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One of the remarkable aspects of modern camping equipment is the many lighting solutions now available to us, just a few short years ago the baby boomers as children were running around with kerosene lanterns.

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So what is the best outdoor light? well, that is up for discussion, but without a doubt, Led Outdoor Lighting Fixtures are some of the most used and well-respected forms of modern campsite and outdoor lighting.

How times have changed, the differences are remarkable. Lighting the tent is now very easy and cheap. Whether in the bush or in the home there is none better.

They are very small and very light easy to store and easy to use, their brightness is unmatched and the old-style incandescent bulbs cannot come close to LEDs versatility they are easy to transport and take up very little space. LED stands for light-emitting diode and when camping and traveling on the road there is no comparison.

Styles to suit.

They are available in any number of different shapes, sizes, and styles to suit any individual application, in a campsite, you may have 3 or 4 strategically placed to give maximum lighting to make life while outdoors very comfortable indeed.

An old torch has no chance against a new good quality headlamp for rummaging around inside the tent at night or around the fire while preparing the evening meal. Here I have highlighted a very good Headlamp.

Above the campsite dinner table, the darkest of night skies are no match for a 3-foot LED Bar light, it will illuminate the meal as if you were sitting under the lights in your kitchen at home. In the camper trailer, a Couple small 6in bars on the bedside would provide ample light to find your way around and plenty of light to read a book before bed.

I have a small bar Led Light in the back of my truck placed above the fridge and another larger one off the side where I have a pull-out awning attached to the canopy, my wife sometimes makes the comment that we are lit up like a Christmas tree.

Benefits of Led Lighting.

Lifespan: LEDs have an incredibly long life span generally believed to be around 50,000hours or 13.7 years if they burn 10 hours per day. Now that is good value. If you spend $20 or $200, just remember you get what you pay for sometimes so quality will be a factor, and the way they are used will determine just how long they last.

Efficiency: Whilst camping off the grid, the LED lighting systems are essential nowadays as they use a minimal amount of 12 volt battery power and that is something as campers and travelers we are always aware of if solar and the car running is our only power source to replenish our batteries which also means you can have lights on longer to sit and enjoy the nights.

Non-Toxic: LED are not considered toxic by law, and do not contain harmful toxic Chemicals, therefore, are allowed to be disposed of into landfills. Other light bulbs can and do contain chemicals dangerous to us and the environment including small traces of mercury in some fluoro tubes

Durable: led lights are very strong and not easily broken so make a very good choice for vehicle lighting. As an off-roading enthusiast I know from experience, they can withstand rough road conditions harsh weather wind and rain. Very handy if we drop them, unlike other bulbs. Temperature is another area that does not affect the performance as they can be used in very hot and cold environments

Design: spotlights, bars, handheld, headlamps, are all design features that allow us to use LED lighting in many areas. In and on vehicles, In and around the house, boating, or on camper trailers.

If we are camping they allow us to spend more of our nights outdoors. The energy efficiency is second to none and they function efficiently and effectively to give us a fantastic nighttime experience.

Compact: if you are hiking or fishing you can always carry a LED light with you as they are extremely compact and some LEDs are no bigger than a penlight, they are used in small pen knives, basic survival tools, multi-tools. Small torches, Check out this Excellent quality tactical flashlight and handheld devices.

Convenience: Their compact size frees up a lot of valuable packing space. Anglers and fishing enthusiasts find them to be great in the design of headlamps, which allows freedom of use of both hands while participating in their respective pastimes. Small pocket type lights are available on a carabiner for wearing on your belt

The Power of 12 volts.

The application of 12 v power is another example of technology improving our lives with the amazing array of equipment able to be run off 12v is virtually anything now.

With a couple of solar panels on sunny days we are now able to stay off-grid by catching and storing power in deep cycle batteries for extended periods, and there is no reason now that your campsite can’t be lit up like a Christmas Tree using Led Outdoor Lighting Fixtures.

Our accommodation on the road is a camper trailer towed behind our small 4wd truck. I have a second battery in the tray of the truck that charges off the alternator when traveling, plus I have a solar panel to keep the power up to the batteries when stationary. I also have a third battery in the camper trailer fed by solar panel power for all the lighting in the camp.


Our batteries supply sufficient output to light any campsite, using the Led lights in different locations around the camp. With sunny days we are able to sit in almost any beautiful part of our world and while away the hours and not have to worry too much about batteries.

Thanks to the marvelous development of LED Outdoor Lighting and their minimal demand for power
LED technology has made led light the most efficient and dependable lighting systems available for any situation, and I am sure you could find numerous applications for these Led lighting products in and around your tent or your next outdoor experience.

This is a good product so do your research, buy a reasonable quality, and you are bound to get many hours of comfort and convenience from your lighting equipment.

If you have any more questions about Led Outdoor Lighting Fixtures, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.

Thanks, Shane.

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