Marmot Limestone 8 Person Tent

If you need three-season weather performance for family or group camping, the Marmot Limestone 8 person tent is for you. Without a doubt, this tent is a big tent that truly means business.

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It has separate living areas and humongous interior space to roll around inside. This is a semi-freestanding tent because there is an extra pole that needs to be stake down for it to be fully functional.

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MARMOT Limestone 8P Tent

Key Features  

Design and Materials 

There are five DAC DA17 poles to make this tent stand, plus the awning poles. Each pole is color-coded for the assembler to identify which pole corresponds to each sleeve. 

DAC is the world’s leading manufacturer of tent pole so we know that these poles are durably engineered for large modern tents. With these poles, the setup is made easy yet one may need assistance in assembling the tent. 

The inner tent has extensive areas of 40D 100% polyester No-See-Um mesh for ventilation. While the lower section on the side, room, and back is structured with polyester taffeta for some privacy and added protection. 

The flooring is a seam-taped catenary cut floor and coated. It is made of durable 150D 100% polyester oxford and has a waterproof rating of 3000mm. 

A full seam-taped rainfly made of 68D polyester ripstop covers the tent and has a waterproof rating of 1500mm. This is a full-coverage type rainfly to make sure the inner tent is completely protected as well as the people inside. 

Once the fly is attached, a long rectangular vestibule can be unrolled and created as an awning during pleasant weather. There are two poles, stakes, and guy lines included in the package to make the awning stand. 

Setting Up the Tent 

At first, you may need to practice how to correctly set up the tent but when you get used to it, setting up this tent can be done in no time. One person is enough to set up this tent, but if you’re in a hurry you can always ask for assistance. 

You can start by spreading out the tent body and staking it down. Then thread the yellow cross poles to the sleeves and secure them in the grommets. 

Next, you can attach the two pre-bent halo type poles on either side of the tent. The final pre-bent pole goes to the remaining sleeve. 

Now, once the tent is up you can attach the rainfly, orient it with the color tabs and clip the fly on. Use the corner buckles and included guy lines to secure the fly. 

When everything is done and the tent is up, you will see that this tent truly is a monster of a shelter. 


The Marmot Limestone 8 person tent is almost 130 square feet of internal space which is indeed enough to comfortably accommodate a crowd of a family or group of people. The pre-bent poles offer more vertical walls and conducive space for everyone. 

The peak height is 77 inches high, providing plenty of headroom even for people 6 feet tall. Whenever you need more room or space for gears, packs, and muddy boots, the front vestibule provides an additional 32 square feet of space. 

With a tent this big, you will surely have no problem moving around or playing games inside with family and friends. Whenever the weather is bad outside, don’t get sad because you can still enjoy bonding moments with the whole gang inside. 


Having a majority of mesh construction in the walls, doors, and ceiling allows air movement inside. There are also some ventilation features included in the area of the tent and rainfly. 

You can always pop open the vents in the rainfly for air exchange to prevent condensation. Since the main front door is a pair of D-shape openings, you can keep one open for more air to get inside or unzip it completely. 

Marmot Limestone 8P Tent Review

Benefits of the Product 

A generously spacious shelter for the whole family to enjoy and experience the great outdoors without feeling crowded or cramped. 

Durable and stable enough to withstand bad weather. With a dome-style shape, this tent can perform better in tough conditions. 

The simple setup even for a big luxurious tent such as this. With color-coding schemes, Marmot made sure you don’t have to do the guessing game in setting up this tent.  

Full coverage rainfly excellently covers the inner tent and also provides additional vestibule space. It is designed with cuffs just above the jingle-free nylon zipper pulls to make sure water won’t leak between small cracks between the zipper’s teeth. 

A removable taffeta divider can be used to split the tent into two separate living areas. It can simply be attached to the walls by toggles. Parents love this feature for it gives them a sense of privacy from the kids. 

Two doors strategically positioned so that whenever you decide to split the tent into two rooms, residents of each room have their own easy in and out access. 

Waterproof, despite the extensive mesh construction people inside the Marmot Limestone 8P Tent are guaranteed to stay dry and safe from outside elements.   

Multiple small pockets distributed around the tent for safely storing small items you want to easily access throughout the day like cellphones, cameras, and chargers. 

Lampshade pockets that can turn your headlamp beam into a warm diffuse light source. This is always an important feature for making your night brighter.

Light-reflective points for added visibility at night. With reflective details, it is easier to go back and recognize your tent, especially when it is completely dark. 

Price, we know that Marmot does not, by any means make cheap tents. Comparing to the price range of their 4 and 6-person tent which ranges $300-$400, expect the Limestone 8P tent to be pricier. That said, the Marmot Limestone 8P tent is one of those luxurious tents available in the market. 


Questions and Answers 

Q: Does the Marmot Limestone 8 person tent include a footprint? 

A: It is not included, you have to buy a separate footprint for this. Marmot does have a specific footprint for tents this size which is around $85.oo on their website. 

You can also utilize an oversize tarp which is cheaper and also works fine for the same purpose. If you’re on a tight budget then the latter option is your best choice. 

Q: We are a family of five, is this tent too big for us? 

A: While Marmot Limestone is specified as an 8-person tent, 6 people is ideal to have sufficient room for everyone.

So, for a family of 4 children plus 2 adults, this tent is just the right size to experience convenient living away from home. You may also use the included taffeta divider to allot a separate room for the parents and kids. 

Tips You Can Take Away 

  1. It is advisable to practice setting up this tent especially for newbies before actually going out there to save time. 
  2. Having a companion in setting up the tent will make it much easier and faster.
  3. If you don’t have a footprint you can always use a big plastic sheet or tarp but if you forget to bring something to protect the flooring of the tent make sure to choose a less rocky spot.
  4. Check everything inside the stuff sack to make sure you’re bringing the complete part of the tent.
  5. When disassembling it is best to organize each piece before storing it back in the bag to avoid misplacing them.


At a glance, you will see that the Marmot Limestone 8P tent is really big and spacious. If your family loves to have a break from the busy city life once in a while, then grabbing this tent will give you a chance to invite the whole family for a relaxing outdoor experience in a luxurious tent. 

Yes, the price is expensive. That’s why lucky are those who want this tent and got the resources right away but don’t be gloomy because you can always watch out for the next sale and might even get a great deal. 

Besides, investing in something that encourages the family to bond and share their lives is always a good thing. We know this tent is worth investing in and will pay off for years to come. 

Marmot Limestone 8P tent’s great attention to detail makes it excel in many areas that other tents of the same range seem to stumble in. It is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a comfortable tent that is crafted for serious campers.  

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If you have any more questions about the Marmot Limestone 8P tent, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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