Pans Large Military Backpack For Hiking And Camping

Famous for its multipurpose build, PANS large military backpack for men gains skyrocketing reviews online. For what it’s worth, you need to know why!

Military backpacks are well known for their capacity, strengths, and special features. Cheap commercial bags can’t take their place. You can find lots of these bags today, but it takes a good eye to find one with the right shape.

If you’re looking for a durable bag for your next hardcore rendezvous, then take a look at this updated product. Get to know more about PANS Large Military Backpack in this review.

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Multipurpose Build

Suitable for different people, this versatile backpack can keep you company on your net adventure. It’s a waterproof backpack for men and women.

You can bring this for trekking, hunting, hiking, and other activities that require you to bring lots of equipment. 

Built with a MOLLE System, you can add different small pouches and Velcro on it. It allows you to customize your backpack according to your taste. 

Multiple Loading Spaces

Built for extensive capacity, its loading spaces are meant to keep your things in place. Its front compartment (11 “X7”) can hold your keys, wallet, and other small stuff.

The middle compartment (15 “X10”) lets you store your book, plate, and other flat items. You can then put your clothes in the main compartment (20 “X13”).

Your other necessary items like food, flashlight, and fuses can go to the remaining spaces. It’s an amazing bag if you want one with smart design for a packed trip.

Other spaces you can use include

Straps (6 “X3”), where you can put your walkie talkie.

Back Compartment (19 “x14”), where you can put your clothing, water bag, blankets, etc.

Side pouch, where you can put your kettle and umbrella

Built for Outdoor Adventure

Staying outdoors for days needs you to be properly equipped. With this trusty military backpack, you’re not alone in the wild. Manufacturers of this bag gear you with a bag that has the following:

  • Water Bottle Mesh Pocket- for easy rehydration
  • Two Walkie Talkie Pouches- to let the communication line open and ready
  • Mountaineering Hook- to hang small things on the bag
  • Adjustable Chest Belt- to disperse the backpack weight
  • Adjustable Side Of The Buckle- to secure and adjust its size when full
  • Name Card/ Flag Holder Velcro- for a light personal touch

Expandable Backpack

You can adjust the thickness of the side of this bag from between 8’ and 13’. Its total capacity can reach up to 64L.

Aside from being able to hold more things, you can adjust the side buckles to secure it better. If it’s not full, you can reduce the backpack size.

This quality sets it apart from ordinary bags. You know it’s made for heavy travels when you can squeeze in as many things as you need.

Made with Water-resistant Materials

Just like how a military backpack should be, this one is also water-resistant. It’s perfect for outdoor adventures that require you to endure the rain.

But if you want a better waterproof backpack, it’s still advisable that you employ other techniques, for example, wrap a rain-fly around the pack.

Wrap your clothes, documents, cell phones, camera, and other sensitive objects in plastic. Heavy rain can come your way and it’s important to be extra ready.

Comes in a Reasonable Price

Unlike cheap bags plaguing the market that come with cheap materials, this one begs to differ. This is one of the best large military backpacks that’s packed with useful features without breaking your bank. 

For around $40, you’re getting a military backpack that can handle all your outdoor gears and essentials. Finding a product like this takes too much time with all the other available items online.

But with its multiple-star reviews, you can trust this backpack to deliver first-class performance in all seasons under all conditions.

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What are the benefits of this product?

Expandable, it’s one of the notable military backpacks for travel. It can hold all your equipment in one place.

Its main compartment can expand from 39 liters (2380 cu in) to 64 liters (3905 cu in). 

With its various customizable features, you can personalize its size according to your needs.

Suitable for most outdoor occasions, it’s a backpack that you can bring for sports, work, and travel adventures. It’s also suitable for men and women of most ages.

Comes with multiple compartments, you can arrange your things according to their usage and importance. You’ll know where to find your keys, water bottle, and other relevant outdoor adventure necessities.

Heavy oversized zippers and tabs let you have a trusty bag that won’t bail on you during heavy travel.

Up to 3.0-liter hydration bladder is at hand when you use this military backpack. You can survive long trekking adventures with no worries about being dehydrated.

Side parachute buckles let you tighten the bag and have a compact and easy to transport pack.

Reversible zippers help you keep out the dust and dirt. This feature is available on the B model only.

Light and strong material of this bag gives you a more manageable weight without compromising its capacity.

It only weighs 3.6 lbs, which is ideal for a military-style travel backpack. With proper care, you can use this bag multiple times for various long haul trips. 

Compact build lets you carry a condensed backpack. Its dimensions are 15 x 13 x 21 inches. With its properly built compartments, your things remain adequately stored while traveling. 

Camouflage appearance lets you have an ideal bag for hiking and hunting. It’s also ideal for joining war games like paintball. 

Awesome capacity lets you store your things with efficiency. Its internal compartments let you split things up, offering maximized space with a compact build.

Walkie talkie pouch lets you speak comfortably while trekking. You can now focus on your track without worrying about losing connection with your fellow hikers.

Special Features such as two walkie-talkie pouch, MOLLE system, and mountaineering hook makes this backpack option for military and other outdoor experiences.

Made with easy to clean materials, you can have an easy time keeping it tidy after every use. Common backpacks available online demands a tedious job, but this one keeps it simple.

Outdoor adventure-ready, this item won’t bother your excitement for a day outside. Your gears are in-place, right where you need them to be.

Well placed compartments and smart design let you reach what’s immediately needed without hassle.


  • Allows great equipment compartmentalization
  • Made with strong and lightweight materials
  • Comes in camouflage
  • Comes with practical special features
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Compact and high-capacity build
  • Comes with reversible zippers
  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable capacity


  • Each pocket tends to fill up the adjacent one.
  • Branded as an expandable waterproof backpack, but not truly waterproof.


Questions and Answers 

Q: Are the zippers waterproof?

A: No, but they are water-resistant, the backpack comes with a flap that you put over the zipper to help keep light rain from seeping inside it.

Q: Does this have a strap or sleeve to fit over or attach to a roller suitcase?

A: Using a bungee cord might work, or hanging the shoulder straps over the suitcase handle works well sometimes.

Q: Is there a concealed carry compartment specifically for carrying a pistol?

A: No, but it comes with many small loading spaces. You can simply buy a pistol bag and put it inside for security.

Q: Will an army combat helmet fit in this bag?

A: When you fully extend this backpack, your helmet should fit right, although that would take up a lot of space of course. 

Q: Is there a place to strap a sleeping bag to it?

A: Yes. You can find attachment points on the bottom of the bag. with the mole system, there are many points to hang things on.

Q: Does it have a waist strap as well?

A: Yes. It has a waist strap, which is collapsible and you can fold it away when not needed. 

Q: Would this work as a school backpack?

A: Yes. Some customers gift this to their children or grandkids. They can also use it for overnight trips and camping. 

Q: Can I use this for overseas travel?

A: Yes. It can fit the overhead storage.

Here’s a Tip Or Two

  1. Vacuum the Insides.
  2. Use a dry towel in wiping the outside.
  3. Clean the backpack after every use.
  4. Don’t wash the bag in hot water.
  5. Don’t let the bag sit in a wet, cool, and dark place.
  6. Don’t put the bag in the dyer.


Like choosing any other products, setting a budget comes first. When you know your price range, you can pick a military backpack that has the features you want.

With this PANS Backpack for men, you can take advantage of its special features without breaking your bank. That’s why this product is usually shortlisted when picking bags.

Its amazing capacity, compact build, lightweight and strong material makes it a great choice for those of you who like quality gear.

Most users love this military bag for its numerous compartments and practical qualities.

Your necessities during any outdoor adventure like hydration, space for a walkie-talkie, and adjustable straps for easier carrying, are well taken care of with this pack.

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If you have any more questions about the PANS large military backpack, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.



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