difficult trails with some swiftness in your step.

When used for exploring the outdoors, this backpack makes you more flexible and allows you to cover more area. It’s the all-around carrier that’s made complete with many compartments and pockets for all your gear. Thanks to its sunshade and rain cover, your precious baby will be kept cool, dry, and snug even with unpredictable weather.

Question: Is it worth the money?

Answer: I absolutely adore this backpack. I’m an avid backpacker and this perfect Kelty find is so easy to use. My child’s safety and comfort come first, so having a stable cockpit, secure straps, and more- it’s definitely an awesome purchase.

There’s plenty of room for your baby and her needs and even some of your own supplies. I can’t emphasize it enough- support, adjustability, comfort, the Kelty Child Carrier Backpack will get rid of your worries when going on an outdoor adventure with your little one.


  • The Kelty Child Carrier Backpack offers the best support compared to the other brands I’ve tried. You have to get used to it first by starting with a shorter walk or hike; once you do this, you’ll find that its adjustable mesh straps make a lot of difference and that it can easily be carried even in challenging terrain- it’s one of my favorite backpack features.
  • It’s a remarkable perk for a carrier to be easily adjustable for dad and mom because when you need to take a break from carrying the load, you can simply swap and hand it to your partner, thanks to its easy-to-use straps. I love how this carrier can effortlessly fit moms and dads alike.
  • The Kelty Child Carrier Backpack also offers plentiful storage that’s easy to access, including hip belt pockets from where you can easily get your essential gear, like your phone. When exploring the outdoors, it’s no longer difficult to bring absolutely everything we need.
  • Finally, it comes with important features that strongly influenced our decision to purchase the carrier. Thanks to the backpack’s integrated sunshade, I’m less troubled knowing my little one has protection against the heat and sun. It really works, given that we have warm weather throughout almost the entire year and we always take our child outside.


  • While the Kelty Child Carrier Backpack has been the perfect companion for our outdoor adventures, I would suggest that more hydration features be included for a complete experience, especially for avid hikers and adventurers.

kelty child carrier backpack - stirrup view

My Final Thoughts

Overall, this economical Kelty Child Carrier Backpack has most, if not all, of the features you would need for an enjoyable day of adventure. It has been well-designed with safety and comfort in mind.

Thanks to its structure and support system, the backpack can easily be adjusted for parents who are wearing it. Its extra features are ideal for protecting your precious cargo and keeping them comfortable throughout the entire walk.

With comfort, safety, storage, durability, and versatility incorporated into its design, the Kelty Child Carrier Backpack is an outstanding choice to bring with you as you enjoy the great outdoors with your loved ones!

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If you have any more questions about the Kelty Child Carrier Backpack, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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