Marmot Limelight 2 Person Tent Review – Lightweight Backpacking Convenience

When camping with someone else, a more spacious tent such as this Marmot Limelight 2 Person Tent will offer you comfortable accommodation. Finding the best and most reliable camping tent calls for a little research.

It’s perfectly fine to be choosy, don’t take chances with your comfort and safety in the wild. Only a well-built tent with the right features will keep you happy while protecting you from the harshness of the environment.

Now, does this Marmot tent offer a shelter you can count on? That’s what this review is here to help you understand, so keep reading to the very end before hitting that buy button.

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Marmot Limelight 2 Person Tent With Footprint

The Key Features

Plenty of living space

Camping tents offer more than just protecting you from the biting cold or searing heat, they also double as safe storage for your gear. And when you are camping as a pair, there’s always the need for more space than you would need on a solo camping trip. And thus, a larger tent can be very handy.

That’s one thing this tent does best, it offers a spacious interior offering an impressive 33 square feet of living space. With such ample space, you can have an easy time moving around inside the tent even with your gear in there.

The entrance

Making your way in and out of your tent will depend on one main factor, the design and size of the entrance. If it’s built to allow you to operate it with ease, then it will be easy to use, and even more convenient if it’s big enough to allow you to bring in some large items as your packs or a good-sized double sleeping bag.

The super-sized double door on this tent is built for just that, to offer you a practical entrance and exit, even with some large items to bring inside the tent. Besides, it has a D-shaped rear door that you can use when you don’t want to disturb your partner.

Pre-bend construction

Besides the floor area of a tent, the height is also important to check out to be sure the tent will allow you to move around with ease once inside. And this will be important, it needs to be easy when organizing stuff or using it while inside.

This tent’s pre-bend construction allowing you as much head and shoulder room as possible. This design makes the walls vertical up to the shoulder level, which also increases the overall interior space of the tent.

Reliable tent fly

If there’s one part of a tent that could make a world of difference, it has to be the fly, as it is your first line of defense against the weather, especially rain. Thus, it needs to be strong enough to take on quite a pounding and still be durable.

The fly on this tent is designed to take on the outdoor environment with its 100-percent water-resistant polyester material that enables it to stay taut even after getting wet. So you don’t have to retighten it after rains. 

Internal storage space

Another thing that makes a tent worth the money is the options you have as far as storing your items inside goes. And in this case, the more space you can get the better, more so if you have a lot of gear to bring along.

I particularly love the vestibules on this tent, which allow you to have enough storage for your backpacks, thus allowing you to keep almost everything with you inside the tent. This will prove to be very helpful in wet weather where you need to bring inside as much gear as you possibly can.

Great ventilation

Ventilation also matters a lot if you want to enjoy a great time in the wild, both in the cold and hot seasons. While a well-ventilated tent will keep you from sweating while in your tent, it also helps in cold conditions to help reduce condensation, which can be just as irritating.

The 40D 100-percent polyester canopy on this tent ensures the best ventilation you can ask for, with a no-see-um mesh that keeps allows ideal air airflow in and out of the tent. Also, the large doors help offer an extra bit of ventilation when necessary.

Included footprint

To enhance the durability of your tent, a footprint comes in very handy to keep the floor protected from dirt, wet conditions, and rocks or pebbles on the ground. This will enable your tent to last longer, giving you more value for the money and saving you more down the road.

While in most cases you would have to front an extra cost to get a footprint for your tent, this one comes with it included in the purchase. This gives you the convenience you need in preserving your tent without having to spend more.

Marmot Limelight 2 Person Camping Tent

What Are The Benefits Of This Product

Lightweight yet strong fabric allows you to carry this tent with ease but still does a great job of keeping you safe from the elements once you have it set up.

A dimming lamp pocket located at the roof of the tent is all you would ask for at night to keep your lantern for an ambient illumination of your tent.

Seam-taped construction also comes in very handy at keeping you dry inside this tent through some serious storms.

A catenary-cut floor also adds to the water-resistance capabilities of this tent as it keeps water from flowing into the interior of your tent even when standing on an incline.

With a strategic clip placement, this tent is capable of offering extra interior space for you and your hoard of camping gear.

The Dac press-fit poles are made of a sturdy aluminum material that is strong enough to keep your tent solid even when faced with heavy winds.

Interior pockets also help offer even more space for your items, as well as allowing you to achieve some organization inside the tent.

What’s more, setting up your tent is hands down easy and fast, and it all comes down to the color-coded webbing and pole design.

The fly on this tent not only sports a full-coverage build for ultimate protection from the elements, but it also has vents that add to the breathability, which is a big plus.

Its two-door design with the super-sized front door and a rear D-shaped door is great for privacy, especially since this is a two-person tent.

Quick Specs

  1. Floor area: 33 square feet
  2. Fabric material: Polyester taffeta
  3. Pole material: Aluminum
  4. Closure type: zippers
  5. Number of doors: 2
  6. Number of vestibules: 2
  7. Capacity: 2 Person Tent
  8. Footprint included
  9. Dimensions open; 43”x54”x88”
  10. Tent fly included


  • Impressive rain fly and footprint for ultimate weather protection
  • Seam taped construction offers top-notch water-resistance
  • Enough ventilation
  • Pockets and vestibules for storage
  • Color-coding and clips for easy pitching


  • The only minor downside is that when packed, this tent can be a bit bulky

Questions And Answers

Question: Can this tent handle extreme outdoor weather? 

Answer: Luckily, yes it does. Thanks to the strong build, this tent takes on most outdoor conditions in it’s stride, even in extremes, it holds up pretty well while keeping you dry and comfy inside.

Question: What is the closure type of this tent?

 Answer: To make opening and closing the doors on your tent easy, it has been fitted with large zippers. And for even easier use, the zippers feature jiggle-free nylon zipper pulls that are easy to hold on to and quite lasting too.

Here Is A Tip Or Two

  • When you need to have some more ventilation inside the tent, or just when you don’t want to have the doors in the way, you can easily stuff them completely into the tent’s interior pockets and enjoy the great outside view.
  • To give your tent more durability make sure to thoroughly check the spot you set it up. Ensure it is flat and free of any rocks or twigs that could compromise the tent floor or the included footprint.
  • Also, it’s important to set up your tent at home before your trip to be sure you know how to pitch it.


For camping and other outdoor activities, this Marmot Limelight 2 Person Camping Tent is a great go-to option that will take on the wild like a champ.

It is easy to set up, offers plenty of interior space, and holds up very well in bad weather, you will be glad to call it home in the face of the unrelenting outdoor weather. The two doors also come as a big plus, as they allow you to enjoy a bit more privacy and convenience when needed.

Lots of storage options inside add to the convenience you get with the Limelight, allowing you to keep your gear inside and dry in wet weather, as well as ensuring your tent is well organized.

I highly recommend getting this tent for your adventure, it is well worth the money.  

If you have any more questions about the Marmot Limelight 2 Person Tent Review, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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