MalloMe Sleeping Pad Camping Air Mat Review

Sleeping in the outdoors can leave you feeling a bit stiff sometimes, but having a good item like this MalloMe Sleeping Pad Camping Air Mat provides a huge benefit when sleeping on cold hard ground.

There’s a long list of features that can make a sleeping pad worth the buy, from comfort to performance, ease of transportation, and of course, durability.

However, getting a sleeping pad with all these perks can be harder than you might think. And chances are, that’s why you ended up here. Well, you have come to the right page, since in this review, I will be taking you into details of what this sleeping pad can or cannot do.

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Inflatable Ultralight Insulated Sleeping pad

The Key Features

Over 2 inches thick

A sleeping pad works great for keeping you insulated from the cold ground underneath while still offering a bit of extra padding. This will come down to the construction of the item, but the thickness also matters a lot here too.

MalloMe has taken seriously the need for sufficient cushioning to ensure you not only get enough insulation with this sleeping pad, but you also won’t have to wake up feeling stiff and sore.

And with over 2 inches of thickness, this sleeping pad does a great job of keeping you comfortable, However, there are many others you may like to research, and one in particular if you are with a partner, check out the Ultralight Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad.

Easy to use self-inflating design

Inflating your sleeping pad might sound like a challenge, especially when you have to blow it up, ending up feeling out of breath. But it’s crucial since these items are designed to be inflated so you can make the most out of your sleeping pad comfort wise.

Not to worry, this sleeping pad is designed with a self-inflating valve that takes the hustle out of the way for you, allowing you to leave it to inflate all by itself. However, you need to blow it up some at first to kick-start the inflation process.

Adjust the firmness as desired

Even with a self-inflating sleeping pad, getting the perfect firmness is very important. After all, sleeping on a sleeping pad that feels pretty much like a concrete slab can be just as uncomfortable as sleeping on a flat one.

That’s why the easy-to-use valve on this item comes in as handy as it allows you to blow into the sleeping pad to add some air or open it and let out some to set the firmness right where you need it, ensuring an unbeatable cushioning and comfort.

Super easy to deflate too

Now, once the camping fun is over and it’s finally time to head home, you need to deflate your sleeping pad to make packing and transporting it easy. This is the other bit that should be easy if the overall use of your sleeping pad is to be considered effortless.

Luckily, MalloMe has also considered the need for a fast, easy deflation of your sleeping pad, and the valve on this unit is designed to make this as easy as it gets. All you have to do is open the valve, and roll your sleeping pad towards the direction of the valve to push out all the air inside.

Foam interior

The material of your sleeping pad could make a great deal of difference as far as comfort and convenience. While the construction matters, the material is at the core of your mat’s performance.

That’s why I took a greater interest in the foam material of this sleeping pad, which gives it that cushy, cuddly feel that allows you to fall asleep fast and means you won’t be waking up to a sore back and neck. This great feature offers absolute relaxation after a long and tedious day roughing it on the trail.

Enough sleeping space

Size does matter here, and not just for sleeping pads, but for just about any sleeping gear out there. And no one appreciates a sleeping gear that offers enough sleeping space than a large person who needs every extra inch of space available.

Thankfully, with this sleeping pad, offering an impressive 74 inches long by 25 inches wide, you should have more than sufficient space to sleep on even for side and back sleepers alike.

Once you have it inside your backpacking tent, if you are an average adult, you should be able to turn about some at night without ending up on the floor.

Ideal for use with sleeping systems

Versatility is also very important when choosing your ideal sleeping pad, especially when you have other sleeping systems that you are seeking to improve. As such, finding an item that can work with your existing systems is always a great feeling.

This one proves to do just that, as it is easy to pair with a sleeping bag such as the Coleman North Rim Sleeping Bag, and you could easily use it with a camping pillow for that extra comfort and support for your neck.

Inflatable Ultralight Insulated Sleeping Pad

What Are The Benefits Of This Product

You have up to five colors to choose from, including the orange color of this mat, as well as grey, green, red, and blue. Choosing your favorite color doesn’t get better.

With the ability to hold about 250 lbs, this sleeping pad delivers a reliable performance that makes it perfect for youths and most adults.

An Option to inflate by blowing it with about 10 to 20 breaths saves time since you don’t have wait for the self-inflation.

An included stuff sack with a drawstring design goes a long way to ensuring easy and convenient transportation and storage of your sleeping pad while also keeping it clean.

The large valve not only allows for easy and fast inflation and deflation of your sleeping pad, but it’s conveniently positioned at the foot of the item, far from your head and face.

A pillow top design with the inbuilt pillow also makes this sleeping pad a great choice if you want the best support possible for your neck.

Included elastic bands make packing your sleeping mat as easy as it can get as they snap nicely over the folded mat, keeping it from unfolding for easy packaging.

While the top material is very soft and comfortable, the bottom of this mat is tough enough to make it ideal for use on rough outdoor surfaces.

It’s also very stable, which keeps the sleeping pad in place even when you turn and toss at night, you don’t have to worry about waking up on the other side of the tent.

A lightweight design and the ability to fold up into a small package that you can handle with ease further make it a perfect mat for most outdoor trips.

Quick Specs

  1. Material: Foam
  2. Thickness: 2.5”
  3. Dimensions inflated: 74” X 25” 
  4. Weight: 4 pounds
  5. Capacity: 250 pounds
  6. Inflation: Self-inflating
  7. Color: Orange
  8. Inbuilt pillow
  9. Two elastic bands included
  10. Drawstring carry bag included


  • Lightweight design makes portability easy
  • Drawstring carry bag keeps out dirt and debris
  • Self-inflating and fast to blow up
  • Handy elastic bands hold it together when folded
  • Foam design for ultimate comfort and durability


  • The self-inflation takes too long
  • Would be great with instruction on how to operate this mat

Questions And Answers

Question: Is this sleeping pad lightweight and easily portable?

Answer: Considering the awesome performance that this item offers, it would be just to say it’s sufficiently lightweight as it weighs only about 4 pounds. Along with the included carry bag and the fact that it folds small enough, portability shouldn’t be a challenge with this one.

Question: Can I let it fully self-inflate?

Answer: Unfortunately, although that is possible, it would take a long time, as the sleeping mat needs about 24 hours to inflate fully all by itself. So the best way to cut on the time is to blow it up, quite a bummer, but still easy enough since about 10 breaths should be enough.

Here Is A Tip Or Two

  • Tough as the bottom of this sleeping pad is, you still need to help protect the bottom from nips and scratches when in use to enhance its durability.
  • If you are not using it on the tent floor, investing in a tarp could help protect your sleeping mat from rocks and stumps on the ground, allowing it to serve you for longer.
  • When setting the desired firmness for your sleeping pad, it’s wise to keep it soft enough to allow you to sink a bit, which adds to that cushy effect you can get with it.


If you’ve had enough with cheap sleeping pads that don’t offer the comfort you expect, then you should check out this MallowMe Sleeping Pad Camping Air Mat. It is cushy, warm, and the inbuilt pillow offers that extra support for your neck.

The foam construction further makes it an outstanding sleeping pad that takes on quite a beating over many uses. And the convenient valve, elastic bands as well as drawstring carry bag all add to the convenience that you get with this item.

I recommend giving it a go if you want to experience great comfort in your camping fun.  

If you have any more questions about the MalloMe Sleeping Pad Camping Air Mat, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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