KingCamp Low Sling Beach Chair Review

When you want to lounge around the campfire and tell funny stories or discuss the day’s events, read this KingCamp Low Sling Beach Chair review this chair offers comfort and relaxation in bucket loads.

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In this review, I will show you one of the best options for comfort and convenience while lazing around at the beach or your favorite outdoor spot. Keep reading to discover what this particular chair has to offer. I will give you all the information you need to make the right decision.


KingCamp Low Sling Beach Chair for Camping

Some Key Features

Built for comfort

First and most importantly, your camping chair should not compromise comfort for the sake of performance or durability, and this one never disappoints at that.

A fitted armrest is one of the things that make it downright awesome, but this feature still has something more exciting to offer.

With foam wrapping, it’s both sturdy and comfortable. This would be one of the best beach chairs for back support.

A cup holder

Finding a camping chair with a cup holder or a side table for your items is always a welcome addition. So if you like having your drink close without necessarily having to put it on your lap or holding it all the time, then this chair is for you.

It features a strategically positioned cup holder that enables keep your drink within reach, an aspect that also makes it look great.

Strong frame

For a sturdy chair that can take on quite a beating over the seasons, KingCamp has equipped this one with a robust frame. Made of heavy-duty steel, it is strong enough to support around 300 lbs.

This is a good weight carrying capacity for most people, which makes this chair ideal for kids and adults alike.

Lightweight design

But despite the heavy-duty performance, it’s still not as heavy as you would expect. Weighing only 6.6 lbs, it is considered on the lower end when it comes to weight.

This makes it a great chair for carrying with you whenever you want a low folding beach chair in a bag.

It’s versatile too

The other eye-catching thing about this chair is its design. As a low seat, it’s just the right pick for anyone looking for a chair to use on the beach, but it is also great for use on camping and other outdoor activities as concerts too.

Besides being low, it also features conveniently big leg caps that make it very stable even when used on a sandy beach.

Reinforced mesh

Nothing beats the comfort and fun of using a chair with a breathable mesh on the back and the seat. Its mesh is very breathable.

This design gives it the advantage of ultimate ventilation that you will come to love when lounging on the beach during hot days, and it doesn’t leave it at that yet.

The mesh in it is also reinforced, which makes it very strong, giving you assurance for years of service.

Easy-to-use folding design

Having a strong, comfortable chair can be fun, but if it’s not easy and fun to use you would not want it, that’s why the company decided to make the use of this chair nothing but a breeze.

There is no assembly required with this simple folding design, which you can open or close in a matter of seconds, very easy to use.


When you buy a product always check to see what the warranty covers and more importantly what it doesn’t cover, manufactures will cover defective workmanship in the manufacture.

However, there are many other instances that vary from product to product and manufacturer so be sure to check your warranty closely.

Price and Compare

The price of this product is very attractive and I believe it offers good value compared with other similar chairs on the market, for such good quality, it is quite inexpensive so check out the current price here now on ==>Amazon<==

Now compare it with another good chair the Alps Mountaineering Rendezvous for a good comparison that will help with your purchasing decision.

What Are The Benefits

Portability is the first thing you need to think about before choosing the right camping chair for your needs. And with this chair, that’s the last thing you need to worry about.

It comes with an included carry bag as well as compact straps that make it very easy to transport and store.

The frame is built to last, thanks to the strong steel material that it’s made of.

Another feature that makes it outstanding, the powder coating that makes it rust-free, ideal for ultimate durability.

The feet are made with hard oversized plastic material and will allow you to sit on the sand without too much sinking and if you use it inside on a floor or inside a tent you will not damage the floor.

It’s just the right size for easy use, transport, and storage. When it comes to using, the 20.8 inches width ensures you have enough space to sit on.

When packed, it measures 30.7 by 7.9 by 5.1 inches, so it doesn’t take up much space in your trunk during transportation or at home when stored.

A low to ground chair will prove essential if you need to use the chair on the beach. And there’s no better way to experience relaxing better than with a chair like this one.

It’s not only safe to adapt to the soft ground or sand, but it also allows you to even relax inside your tent.

Its lightweight and sturdy design offer the right combination for a chair you can use and transport with ease.

Factor in the durability, low profile design, and soft comfy armrests, and you have all the reasons why this chair is among the best you can get.

The price is right for a chair such as this considering the array of exciting features that this chair comes with.

This chair offers a little more than other chairs its size If you are shopping for a great camping chair on a budget, then this is it.  

Here’s A Tip For You

  • This low profile chair comes with a return window in case there’s anything wrong with it. But to make sure you don’t miss it, ensure to unbox and check your chair immediately you receive it.


  1. You can use it for a variety of outdoor activities.
  2. Easy to use, store, and transport.
  3. Strong enough to support up to 300 lbs.
  4. Ideal for use on the beach, thanks to its large low profile and big leg cap.
  5. Made of strong material that ensures high performance and durability.


  1. On the downside, this chair doesn’t recline so you can only use it for sitting.
  2. With the chair so much low, it might be hard for an aged person to get in and out of.

If you want to get the best of outdoor fun, a chair is one of the must-haves that you need to bring on board. This KingCamp low profile chair is one such chair you need to have with you on any outdoor occasion.

I am of the opinion that this is a seriously good beach chair, it is very highly rated and one that would be a great addition to your equipment.

Whether camping for several days or just one day at the beach, its lightweight design and compact size make it easy to carry with you virtually everywhere.

Better yet, with all the performance and its outstanding construction, this chair is quite inexpensive and has a huge number of positive revives 83% of which give it a 5 star out of 5-star score.

This is an absolutely awesome rating, I highly recommend it, let the fun begin!

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