Moon Lence Camping Cot – We’ve Got Style

In this article, I want to show the Moon Lence Camping Cot. One thing that makes getting the right cot quite a difficult task is that not every cot out there delivers the performance you desire.

You need to factor in several aspects that make a good cot and this cot has the lot. It has to be cozy, clean, compact, spacious, and easy to carry around to just about any outdoor event.

Well, this cot not only sports all of that, but it also packs in an array of other impressive features that are worth checking out too. So let’s find out what else this cot has for you.


The Key Features

Strong, comfortable top

If there’s one aspect you need to check when shopping for a cot is the surface. Having a strong cot doesn’t make things any better if the top is uncomfortable. But you can get all the comfort you want with this cot, as its bed surface is very breathable.

If you purchase a good quality sleeping bag to go on top of the cot you will be most comfortable in any situation.

Waterproof Material

Makes this ultralight camping cot very comfortable to sleep on, even on hot days. Besides, the top is also waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about sleeping on a soaked bed in case your cot happens to be rained on.

Sturdy build

Another feature you really have to keep an eye on when shopping for a cot is, how well it’s built. Having the wrong cot might put you at risk of falling off during the night.

But there’s one key feature that truly stands out, it has to be the construction. Made of heavy-duty 7075 aluminum alloy bracket, as well as 420D thickening polyester fabric, this bed is very robust, capable of handling up to 350 lbs.

Easy up, easy down

The setup is also an important task to keep in mind when considering any cot. Thankfully, this one is very easy to set up, as you don’t need any tools or assembly.

The bed simply unfolds into a tight, strong bed, so you will be sleeping in next to no time. It is easy to take down as well; just fold it up and off you go, it only takes a matter of minutes.

Ideal for easy portability

You don’t want to get anything wrong when it comes to transporting your cot. With a heavy, large bed that can be difficult to handle, carrying it with you could be a daunting task. That’s why this one is built for easy transportation and storage.


First off, the Moon Lence Camping Cot weighs only 4.1 lbs, light enough that it won’t weigh down you along the way.

What’s more, once you fold it for transportation, this bed packs very small, making it easy to toss into the trunk of your car or store it at home.


Having fun with different outdoor activities doesn’t mean getting different cots for each. If you love fishing, camping, vacationing at the seaside and other activities, you need a cot that can go with you wherever you go.

Well, this compact camping cot is not only ideal for camping; you can make it your closest friend for just about any outdoor adventure. Its size and the lightweight design make it a great option for use both indoors as well as outdoors.

Multi-purpose pillow

Sometimes sleeping in a cot can be a little more fun if you have a pillow to bring out the same experience as sleeping on your bed at home. Well, you don’t have to tote along a pillow to use with this cot, it’s got that covered as well.

It comes with a pillowcase that you can fill up with some soft materials such as clothes. Besides, it also doubles as a storage bag for the cot in times of need.

Sleeping on a tight bed can be a nightmare, especially if you are a bit Taller. However, that shouldn’t be anything to worry about with this cot.

Since it measures an impressive 74.8 inches by 27.5 inches, it is spacious enough for an adult to sleep on stretched out.


When you buy a product always check to see what the warranty covers and more importantly what it doesn’t cover.

Manufactures will cover defective workmanship in manufacture then there are many other instances that vary from product to product and manufacturer so be sure to check your warranty closely.

What Are The Benefits You Can Expect From This Cot?

It comes with everything you need to set it up. The package includes a bed cloth, a pillowcase, up to 5 support rods, and two crossbars. These make all the different parts you need, so you don’t have to spend money on getting anything else separately.

 Enjoy a risk-free purchase with the 100% money-back guarantee in case your cot fails. You can buy with confidence knowing that you won’t have to worry about the quality.

Moon Lence goes the distance to ensure you get nothing short of the top-of-line cot and stand solidly behind their quality.

 As a versatile cot, this bed is built to offer you the best experience in any outdoor event. Lightweight and easy to set up, it also proves to be very comfortable even when you set it up in different types of surfaces.

 This bed is also high enough so you can sit on it, or get in and out of your cot with ease. At 6.7 inches high, it feels almost like a normal bed, which makes it great for people with such health complications as arthritis.

 Since you will be sleeping off the ground, you have no cause to worry about bringing on board a whole hoard of insulation. This helps reduce weight and free up more space in your luggage.

The plastic flat feet make it easy to use inside the family tent without destroying the floor of the tent.

Portable and easy assembly make this a much simpler cot than a lot of others no need for any tools, just a super quick setup and the same packing it up after use.

Lightweight and strong weighing in at a mere 4.1pounds yet able to support 350 pounds makes this a good choice for a variety of situations.

Here’s A Tip

  • It’s always a great idea to take out your cot and set it up a few days before the trip. This helps you identify if there are any problems with your cot, but it also helps understand the easiest way to set it up.


  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • It is spacious and comfortable to sleep on.
  • Built to last with high-quality materials.
  • The waterproof surface makes it fast to dry.
  • Set it up within minutes, just unfold it to use and fold it up to pack up.
  • You can use it on just about any outdoor event.


  • It might not hold up well on a sloping surface.



When planning for a weekend of camping or outdoor fun, a cot is one of those crucial gears you can’t afford to leave behind. And this one comes with all the comfort you can ever ask for, better yet, it is very solid, giving you years of impressive service.

I found this Moon Lence cot very easy to use, very strong, and very comfortable, and at 4.1 lb with a lifetime warranty, I believe it to be an excellent buy that I personally recommend for anybody who has a need for a camp cot. 

If you are focused on changing your outdoor fun for the better, then getting a comfortable night’s sleep is the way to go. And this cot is sure to go with you all the way.

Here’s the best part, if you are not satisfied with the performance of this cot, you can return it for a 100% money-back Guarantee. What beats that?

Check The Price On Amazon

If you have any more questions about the Moon Lence Camping Cot, I’d love to hear them and I’ll be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below.

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Remember! Leave it cleaner than you found it, only footprints not rubbish.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this article on Moon Lence Camping Cot. There is nothing better than one enjoying camping or a lovely outdoor fun with a nice cot. I found your article informative and loaded with the right information on getting the best cot. Moon Lence camping Cot is just perfect. I like it being waterproof, strong and comfortable etc. Your video too shows how it is been done. This is the perfect cot to go out on a lovely outdoor fun with my family on weekends. Thanks for sharing this article. 

    • Hi There, Thank you for your comments I am glad you found my post informative. I agree this is a perfect cot.

      Cheers Shane.

  2. As far as the price is concerned, I think it is quite appropriate, there are many features here and the craftsmanship is at the highest level. Adding the feet adds a lot to this cot’s versatility and functionality. With so many feet and that size, no matter where you use it, it won’t sink. This is a smart design indeed.

    • Hi Fusuan, Foer such good quality, I also think the price matches the product and design also allows you to use it in the tent without damaging the floor which is a major benefit.

      Thanks for your comment, Shane.


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