Oak Creek Lost Valley Hammock Review

It’s lightweight, it’s tough, and it’s extremely cozy; this Lost Valley Hammock is the kind of gear you need for a great time in the outdoors. It is a full setup and works a treat.

There’s a long list of features that make a hammock worth the money, and usually the more the better. After all, enjoying a hammock is not just about having a great afternoon by the beach; it should also be safe enough to keep you from falling off and ending up with a nasty face plant.

Does this hammock offer all you would want in a hammock? if that’s what you’re here to find out, then read on to find out why this could be just the ideal hammock for you.


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Lost Valley Hammock

The Key Features

Heavy-duty construction

One of the things we don’t want to get wrong when it comes to hammocks is the performance. As we’ve mentioned, a flimsy hammock could pose a serious risk if you end up falling off, and injuries aren’t uncommon in such cases.

It’s thus no wonder Lost Valley has designed this hammock with an ultra-strong parachute nylon material that is ultra-strong to give it the strength it needs to support up to 350 lbs, making it safe even for big guys among us.

Convenient accessory pouch

I love resting and sleeping on my hammock, it can be very fulfilling, plus there’s no harm in getting one that offers a touch of convenience along with comfort.

And what better way to get a great deal of comfort than with a hammock that allows you to keep a few items within reach.

Thanks to an inbuilt accessory pouch, this hammock allows you to keep such handy items as your Smartphone, wallet, and other such accessories with you whenever you are enjoying a nap.

Convenience is important to me and I found the ability to keep things handy in case I need them very important in purchasing this hammock, there are also many other reasons.

Easy setup

Nothing quite says fun as a good hammock. But before you can think about all the great comfort you can get out of your hammock, you have to set it up fast. It’s the part that some outdoor enthusiasts don’t find to be so impressive unless it’s as easy as it can get.

Fortunately, that’s nothing to worry about with this hammock, as it not only comes with everything you need to set it up but is also super easy to set up, usually taking only 3 minutes tops.

Tree straps to hang the hammock from as well as protecting the tree are included in this package as well as the carabiners to hook the hammock ends securly to the straps.

No worry about bugs

After enjoying your day in the wild and sitting around the campfire slapping a few mosquitoes, it’s time to rest and sleep off the day’s exhaustion so you can wake up the next day ready for the adventure.

But the outdoors is crawling with all sorts of bugs, and other flying insects and mosquitoes that could make sleeping almost impossible. The inclusion of a bug net in this package further enhances the deal.

Lost Valley has taken care of that as they have equipped this hammock with a very handy mosquito net that ensures you can sleep in ultimate comfort without those nasty crawlers or biting insects inviting themselves in.

Keeps the rain out

With the issue of bugs dealt with, it’s time to fade off to a night of comfortable night sleep, right. Well, unfortunately, if mother nature decides to stack the odds against you, an unexpected rainstorm could as well make things a little difficult for you.

That’s where the other bit that we loved the most about this hammock comes to the rescue. Among the many impressive features, that this hammock comes with is a handy rain fly.

Duri the rain it is great at ensuring you stay warm and dry, and at other times it acts as a great sunshade and shelter that will add to the comfort of your sleep.

It’s roomy!

Space is yet another crucial aspect that you have to consider if you are to get a hammock that offers the value, you pay for. And in most cases, the more space you can get the better.

Now, although this hammock is designed for a single person, that doesn’t mean you have to struggle to fit in there, especially if you’re a big person.

At 9-foot x 4 foot, It’s spacious enough to offer sufficient wiggle room, and you can even fit your pet in there to keep you company.

Easy portability

All said and done, you still have to consider how easy transporting and storing your hammock is going to be once the fun is over. Such factors as size and weight play a significant role here.

And especially for hikers, it needs to pack as small as possible and be as lightweight as it gets. Well, that’s something else you shouldn’t worry about, as this compact hammock packs down to measuring only 11.02 inches by 7.87 inches by 11.81 inches.

And when it comes to weight, the 3.59 pounds including all components packed into the carry bag, this one shouldn’t add any significant weight to your luggage.

Lost Valley Hammock - a dog in a hammock wearing sunglasses

What Are The Benefits Of This Product

With tree straps stretching up to 9.5 feet, this hammock is easy to set up even on trees that have a bit of space between them, not forgetting that the overall setup is also easy and fast.

And for extra convenience, two 12kN aluminum carabiners are just as robust as the hammock itself, which you can count on for your safety.

Besides, it also comes with 2 stakes, as well as 2 person lines, all of which add up to all the accessories you need to set up your hammock, thus saving you money and the hassle of picking up the needed accessories separately.

An included drawstring bag is what you need for putting all these components in, allowing you to carry everything in a nice little package, as well as offering protection and easy storage.

The whole set up with all components weigh in under 4 pounds, which means it doesn’t add much weight to your overall luggage.

To enhance the performance of this hammock, there are reinforced stitching and knotting on either end, which is a great plus for a hammock that is designed for heavy lifting as this one.

Sufficient wiggle room further makes this hammock even more comfortable, especially if you are the type of person who turns and tosses a lot at night.

Its mosquito net is also easy to use, and more so when it comes to relaxing during the day as you can simply just lay on it, or take it up at night for protection.

The net even has a zipper that not only helps make it bug proof but is also easy to zip and unzip, not to mention that the zippers is as robust as the whole unit.

Taking it down is just as fast as the setup, and so is the case when it comes to stuffing your hammock inside the carry bag. You don’t need to spend hours on this one when it’s time to break camp.

Quick Specs

  • Material: Tear-resistant parachute nylon
  • Weighs 3.59 pounds
  • The capacity of 350 pounds
  • Rainfly included
  • Mosquito net included
  • 2 x 10 foot Tree straps
  • 2 x 3-inch aluminum carabiners
  • Stakes and guy lines included
  • Packed dimensions: 11.02” x 7.87” x 11.81”
  • Drawstring carry bag included
  • Inbuilt accessory pouch


  1. A tough hammock that can support up to 350 lbs
  2. The bundle comes with everything you need for the setup
  3. Easy up, easy down and fits nicely in the included drawstring carry bag
  4. Lightweight and enough to make the transportation a breeze
  5. Enough space for wiggle room inside
  6. Handy mosquito net for keeping the bugs out


  1. It doesn’t come with instructions on how to set it up
  2. The accessory pouch on the inside is quite flimsy
Lost Valley Hammock - person laying in a hammock inside a room

Questions and Answers

Question: How can I attach the bug net to this hammock?

Answer: It’s easy. The net comes sewn into the hammock’s fabric on one side, so you can simply hang it up on a branch above by its loops using the person lines and you’re all set.

The other way is to purchase some paracord and rig a fly line between two trees.

Question: Can I fit in the hammock along with a child or pet?

Answer:  As we’ve mentioned above, albeit being a single person hammock, this one is spacious, and in fact, strong enough to hold an adult and a child or pet with ease. However, don’t forget to be watchful of the weight limit.

Here’s A Tip or Two

  • It’s worth mentioning that the mosquito net that this hammock comes with isn’t removable, so when you don’t need to use it, simply lay it on the hammock and enjoy the good times.
  • To enhance comfort and warmth, it’s wise to bring along a sleeping pad or an under quilt to use with your hammock while out there.
  • It will help offer that extra and much-needed insulation, allowing you to enjoy great sleep even on a cold night.


Thankfully, Lost Valley has gone the distance to combine a solid build and soft comfort. Those two crucial factors built into this hammock gives us the ultimate piece of gear that we can count on while outdoors.

I would highly recommend this hammock to anyone who’s looking for a great hammock for an outdoor adventure. Particularly one that has all the components for comfortable and secure bug-free sleeping.

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If you have any more questions about the Lost Valley Hammock, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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