Marmot Long Hauler Duffel Travel Bag

The Marmot Long Hauler Travel Duffel Bag is an exceptional piece of gear that is budget-friendly and with all the features you might need for your next great adventure.

This Article Was Last Updated On December 31, 2020

Long Hauler is a burly duffel bag you can use for long-distance travel, expeditions, carrying camping equipment, and for gym purposes.

This top-notch bag is popular among outdoor enthusiasts for its versatility. It is a functional bag sporting the majority of features that most outdoor goers are looking for.

Available in different sizes ranging from small to extra-large so you can choose which volume capacity is the best for your travels. Carrying it around is super easy and you won’t worry about it tearing or ripping off so easily.

The Marmot Long Hauler travel duffel bag performs fairly well across the board which is why it is truly a favorite of many. If you want to know more about this bag, stick around and continue reading below.

Marmot Long Hauler Duffel Bag

Key Features

Ease of Transport

Marmot did a great job of placing all the features you’d need to make carrying the Long Hauler as easy as possible. It offers several ways on how to carry the bag for the user’s total convenience.

For long-distance travel, this duffel bag has two shoulder straps for carrying like a backpack which is preferred by most hikers and campers.

But for heavier loads, you can shorten the two shoulder straps and strap them together so you can tote this bag easily like a briefcase.

What we love about the shoulder straps are the small cutouts particularly made to comfortably fit your hand as you carry the bag like a briefcase.

It alleviates the stern on your hand and adds to the easy transport of gears without heavy straps cutting into your palms.

If you want to turn it to a shoulder bag, simply extend one of the straps for use as a shoulder strap harness. The straps’ design is really versatile and made comfortable with the extra padding.

There are also grab loops on all four sides of the bag so you can easily pick it up and get moving sooner. This is greatly useful when you’re lifting the bag out of a pile of bags, luggage carts, or gym lockers.

For those who are more likely to ride sleds, jeep roofs, or even camels, the Long-Hauler features a host of fairly robust points on each side to help facilitate strappings anywhere that you might need it.

Internal and External Design

The main compartment is designed with a huge D-shaped opening for easy packing. It contains a large zippered internal pocket for any small things that you don’t want to get lost at the bottom of the main compartment.

There are also compression straps inside the main compartment and a reinforced base to enhance durability. You will find a rain flap covering the zippers of the main compartment to help keep your things protected.

A compartment is placed at one end of the bag for storing things that you want to separate like shoes and dirty clothes.

This compartment has a small zipper pocket inside which includes an anchor point for keys.

All the zippers are lockable which is essential for travel in providing some anti-theft protection. These zippers are without hassle to open and close.

You will find clever elastic points on the straps that can be utilized for quick access to important things like keys and whistles.

The exterior compression straps can be used to keep your things from sloshing and wiggling, this will make the bag easier to handle and comfortable for carrying.


The Marmot Long Hauler travel duffel bag is made of really sturdy materials. It has a water-resistance design that will keep your things protected from the outside elements.

Honestly speaking, this is one of the toughest outdoor bag options in the market today even if it’s been years since the introduction of this duffel bag.

The main material used for the structure of this bag is 600 D 100% Poly TPU Laminate Embossed. While the lining is made of 210 D 100% Nylon, 135 D 100% Polyester.

Overall, the Long-Hauler is undeniably burly, making it a perfect duffel bag for any expeditions or exotic travels.

Lightweight and Packability

This duffel bag is considerably lightweight and packs small when stored. The weight and dimension vary according to the size which will be enumerated in the quick specs below.

When its time to keep the bag, you can simply store it inside its own stuff sack. When the bag is empty, flatten it and fold it in half lengthwise.

Next, roll it tightly and when it is compact enough put it into the stuff sack and secure it. Make sure to keep it in a dry place and away from direct sunlight.

Vintage Navy Marmot Long Hauler Duffel Bag

Benefits of the Product

Multiple ways on how to carry the bag make it convenient as a carry bag, backpack, and a shoulder bag. You have the option to choose which is the best way for you to carry this bag.

A burly duffel bag you can bring to all your trips. Whether you’re going out for a long expedition, trekking, camping down the river, or lake, you will find this bag tough and not easy to tear.

Designed with a laminated shell that protects your essentials and gears from moisture and elements.

Huge main compartment that can fit not just your clothes but as well as your gear, whether it is for camping, mountaineering, or sports.

Internal and external pockets for small things that you want to separate from the main compartment. One side pocket that you can utilize for shoes and dirty clothes.

Integrated lash points and haul loops for easy strappings, making sure that the bag is securely attached or strapped down, for instance on the handle of a sled during travel.

Has its own stuff sack for safekeeping. Meaning when not in use, you don’t need to allot a huge space for the bag to keep it, you can pack it small and store it in its own stuff sack.

Quality YKK zippers used for closing the main compartments and pockets of the bag. These zippers are not your ordinary zippers for they are made to last for years.

Affordable price ranging from $63.00 to $139.00 (depending on the size you choose) makes the Marmot Long Hauler travel duffel bag such a good steal for its range, being light both on your shoulders and pocket.

Warranty, every Marmot product you purchased is automatically covered. To know more about what is covered and what is not covered by the warranty you may simply contact their customer support or check out their website.

Quick Specs

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  • Offers many ways to transport making this duffel bag perfect for any kind of travels
  • Huge compartments that make organizing things so much easier
  • Lightweight and packable
  • Comfortable to carry due to the padded straps
  • Compression straps that make it easier to handle the bag


  • Average water-resistance can resist splashes of water but not a heavy downpour


Questions and Answers

Q: Which size of the bag is best for a one-month trip?

A: If you’re a light and minimalist traveler the medium size is surely enough for you. But if you’re the type of traveler that packs super complete and always packs extra then the large size is what you need.

Q: Can the straps be converted into a shoulder strap?

A: You can carry this bag in different ways, and one of them is as a shoulder bag. To do so, just extend one of the straps for use as a padded shoulder strap harness.

Another way is to extend both straps and Velcro it together in the middle to create a single strap.

Tips You Can Take Away

  1. If you want a more organized bag you can use travel pouches or packing cubes that will serve as a division for your things.
  2. Never keep the bag wet, make sure it is dry to avoid moisture build-up that may cause molds.
  3. The small size is best if you’re going to bring this bag to the gym, while the best size for a carry bag is the medium size. For longer travels that will take weeks or months, you can use the large or extra-large sizes.
  4. Before using the Long hauler as a carry bag make sure to check the required standard carry bag size of the airport.


The Long-Hauler is an awesome duffel bag for general-purpose travel, expedition use, as well as exotic trips. Although the water-resistance is average, indeed there’s still a lot to like about this travel bag.

Features like the convertible straps, huge compartments, and several lash points are some of the functionalities that most travelers and outdoor enthusiasts look for. Most importantly, you will get a budget-friendly bag without sacrificing quality.

We highly recommend the Marmot Long Hauler Travel duffel bag to those looking for a tough bag to transport camping gears, a convenient backpack to take trekking, or a versatile sports bag to fit your equipment.

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If you have any more questions about the Marmot Long Hauler Travel Duffel Bag, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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