Merrell Women’s Siren Edge Hiker Shoe Review

Merrell Women’s Siren Edge Hiker is not the type of shoe that was shrunk down to be a woman’s version of an originally men’s hiking shoe.

Siren Edge is designed for women by women to meet the unique set of demands and technical features that active outdoor women wanted. 

The distinctive styling of this shoe is matched to the shorter, higher, and more flexible arch of women. It’s fine-tuned thickness and dense form is specially made to snugly fit a woman’s foot. 

Athletically styled featuring seamless upper overlays with gorgeous colored webbing and a traditional lace-up for a secure and adjustable fit.

The Merrell Siren Edge is an instant bestseller because it is a faster, lighter, and comfortable hiking shoe.  

Today, it is known as one of the most ventilated shoes within its range and offers a cost-friendly option for women looking for a versatile shoe to use from walking up the hill to the city streets.

If you want to know the details of this shoe, our full review is laid out below.  

Key Features


These lady style hiking shoes are lightweight, fast, and comfortable, making it an ideal shoe for long days on the trail. The breathable mesh helps the feet stay cool while the cushioned sole effectively fights fatigue. 

Merrell Shoes are well-known for fabricating comfortable, breathable shoes and the Siren Edge are no exception. Women need a precise fit, and we are confident that wearing this will give no issues or heel slippage. 

These shoes are made combining brilliant technologies that are superior in keeping the feet comfortable. The Siren Edge is ready to take on any challenge on those tough trails because they are solely made for that. 


What attracts us first with the Siren Edge is its style and color. Having a quick look, you will see that the sole matches the fabric’s bright shade of colors on the upper, and that just makes it sleek and gorgeous. 

The upper is mainly covered with mesh and 3D printed TPU that promotes breathability preventing you from having sweaty feet. The lining is a fully breathable mesh that does an awesome work of keeping your feet fresh all day. 

With a bellow tongue design, you’re sure that debris and dirt are at bay. If you love the traditional look, then you will surely appreciate its lace-up closure. 

There is also the Merrell patented removable footbed that is added for comfort and flex. This contoured footbed has an M-Select FIT. ECO characteristics that retain freshness and prevents any odor-causing microbes from building up inside. 

Support and Stability

If you’re the type of girl who loves to climb mountains and go camping then there’s no doubt the Merrell Women’s Siren Edge Hiker shoe is perfect for you. It is stable even in steep trails and will help you get through the trail without your feet feeling too tired. 

The midsole includes a Merrell air cushioning unit that helps absorb shock from strikes on uneven terrain, reduce abrasion and impacts as well.

This air cushioning is structured in a way that the heel is centered keeping your foot comfortable and always in place for more stability. 

There is also a molded nylon arch shank that offers torsional stability and underfoot protection while still allowing for flex in the right areas. This nylon shank is lightweight and flexible yet adds extra firmness. 

These features allow your feet to move naturally, thus, providing extra zonal arch support and reducing any stress and pressure to the feet especially to your heels.  


For these shoes, Merrell really gets the job done and we are truly impressed with what they come up with. A robust Vibram outsole is responsible for the grip to secure footing on varied outdoor terrains. 

The multidirectional tread pattern is deep so it does bite on the ground and while climbing up. Remarkable traction features like this are excellent during the hike because accidental slips are sure to happen even on wet surfaces. 

Although some think the traction performance was average, fortunately for us it all went well. Taking into account all the features of this shoe you will still get a good balance of everything. 


When it comes to durability, Merrell Women’s Siren Edge shoes gives us an impressive result. Whatever the weather is, rain or shines this shoe will hold on to your expectations. 

Even though the majority of the upper is mesh, we are surprised that it is not easy to rip or tear. The form and shape won’t change even if you place it under your packs or luggage. 


We have a fair result when it comes to the waterproof and our say is, it is water-friendly most of the time. But if you will pass a river, for sure your feet will get wet. 

For us, this is not much of a problem because as we continue hiking our feet easily dries up. Well, it is simply because of the mesh construction allowing air to circulate and make your feet dry faster. 

The Siren Edge is ideal for a muddy and wet surface for it will keep your feet balanced on the ground. 

Benefits of the Product

A lightweight hiking shoe weighing 1.2 lb, perfect for long hikes, climbing, and everyday shoe for a casual visit to the market or stroll at the park. 

Provide a superior fit for women, made to fit smaller and narrower feet contour of women to eliminate discomfort, slippage, or any unwanted footwear issues. 

The contoured patented footbed that is anti-microbial making these shoes good for women who tend to have sweaty feet all the time. It prevents unwanted odors from building up. 

Mesh construction encourages breathability and proper ventilation giving you a more comfortable and pleasant next to the skin feel.  

The pull tab design on the heel portion of the shoe for an easy on and off. This is beneficial if you’re in a hurry or facing an emergency. 

Air-cushioned midsole providing you the comfort and shock absorption you need outdoors. This also enhances the durability of the shoes.  

The Vibram outsole design allowing you to have the perfect balance and grip on a mixed surface which includes muddy, wet, and rough terrains. 

Sleek no-fuss design and a bright pop of color options for you to choose from. You can easily match it to your gear and outdoor attires. 

Affordable price range ($66.75 – $124.95 at Amazon), seeing how the Siren Edge outstandingly performs on trail and different conditions we’d say that this is truly a good deal. For a minimalist hiker looking for a budget-friendly hiking shoe, you better check out this one. 

Warranty, make sure you keep a copy of the receipt if ever you received a damaged product. They have a return policy within 30 days and will gladly exchange defective items as long as it is within their manufacturing or design defect.  


  • Proven comfortable 
  • Rugged yet lightweight
  • Intact with brilliant shoe technologies
  • Great stability and support
  • Exceptional Traction
  • Stylish and with many color options


  • Some say the performance is average, especially in the water-resistance area


Questions and Answers

Q: How great is the performance and comfort of the Merrell Siren Edge in rough terrains? 

A: We have no complaints about the performance of the Siren Edge. It meets our expectations and does have great stability, support, and traction.

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With the combination of mesh construction and cushioned midsole and other technologies, you will not have problems with comfortability. Your feet will stay comfy even for long hours of hike. 

Q: What’s the best way to maintain and clean this shoe after days of a muddy hike? 

A: Some directly tossed it in the washing machine and turns out to be just fine. The quality of these shoes is durable and the color doesn’t fade.  

But if you are concerned that it might deform you can always use a sponge or brush and a gentle detergent to scrub away the dirt. 

Tips You Can Take Away

  1. For extra comfort wear socks intended for hiking too.
  2. Aside from hiking and outdoor activities, you can also wear these shoes while walking your dog, going to the grocery store, or any other occasion.
  3. Always refer to the size chart before buying to avoid returns and exchange of products.
  4. Know the equivalent of your foot size, like in this case you get to choose from Asian, European, and American size charts.
  5. To make sure your Siren Edge will last for years always keep them in a nice, dry, and safe storage.


The Merrell Siren women’s shoe offers straight-out-of-the-box comfort. It has all the necessary elements of a great hiking shoe for sporty and outdoorswomen.  

With the extensive mesh construction, you are sure to get a lightweight, breathable, and comfortable outdoor shoe.

Including the Merrell’s patented technologies such as the Vibram outsole, M-Select FIT.ECO and Merrell air cushioning absolutely results in a highly in-demand shoe within its range. 

The numerous color option will make you want to buy more than one of these shoes. It is durable, simple, stylish, and truly beautiful in its own way. 

These women’s hiking shoes are one of our favorites and we recommend it not just for hiking but as well as an everyday go-to shoe. You will not have any problem with support, stability, comfort, and traction. 

Most importantly, it’s totally worth your money.

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If you have any more questions about the Merrell Women’s Siren Edge Hiker, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

For more choices and an amazing range of quality hiking shoes for your next adventure be sure to check out my Best Hiking Boots for Women for a good comparison that will help with your purchasing decision.

Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.







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