Marmot Tungsten 2P Tent Review

Marmot Tungsten 2p tent is an insanely lightweight tent for two campers who are looking for a shelter that is great for any outdoor escapades such as a weekend trip or days of backpacking.

This Article Was Last Updated On March 15, 2021

It has a compelling space to weight ratio providing ample room and livability for up to two backpackers.

Although it is made for two, this tent is still lightweight and packable enough for a solo camper. Marmot Tungsten is a freestanding tent. Meaning you don’t have to stake it out except for the vestibule doors.

Balancing weight, space, pack size, and performance, this tent is truly a great option for three-season backpacking.

If you’re looking to upgrade to a whole new level of ultralight backpacking kit, then Marmot Tungsten 2p tent may be the best for you. Let’s take a look at it closely and learn more about it.

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Marmot Tungsten 2P Ultralight Backpacking Tent

Key Features


Marmot Tungsten 2p tent makes the setup super simple with the external pole clips and color-coding scheme. All you got to do is match the colors and you’ll have a perfect setup in approximately two minutes.

Collapsible DAC NFL aluminum with Pressfit pre-bends is responsible for the lightweight freestanding sturdy structure of the tent. These poles have indeed smart designs which are very useful.

The main pole for the body of the tent is crossed over each other, which looks technically like a hub-pole design. We can consider it as one pole.

Also, the added brow-pole gives you more of a vertical wall instead of a usual A-frame-style tent. It is not too dissimilar to the very good Marmot Limelight 2 Person Tent.

Lastly, putting the rainfly on is legitimately easy. Thanks to the color-coded tabs at the corners. Namely, green on the front side and red on the backside. It’s that easy and you won’t get lost in setting it up.


This tent is already a trimmed down version or more specifically the updated version of the previous Tungsten model. With a packable size of 3lb and 6.6 ounces, Marmot tungsten is truly a lightweight tent if you’re sharing it with a hiking partner.

They pack up nice and small with a size of 18 by 7 inches. Regardless of being incredibly lightweight, the rip-stop fabrics (30D for the floor and 20D for the rainfly) have an excellent strength to weight ratio.

It means this tent can incredibly hold up to the wear and tear of repeated use and on that account making Tungsten more attractive to campers. Anoyther lightweight worth a good look is the very capable Big Agnes Fly Creek


Most duo backpackers will expect to live in a cramped quarter particularly at night. But that’s not the case with the Tungsten.

Instead of the wall feeling cramped or collapsing in on you from all edges, in reality, what you have in tungsten is more elbow room. Despite the lightweight of 3lb, 6.2 ounces, the tent offers 32-square feet of floor area.

Not only you get to have two-doors, but as well as two-vestibules which together combine to offer additional 15-square feet external storage where you can safely put your backpacks, boots, and other gears.

At 88-inches long by 54-inches wide, you got a tent that’s comfortable to live on by two and even for tall backpackers. An external short brow pole section is attached to increase the verticality of the tent’s wall.

Moreover, the incorporated pre-bent knee poles provide a boxier area towards the floor. This makes the head and feet aren’t up against steeply pitched walls.

Together with the pre-bend knee and brow pole ultimately makes the interior space livable and comfortable for a couple of sleeping pads and bedding.


Marmot Tungsten is designed with an extensive mesh wall. This move of eliminating more of the solid walls highly helps minimize the weight and maximize the cross ventilation.

Therefore, it keeps out condensation from building up on the ceiling or the overall interior of the tent. There are integrated internal storage pockets on both sides of the canopy.

This added storage is useful for stashing small valuable items off the floor. Providing you more space on the floor for sleeping bags and other stuff.

The tub-style floor lifts the seams up off the ground and helps prevent the rain from sneaking in. Most especially, it eliminates the moisture from getting into the interior of the tent.


The rainfly is constructed of a 20D polyester material. All the seams are completely taped bolstering weather protection.

You will find the integrated vents on the rainfly handy for promoting the airflow. Thus, it also helps combats any kind of condensation feeling.

Marmot claims that this rain shield polyester flysheet doesn’t stretch or sag when it gets wet and that it also resists damage from the sun. This feature is something you will honestly look forward to.


With the Marmot Tungsten 2-person tent you get to have two-doors and two-vestibules. The door has a D-shape and opens literally wide for easy in and out. You can simply sit in the tent and roll back the door with some easy toggles to hold it.

The same goes for the large vestibules and as we said before, it also increases external space. What you don’t see in most traditional tents is the unique pre-bent knee poles that Marmot made use of to increase interior space.

Though we see the wall is almost made of mesh fabric, you will still have some privacy with the taffeta like textile that comes up just about half-way of the tent.

Other nice features of Tungsten are the internal pockets and the nice clip at the middle top of the ceiling where you can hang a light or some gears.

Marmot Tungsten 2p tent-setup

The Benefits of this Product

Well-designed pre-bent pole in each corner allows an abundance of space just right above your head and down at your feet as you lay down.

The brow pole across the ceiling makes you able to sit-up and spend time inside the tent without feeling cramped.

Tungsten’s widespread mesh fabric wall structure will make sure you get a lot of ventilation, especially on a hot summer day.

It comes with a durable full-coverage rainfly. This means all corners of the rainfly goes down around the tent and down to the ground. Definitely covering you against strong winds and storm.

Adequate storm flap width over the top of the zipper preventing water to get in therefore allowing you to pull the zipper down a bit for ventilation.

Reflective guy out points, that reflects back to you when you’re using a headlamp, making you find your way back to the tent without hassle.

Specific clip placement on each of the pole certainly gives a lot more space and effectively balances weight and livability.

Huge D-shape doors allowing two backpackers to move easily around the tent without feeling crowded.

Excellent added simple features like the internal pockets, lampshade pocket, ceiling clip, toggles, and Velcro straps that truly counts for making life convenient at camp.

Good price, though you may find it a bit pricey it still is worth the investment due to its high-performance, no-flop features compared to other tents.


  • Great roomy, livable space
  • Waterproof, you will stay dry even with a steady rain
  • Less to no condensation problem
  • Setup and packs up really easy
  • Freestanding structure


  • It doesn’t provide all the necessary stakes and guy out lines for every single guy out points, particularly on the head and foot end of the fly which prevents getting a tighter pitch.

Questions and Answers

Q: Does the Marmot Tungsten 2p tent performs well when it comes to ventilation? 

Answer: Like any other campers we like our tent to have good airflow and yes, with Marmot Tungsten 2p as your tent you will get a lot of good ventilation.

This is made possible by the extensive mesh fabric wall structure of the tent. In fine weather, you can take off the rain fly and let the air cross throughout the tent.

You won’t feel any condensation even if the rain fly is on. The best part is, there’s an incorporated vent on one side of the vestibule so you can make use of that too. 

Q: Can this tent survive in a steady rain shower? 

Answer: Yes, by attaching the full coverage rainfly you’ll get fully protected against the rain. The well-taped seams add to the water-shielding property of this tent. Hence, it eliminates any water from dripping into your tent.

Tips You Can Take Away

  1. Clear the area first, doublecheck the ground before you lay down your tent.
  2. You can use one door, like a back door where you can store all your gear and the front as the access point in and out.
  3. Don’t forget to place a custom footprint beneath the tent. Though it is sold separately, it certainly is worth the investment to cut down wear and tear.


The Marmot Tungsten 2p tent provides backpackers with three-season performance and an excellent balance of lightweight construction and roomy interior space.

This is not your ordinary type of tent which cuts down a lot of space in the corners.

It is a relatively lightweight tent that is an absolute value for the price due to its excellent features and performance that will undeniably give you a comfortable stay outdoor.

Indeed, there’s a lot of innovations here that will give you a lot of livability for two and luxuriously bountiful for a single backpacker.

We are confident that Marmot 2-person tent can be the perfect camping and backpacking tent for duo or solo campers.

With all its features ensuing to full coverage protection and all those awesome little details makes it genuinely equips you with a splendid tent.

If you have any more questions about the Marmot Tungsten 2P Tent, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

For a comparison with another high-quality 2 person Camping tent for your next adventure be sure to check out my Big Agnes Tiger Wall review that will help with your purchasing decision.

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.


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