King Koil Queen Air Mattress Review – The Fun Never Stops

The King Koil Queen Air Mattress Review is definitely one to check out if you need a comfortable mattress for camping and one that could also double as a bed for visiting friends and family.

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t’s great to good to get the best of both worlds, you should make sure to get one that serves the purpose well. Despite the wide array of mattresses on the market, not all of them can offer the reliability and comfort that you want.

However, this King Koil mattress review will show you a good number of outstanding features as well as remarkable performance. So let’s take a close look and see why it could be the one for you.


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King Koil Queen Air Mattress with Built-in Pump

The Key Features

Built-in pump for easy inflation

The first thing you need to consider when shopping for an air mattress is how you are going to inflate it. The good news is that you won’t have to worry about that with this bed, as it comes with an inbuilt 120V AC pump

This inbuilt pump makes light work of the inflation and deflation of the mattress. And with the pump handy, you know you don’t have to deflate the mattress and roll yourself over it to remove any residual air, the pump sucks it all out.

Portable electric power 

Getting air into the mattress is going to require electricity and the pump on this mattress ensures fast operation with either the inflation or deflation of your mattress, usually taking under 4 minutes.

However, if you are camping in isolated and remote places or somewhere that mains power is not available, it will be necessary to have your own generator or invertor to make this mattress your comfort spot for the night.

I spend a lot of time off the grid, so I carry a small portable generator and an inverter with me to assure me of power at all times no matter where I am, I love my comfort particularly as I get older, I think I’m getting softer.

This allows me the convenience of electric appliances even though I may be many miles from the closest electric power point.

Enhanced technology

To give you nothing short of impressive, this King Koil luxury air bed features a remarkable design with a coil-beam construction that keeps your spine aligned. No more waking up to aching back or neck.

The mattress is firm enough to offer just the right comfort and support for your body weight but there’s still more, as its suede top helps to ensure that your beddings stay in place even when you turn and toss throughout the night.

Air retention

Inflating your mattress, no matter how fast it might be, would be for nothing if it can’t keep air through the night. To keep your bed inflated through the night, this one features an extra external valve 

Make sure to keep the valve completely sealed to ensure no air escapes to keep it firm and comfortable through the night. Its ideal for home use as well as on outdoor adventures like camping out in your favorite Tent

Easy repair

A leaking mattress can be every camper’s worst nightmare. Unfortunately, while using an airbed out on a camping ground, the risk of sharp objects puncturing or tearing it is always too real.

Not to worry, the King Koil comes with a patch kit with just about everything you need to make repairs in a worst-case scenario.

Set the desired firmness

One good thing about air mattresses is that you can always set the firmness you want with remarkable ease, and this particular one is no exception.

With a slight increase of the air pressure, you can make your mattress a little more firm, or simply click your pump on for a few seconds to let some air out if the bed feels too firm.

Roomy enough for two

The name pretty much says it all, as a Queen Size mattress, you can expect to get more than enough space for a couple, and a king’s luxury on your own measuring an impressive 80 inches by 60 inches when inflated.

This bed is spacious enough to sleep comfortably without having to squeeze. And with an astounding 20 inches height, it feels much like a normal bed. It’s easy to get on and off while still offering the experience of sleeping off the ground.

Buy with peace of mind

If you have bumped into cheap mattresses before, it’s obvious that you will be a bit wary with your purchase. Well, King Koil goes the distance to ensure that you can buy with confidence, as they stand solidly behind the quality of their products.

Not only is the customer service remarkable if you ever need assistance, but the company also offers a 1-year guarantee for this mattress. All you need to do is call in or email them for assistance.


When it comes to using airbeds on the move, the portability becomes an essential aspect to consider. If you want a mattress you can carry with ease, then this one is for you. Weighing only 17 pounds, it is super easy to lug along without worrying about it weighing you down.

It also folds up and packs small, which means you only need a small place for it when storing or transporting. Also, this mattress comes with an included carry bag that adds to the convenience of its transportation and storage.

What Are The Benefits Of This Product To You?

Its high capacity pump is downright awesome at inflating and deflating the bed in a matter of minutes. But as it turns out, there’s more to this pump yet, as it is super easy to operate.

Convenience with a simple twist of a knob to get the desired operation. Besides, it also includes inbuilt storage for its power cord, which is very convenient as well.

To keep your mattress from skidding across the floor when sleeping, King Koil has included an Ultragrip bottom on this mattress. This proves to be reliable on virtually any surface, from the floor in your house to the tent floor.

The sides feature a thick, flocked material that not only ensures remarkable durability for this mattress, but it also ensures it can withstand potential nicking from any sharp protruding objects.

The top is also something worth checking out when shopping for a reliable mattress for camping, especially considering that the outdoor environment can be unpredictable.  

Extra thick quilt top on this mattress is built with water resistant capabilities, something you will need in a rainy season if you find yourself without a shelter.

An enhanced coil technology is ideal for keeping your spine well aligned and giving you an impressive comfort. But this feature also offers a much more significant benefit; it makes the mattress heavy-duty, with the ability to hold up to an astonishing 600 lbs.

It also comes with an eco-friendly PVC material on the top and the sides that are sure to make your bed great for users who care about the environment.

A superior Mattress that also offers a high-performance that can take on the rigors of the outdoors and come out strong after seasons of use.

Here’s a tip or two

  • Always make sure to take your mattress out of the box, inflate it and do a test run before heading out to camping.
  • I always place a tarp or groundsheet under my tent so the tent and the mattress are further protected from sharp sticks and other objects that may puncture or damage either of them. 



  1. Built for heavy-duty use, it features the right features to offer you outstanding comfort and support.
  2. The pump makes it extremely easy to inflate and deflate.
  3. High capacity performance, holding up to 600 lbs.
  4. Lightweight and compact enough for easy transportation.
  5. You can set the firmness that you want with ease.


  1. There are a couple of negative reviews about the mattress leaking so check it while it is under warranty.
  2. The stated warranty is 12 months but I always suggest you verify this on the purchase of any product.


You should make your nights out on a camping trip as fun and comfortable as the adventure. And this mattress turns out to be one of the best choices that could take you all the way.

It’s strong, comfy, durable, and easy to use as well as transport. Add the durability that it offers, and you have yet another reason to grab it for your next trip.

But as it turns out, the King Koil is not only great when used in the outdoors, you can also use it at home occasionally when you have friends and family visiting. Sleeping at home or away has never felt so good.

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