The Excellent – Klymit Static V2 Sleeping Pad Review

From backpacking, camping to traveling, having this Klymit Static V2 Sleeping Pad means that you won’t have to trade off the luxuries of comfortable sleeping, which is why such gear as this is a must-have.

This Article Was Last Updated On February 19, 2021

Great for just about all outdoor activities, this sleeping pad goes with you, and not only is it built to offer the easiest portability possible, but it also has all the features that count to make sleeping comfortable no matter where you are.

Let’s find out what it has for you and if it might be the right gear for you.


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Klymit Static V2 Ultralight Sleeping Pad

The Key Features

Ultralight, compact design

The issue of weight turns out to be one of the major concerns for many outdoor lovers when it comes to getting their gear out there. This can be a serious challenge if any gear is too heavy and you have a long trek ahead of you.

Thankfully, the lightweight design of this sleeping pad makes it a great go-to option if you really want to go light and fast. Weighing only 16.3 ounces, it’s by far one of the most lightweight picks on the market.

Another thing that you definitely don’t want to get wrong with any sleeping pad is the size, whether it’s the inflated one or the folded size.

This is another remarkable feature in this sleeping pad, as it measures only 8 inches by 3 inches when folded, compact enough to make portability anything but effortless.

It’s spacious

Don’t let the necessity for a compact sleeping pad fool you if it can’t provide enough space when in use if you are rolling off the edges because it is too narrow or touching the ground because it’s too thin then it still doesn’t make things any better for you.

This is where you’ll come to love the sufficient size of this one, as it measures up to 72 inches by 23 inches when inflated, with a height of up to 2.5 inches so you won’t feel like you are sleeping on bare ground.

This is a very nice size for most people who are looking for that little extra comfort. 

Ideal material

The material used in the construction comes in as one of the most essential considerations you can keep an eye on when it comes to picking the right gear for outdoor use. It has to offer you ultimate comfort as well as the ability to take on the rough outdoors.

Well, you can hardly go wrong with the 75D polyester used in making the bottom of this sleeping pad, which is tough enough to withstand the constant assault from pebbles and stones on the ground.

The top is made of an impressive 30D polyester material, which is also excellent when it comes to durability even under heavy-duty use.

Easy inflation

When it comes to inflatable sleeping pads, there are a fair few things you just can’t afford to overlook, and one such factor is how easy you can inflate it.

Getting this one wrong could set you up for some serious frustration when out in the wild. One other I have written about is the self-inflating Thermorest Mondoking

Well, we have some good news for you, since if there’s one sleeping pad you can inflate with ease, it has to be this one. Thanks to its secure Twist-Pull valve, you can inflate it with as few as ten breaths.

And the best deal is when deflating it, as this valve opens wide enough to enable fast deflation removing all the air from the sleeping pad.

Built for ultimate comfort

It might be lightweight, tough, robust, and everything, but if the sleeping bag can’t guarantee comfortable sleeping, then it still doesn’t make the cut. That’s where you need to be keen to ensure you don’t get an option that might be difficult to sleep on.

That’s where the Side Rails that this one features comes in handy, as it ensures the least air movement possible, thus enhancing the sleeping pad’s insulating performance and keeping you comfortable through the night.

Besides, since you can inflate it just to the desired firmness, you can bet that it won’t be too tough on your back or sinking in the middle, which further makes it a perfect pick even for people with back problems.

What’s more, a body mapping technology focuses padding and the support needed for your body for a uniform and consistent support.

Get a worry-free purchase

Most camping gear comes with a long list of promises, but what counts the most is if the manufacturer is actually out to stand behind their quality.

That’s where Klymit’s lifetime guarantee on this sleeping pad proves unbeatable, as it goes to ensure you can buy without any concerns at all. Just remember to check the warranty on any product you purchase.

What Are The Benefits You Can Expect From This Sleeping Pad?

A versatile sleeping pad always proves to be outstanding as you can count on it for a wide range of outdoor activities, which is one thing this sleeping pad does best.

Besides using it for car camping, travel, and backpacking, you can also use it for other outdoor adventures.

As far as durability goes, anyone wants to get an outdoor gear that they can count on in the long haul. And fortunately, this comes across as one of the things at which this sleeping pad never disappoints.

It’s all thanks to the puncture, abrasion, and tear-resistant material, which makes it capable of lasting for seasons.

Transporting your sleeping pad can be a tough undertaking if it isn’t built to offer you the easiest possible portability, which is one less thing you will ever have to worry about with this one.

Besides packing as small as a soda can and incredibly lightweight, it also comes with a stuff sack, all of which make the portability a breeze.

Sometimes a patch kit turns out to be the one essential feature you might want to have around even if you will never need it.

Klymit understands this necessity too well, so they have included one in this sleeping bag, which is neatly located on an integrated pocket at the top of the stuff sack, so it’s always at hand.

An anti-microbial laminate is also something worth considering when deciding if a sleeping pad is good enough for your needs.

Helps prevent any possible growth of microorganisms like fungi and bacteria, which could not only cause odor on your sleeping bag but could also damage the material.

As such, this one comes with this must-have treatment to ensure that it stays free of the awful smell and lasts long.

Here’s A Tip

  • One thing that might sound like a no-brainer, but which most people usually overlook, is the importance of placing a sleeping pad in an area without objects that might cause punctures or abrasions. To help your sleeping pad last long, keep this in mind whenever preparing to settle in for the night.


  1. It’s virtually one of the top lightweight options you can find on the market.
  2. It also packs small enough, and an included storage bag makes portability super easy.
  3. If you want a durable sleeping pad, then this one’s for you.
  4. The ease of inflation and deflation is downright remarkable.
  5. The lifetime guarantee is also an exciting addition that helps you to buy with confidence.


  1. The high ripple design may be uncomfortable for some users.



Looking for a rugged, lightweight, and super comfortable sleeping pad? Then this one is hands down one of the options you should check out.

As you might have already found out, there’s more to this sleeping pad than just that, as it has a hoard of other exciting features too.

It goes without saying that you should enjoy as much comfort when sleeping in the outdoors, and with all the exciting features in this one, we highly recommend this sleeping pad for anyone who is serious about making outdoor adventure exciting and fun.

If you have any more questions about the Klymit Static V2 Sleeping Pad, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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